Why Obama Was Never The Answer As Our President!

Will We Allow One Man's Past To Redefine America's Future?
Will We Allow One Man’s Past To Redefine America’s Future?

Why Obama Was Never The Answer As Our President!

In 2007 you were listening and watching the mainstream media and hearing all the hype about our country going to hell in a handbasket under President Bush 43. This is the rhetoric that they were vehemently feeding the ill-informed and under-informed at that time. So there is good reason that many voters were hyped up about the possibility of having a female white or a minority mixed race president… plus we were ready for change right?

So along comes Barack Obama, a glib, seemingly well educated, handsome, minority mixed race,  Chicago community organizer, groomed by the liberal rich including the benevolent George Soros plus others, and Obama pushes aside the female white liberal candidate Hillary Clinton with a very smooth salesmanship articulation and promotes what anyone could vote for…”HOPE and CHANGE”…which means nothing more than someone playing a tune with your most optimistic emotions, your biases, your prejudices and your weariness of wartime…with the mainstream media providing the drumbeat.

It is understandable that many wanted change from having to live with the reality of 9/11/2001 and that as a country we had attempted to stop the slaughter of millions of people under Saddam Hussein…and you were tired of dealing with that. Even though our legislators believed there was reason to go to Iraq and Afghanistan, you were over it or didn’t believe it, and you were ready to get out at any costs right? Thank God for our brave military that fought to preserve our country.

And now we face even more evil threats from terrorist fanatics that have been present virtually since the world began.

What really strikes me so odd is that Barack Obama supposedly arrived in the main body of the continental United States  in 1979…which is after so much has happened in this country and is 46 years after I was born here. The man has not even had the privilege of understanding what this country is about living here only for 30+ years and he is intent upon telling us how he wants to change it…mostly because of the dreams of his father and many of his radical friends.

Wow…this is incredibly very stupid if you think about it….would you allow someone new to this country with only 30 years living here to tell you what needs to be changed about the country? If so how stupid are we?  Americans listen and watch tv and anybody who shows up on tv are like gods….how smart is anyone to believe this is in the best interests of our country? This is crazy! Do you really want this man Barack Obama to change your life and and to redefine America that we have invested so many lives to protect and grow? This narcissistic man seriously believes in a totally different way of life for us as citizens as well as the United States place in the world!  In his view we have been far too influential and powerful and he wants to change that.

Upon election to the Presidency of the United States Barack Obama stated…”we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Little did America understand what he really had in mind! What does “hope and change” mean?

These are words from a man who is living in the past…for his father who hated colonialism…from his several parent figures who hated democracy and the United States…from his deviate anti-American associates who never were part of mainstream America…from his pot-smoking friends to his domestic terrorist friends he has a very contrarian view of what America really is and stands for…and he is imposing his radical Marxist and Socialist views learned from Saul Alinsky in “Rules For Radicals” and other teachings…upon this country….and he is being successful with it.

And if you research Hillary Clinton’s background you will find that she also was also an avid student of Saul Alinsky…the Marxist Socialist. The Congress and the Senate don’t want to impeach Obama yet, however the Justice Department and Mr. Obama only enforce the laws that they choose to enforce…and change others they don’t like. This president who refuses to negotiate with the Congress and the Senate, has many times issued Executive Orders that are not lawful according to the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court has ruled that he has acted in this manner and caused reversals of his actions.

Obama has taken over Congress’s responsibilities in many cases. Surely our Congress has to be outraged over this…and is to the extent John Boehner is talking “suing” the President. How long will that take? When can we achieve adjudication on that issue? After he has left office?

In 2007 as I heard these words and carefully considered the background and close associates of this man Barack Obama….which included Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, powerful committed  Chicago Democrat political Obama advocates,  Mayor Daley known as the most powerful democratic political regime in the U.S. and centered in Chicago, Reverend Jeremiah Wright that served as Obama and his wife Michelle’s pastor for some twenty years and who shouted many times to his religious congregation “God Damn America”, Bill Ayers, a proven domestic terrorist married to another confirmed terrorist Bernadine Dohrm in the United States,…

the much covered up (at a $10 million+ cost ) vague birthplace  and citizenship background of Barack Obama, colleges where students don’t even recognize him or his name even though he has graduation records, his voting history in the Senate as the most liberal Senator serving only for a few months, the very glib political teleprompter personality  with the right emotional and political answer for everything,…

and as I listened to the conservative talk show voices of America dedicated to her survival….I concluded that our country was heading into very deep trouble. I watched Dnesh D’Souza’s movie “Obama 2016” and with all of this input was convinced that Barack Obama would be a highly destructive leader and influence upon my beloved country…the United States of America.

I am now doing all that I know to peacefully and Constitutionally resist and counter this president…and I would sincerely appreciate your personal support in this effort!!!

As a result of what I saw for the future for America I sold my personal financial planning practice in 2008 as I considered that many of the results of my recommendations would be controlled by this extreme liberal, questionably qualified, adverse leader of the United States. I did not want to be responsible to my clients for recommendations that may be influenced by a Socialist Marxist with Muslim beliefs.

We had experienced in the last several years a Democratic Party political mortgage financing program led by Congressman Barney Frank and Congressman Christopher Dodd.  This program would lead to the economic collapse of America and cause millions of Americans to lose their homes and their positive credit rating! Yes…many of my friends and I have been damaged by the Democratic Party politicians and incompetents including Barney Frank and Chris Dodd

These people passed mortgage financing legislation and propped up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which was very destructive to America just as is Obamacare is also destructive to America. The Bush Administration attempted to stop the results of the implementation of the Frank-Dodd legislation however could not do so effectively…so millions of Americans were financially ruined by Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and the Democratic legislation and policies. Guess who was saved in this financial crisis?…Wall Street Firms! See the article below for what objective people across the pond believed the truth to be. Many American media would not ever tell you the truth! How do you feel about that my fellow citizens?

If you don’t understand this and disbelieve it and if you are interested in the truth then how about doing some serious investigative analysis and finding out for yourself what really happened…the Mainstream Media will not tell you about this…they are in bed with the Obama Administration and the Liberal Democratic Agenda and it does not seem to matter how many Americans are adversely affected. This same thing is going on today and we are designing  another political  mortgage crisis within the next few years..and will the media report the truth then?

I no longer know what to believe with many of the traditional Republican Party leaders. I hear Mitch McConnell and John Boehner saying they want to destroy the Tea Party! To me there is no political party in the Tea Party…the Tea Party refers to a Boston Harbor tea dumping connected phrase for conservative American people who believe in a conservative government….and want to restore our country to a principled, law-abiding, fiscally responsible country,with much less government. There is no radicalism in those words. All citizens  with  conservative principles and doing the best things for our people and our country should work together to take the liberal, democratic, communistic, socialistic leaders out of government office and replace them with responsible politicians.

This group of politicians has found ways to make themselves very wealthy and to avoid living by the same laws and regulations that American Citizens must live by.

I am convinced that we have so many republican in name only republicans in Congress and Senate that our efforts on taking back our country meets extreme resistance from these personally motivated politicians who will take jobs with the lobbyists and corporations whenever they leave government. Most have become extremely wealthy while in Washington making laws to benefit their clients…using the tax code to extract money from Americans.

Please investigate and understand House Bill 25 “The Fair Tax” which would rid us of the IRS and take away this ability for Congress and the Senate to legislate on the Tax Code for their personal benefit and that of their special interests.

And now we have the results of Obama’s six years of presidency…I am seriously disappointed as I see the results of his domestic and foreign policy…and this week he stands and complains about the Republican Party standing in his way to success.

The truth is that Barack Obama stands in his own way and America’s way to success…unfortunately his beliefs and his philosophies do not allow him to successfully lead the United States as President. I can only ask that all of our State Legislatures, our United States Congress and our Senate to have the strength and will to do the right thing and to provide effective leadership for this country.

I believe that we need to Repeal the 16th Amendment, approve House Bill 25 for the Fair Tax which eliminates the IRS, approve the Convention of States to give them power to stop Federal laws, and to vote in term limits for all Congress and Senate. We have allowed the politicians to take over our country and we must take it back.

Do you understand and agree? How many of you out there are remaining who are not dependent on the government dole that will vote for things in which you believe?  I am receiving my Social Security savings that I was forced to put away for 40+ years and the benefit is so minimum based upon what I could get when compared to investing my same contributions with a 3% return over the same time period. We could do much better than our Social Security Program however the Democrats and Liberals are afraid they will lose control of their voters if they allow more choices to U.S. Citizens to provide for their retirement savings. This has been their way for Obamacare…no other choices so that we can control your vote and 1/6th of the economy.

If we elected sound energy smart leaders like Sarah Palin our national resources from energy revenues could be paying for your Social Security and more. Do you understand? If you are a liberal you probably do not agree with all of this…you just want your government checks right? You want to take from the working class and give to those who do not work which is the Democratic matra that keeps libs voting for them… so very corrupt.

Elect honest citizens like Sarah, Ted, Mike, Marco, Bobby, Scott Se, Mark, Mike, David, and several more and we can get our country back.

Thank God for the Fox News Channel and the likes of Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier, Sean Hannity, Brit Hume, Fox and Friends, The Five, Bill O’Reilly, Fox and Friends, Neal Cavuto, et al…were it not for them and organizations like the Heritage Foundation, Media Research Center, Hillsdale College as well as many objective conservative radio commentators,  blogs and publications our country would be down the drain right now. Americans would have received very little truth on a timely, in-depth basis.

The mainstream media are in the tank for the all liberal and democratic policies so those that watch these news channels and read their newspapers never get the news reported accurately and without bias! If you consider that mine is a biased opinion then read all that the Media Research Center has learned about mainstream media bias. It amazes me that they can do this without even an apology to the American people.

Please view and read below several stories and opinions that provide evidence for these conclusions.



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And there you have it for today…I know this is a lot of stuff…but I read it and put it in a post so you could read it…if you are a patriot it is no big deal ok…



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