What Could Be Your Greatest Disservice To This Country?

Your Greatest Disservice Would Be To Not Vote
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Are you a citizen of the United States of America?

Are you a registered voter in the country that offers so much to you?

What Could Be Your Greatest Disservice To This Country?

Are you aware of what is going on politically in your country for the last six years?

Are you happy with the results of what your elected officials have

Your Greatest Disservice Is To Not Vote
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Have you studied and become familiar with the political incumbents and those who are vying for office now?

Have you made choices as to who can best represent you and your grandkids interests in this country for the next 2 to 4 years?

Do you plan to turn in your absentee ballot or physically vote in the elections to be held Tuesday, November 4, 2014?

If you do not plan to turn in your vote by 11/4 this is the greatest disservice that you can possibly do to your country! Unless you are without assistance to vote or incapable you should be ashamed of your irresponsibility.

Do you have any idea of how many Americans have given their lives, their limbs, their sanity, and their mental happiness for you to enjoy this country?

If you are one of those who can say…well I just don’t like to get involved in politics and political choices… then you are the most irresponsible kind of citizen that this country can have! By not voting your preferences you are actually casting a vote for those you don’t want elected.

There are so many who just want to take from others and gain from social programs that it is ridiculous! Your excuses are that you don’t have time, you don’t like politics, you let the mainstream media decide who you should vote for (the mainstream media tries to destroy almost every opposition candidate that can really help you), you don’t like the way people carry on and have opinions, you think that those who make money should give it to you, you are more interested in “Dancing With The Stars” or some silly game or reality show than you are about your country. How totally irresponsible are you?

Are you concerned like many that your president is doing his best to destroy your Constitutional and Bill of Rights freedoms, your country, your security, your ability to make a living? Is he doing this intentionally or through sheer ignorance and bias from his past?  If you can give me any evidence  to disprove any of this then please contact me right away! Please! Just include your evidence to the contrary. If you believe that you are doing well then the President and the liberal mainstream media have succeeded in their goal of getting you to believe all of their lies and lack of reporting timely and accurate information. To verify this I refer you to the Media Research Center at www.mediaresearchcenter.com for your own research.

Your Greatest Disservice Is To Not Vote

I am appalled at this president’s goals to totally transform America, and then when he sees that his strategies are working and that he is destroying America, he will not stop and change his course in any way. All American Presidents have made mistakes before, however they have changed course and attempted to correct their errors. This president refuses to do so. He seems intent upon making this a socialist and fascist country. And he says that all Democratic Congressmen and Senators are voting for his platform and if you do not know what this means then you should do  some research and get some idea of what kind of country you are about to leave for your heirs if you have not taken action to change the direction.

Time to wake up concerned American Citizens! Do you want to leave your kids and grandkids in poverty and under the rule of terrorists? Do you prefer to continue watching “Dancing With The Stars”, enjoying the game and reality shows?  If you love this country and want to protect her, unless we work together to change this country’s direction next Tuesday we are destined to destroy millions of people in the next two years with your irresponsible actions.



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