Will We Let Obama Totally Destroy The USA?


Will You Fight to Protect America?

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Do you believe that President Obama has taken many actions during the last six years to destroy America?  Does he seem to get more radical and destructive to Americans every day?

Will We Let Obama Totally Destroy The USA?

Will Americans Stand Up?

Do you think that we should negotiate and allow Iran to build nuclear weapons? Do you think that we should allow Obama’s Immigration Policies? This country needed approval of the Keystone Pipeline for many economic and security reasons and our anti-American President vetoes the Bill. And the list goes on and on and on!

Every rational, clear-thinking, objective, responsible American that I talk with is disgusted with the Obama Administration and truly believes that he is trying to destroy our country!

Obama’s (and Clinton’s) political strategy and tactics are to divide this country with racists, gender issues, and uninformed stupidity to allow the Democrats to overcome all logic and reason that our country needs. Look around and on the media, the liberals are driving this country to bankruptcy…just as Greece now is experiencing.

As a United States Citizen, do you think we should let him and those with him who want to destroy our country or should we fight for our Country as our brave founders did back in the 1770’s? I think most of us want to fight for our country and just don’t know what to do!

Our Republican majority Congress and Senate seems to be so politically bound up with politics that they seem impotent to fight the un-qualified president, the liberals, the progressives, the racists, the radicals and the biased and liberal minded mainstream media. It seems to take 60 Republican and Democratic votes or more to win a vote on any Bill and overcome presidential vetoes. This my friends is ridiculous. You and I can overcome this challenge by voicing our opinions strongly!

I say to you fellow American, that we need to stand up to our Congress, our Senate, the mainstream media and the irresponsible liberals and say…”IT IS TIME FOR US TO SAVE AMERICA!” No longer should treasonous, apologetic, cowardly, childish, non-american presidential leadership stand in the country and dominate the American People. And we need to stand up and speak our peace now…and not wait until the 2016 Elections. This president and the Democratic Party are out of control NOW and we need to stop this nonsense NOW. What about you my fellow citizen? DO YOU AGREE?

Will you take action NOW to contact your Senators and Congressman of both Parties and tell them that you are fed up with the President and his liberal bureaucrats destroying our country! We want it to stop now! Show your elected officials, the media and the POLLS how you really feel!

WE MUST SAVE OUR COUNTRY NOW…don’t wait until 2016! IF YOU AGREE TAKE ACTION EVERY DAY to stop this madness!  Will We Let Obama Totally Destroy The USA?


Trevor Loudon

Courtesy: Teresa Monroe-Hamilton
New Zeal – http://www.trevorloudon.com/
Will We Let Obama Totally Destroy America
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