Will The Media Ever Honestly Report The Truths of This Administration?

Eric Holder to Rep. Louis Gohmert – “You don’t want to go there, buddy!”

Charlie Spiering

Last week on C-Span you could view many crucial disturbing events occurring in America for months and years!

Will The Media Ever Honestly Report The Truths of This Administration?


First the Congressional Vote on the 2015 United States Budget. The Democrats were laughable in trying to support a $9 Trillion increase in spending with more taxes!!! We are so fortunate that they do not control the House now because they would surely pass their Bill if they did.

Then you could also view some of the special Congressional hearings on the subject of citing Lois Lerner, the former IRS tax official who has pleaded the 5th Amendment in her testimony before a Congressional Committee.

Also last week, the minority leader of this Committee, Elijah Cummings, has now been linked by email to inappropriate requests to the IRS for specific information on those requesting 501c (4) status for Conservative organizations. No wonder he has such reason to want to cease these Hearings and condemn the Chairman. And yesterday as Congressman Cummings appeared on a major network newscast, he was not even asked about this linkage to inappropriate requests. Is this in the Public’s best interest to disregard the news?

Earlier last week you could have watched the Attorney General Eric Holder tell a Congressman “you don’t want to go there buddy!” when he cited Mr. Holder’s failure to provide timely and accurate information on the “Fast and Furious” scandal as requested by Congress.  And the list of delayed and insufficient responses by Mr. Holder to the Congressional Hearing Staff goes on and on to other scandals including Benghazi, NSA privacy intrusions , and the IRS attempts to block Conservative groups from obtaining 501 (c)(4) authorizations.

This follows President Barack Obama telling the  American People repeatedly for years while selling Obamacare…if you want to keep your health insurance policy you can keep it…if you want to keep your doctors…you can keep them…if you want to keep your hospitals you can keep them. None of this was ever true. He knew the truth when he said it repeatedly. And just recently on a Super Bowl Day interview the President said in an interview to Bill O’Reilly…”there is not a smidgen of corruption” present in the IRS assertions. This statement has been now totally dis-proven by the Congressional Investigation Committee.

During the week the Committee on the Congressional IRS Hearings voted to cite Lois Lerner for Contempt of Congress. This follows a vote yesterday to request that the Attorney General investigate Lois Lerner’s activities while in her IRS position. If he follows past patterns he will do nothing helpful in response to this request by Congress. All of these actions come after many months of fact gathering, interviews and deliberate interviewing by members of both parties of Congress.

Then we heard Mike Morell, Acting Director of the CIA during Benghazi, give very disturbing testimony to the Congressional Investigation Committee on Benghazi.  To me, his testimony was full of contradictions and irresponsible self-determined political support for the Obama Administration. I was very pleased to listen to and watch Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Saturday night “Justice” Show in Fox News, when she cited what he gave as preparing extremely “partisan” talking points which the White House then elected to untruthfully modify to blame a “video”. The YouTube video of Judge Jeanine’s outstanding and moving analysis is posted below! She calls it like it really is and was!  What an excellent Attorney General candidate in my opinion.

And then there are the truth videos about “fracking”…to dispel the lies of the liberals about this very important energy yielding process. See this video below as well. Mr. President, quit dragging your feet and approve the Keystone Pipeline to benefit American People, the Economy, and take the high gas price prices off the backs of the American People. Your inexplicable delays are highly destructive and costly to millions of people

Responsible, informed, intelligent, non-idealog American Citizens, regardless of political affiliation expect their elected government officials to fulfill the duties of their offices to uphold the Constitution and to aid the United States and it’s Citizens. No conscious person who cares for this country would knowingly vote for candidates who want to “radically transform this nation” and destroy it in the process.

For a presidential candidate who reportedly invested several millions of dollars to keep secret his personal records from all of the world, while allowing the IRS to interfere with the First Amendment Rights of people with differing political views,  appears to be Prima facie evidence of the candidate’s intention to grossly mislead the American People.

And as all of these crucial events proceed, the mainstream media news outlets, expected by the public and the FTC to report fairly, honestly and accurately relevant news, gives very little time and attention to informing the public about any of these topics. This opinion is provided from analysis performed by the Media Research Center. It is as if the mainstream media is supportive of any action by this Administration, regardless of the impact on American Society. Will The Media Ever Honestly Report The Truths of This Administration?

Enough conscious, aware and intelligent American People will soon vote this Administration into oblivion while electing honest, trustworthy and truly responsible people to represent this Great Country! What say you my friend?  Are you ready for the real American People and Leaders to stand up?



Benghazi: Judge Pirro calls former CIA Chief Morell a Political Whore

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FrackNation Movie Clips – The Truth About Fracking


Published on Feb 16, 2013

These clips are from the new movie FrackNation. Unlike the movie Gasland, Fracknation tells the truth about fracking. The Fracknation movie exposes the lies the Gasland movie told, the lies that destroyed so many Farmers lives.

Josh Fox along with the Hollywood elites and Big Government are doing everything they can to stop fracking. Why? # 1 they hate big oil # 2 they think they know best when it comes to the energy needs of Americans. # 3 There is a lot of Taxpayers money to be made by forcibly implementing their going green/green energy agenda.

Please find a way to watch the entire FrackNation movie, its currently on AXStv. Listen to the Farmers and their stories and remember. THE TRUTH DOES MATTER!


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