What Can We Do To Get Fair and Responsible Leadership?

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One fair, logical and responsible leader could have avoided the government shutdown during the last three weeks. And the country could have been much better off as a result.

What Can We Do To Get Fair and Responsible Leadership?

More than 62% ofThe American People via Congress asked for many fair and reasonable changes to Obamacare during the last three weeks. The most reasonable change that could have been agreed to was the request to delay the Personal Mandate for one year as President Obama had agreed to do for the Business Mandate. The courts will decide if the President had the power to change the ACA legislation through executive order.  However Congressional requests  were  denied by the Senate and the President as they both refused to negotiate over anything. What if you just refused to do your job and said to your other department heads…I won’t discuss anything with you? Is this a reasonable and responsible approach?  Is this really Constitutional for the Senate and President to say “I will not negotiate anything?”  Do you think we could get a fair Supreme Court ruling?

Congress has every right and responsibility to represent the People and they were doing their jobs. Thank God we have elected politicians who attempt to do right for the people. And frankly I am very disgusted with the actions of some Republican politicians that have been so openly critical of their colleagues strategy for doing what they believed their constituents sent them there to do.  Do you not have the opportunity to discuss and meet with them in your own halls to reach agreement? It is as if your peers are the issue when in fact the the administration leadership is the issue and you relish the tv sound bites to  slam your own associates. I don’t see your opponents doing this.

The apparent reasons that the President and the Senate denied these requests are that they wanted to punish Americans of any type so that the Republicans requesting the changes would look bad in the polls and that the Democrats could gain more seats with their vindictive, punitive actions. The President has proven to be a master of making false statements to transfer blame from he and his Party, knowing full well that his idolizing media support will follow him over the cliff no matter how wrong and ridiculous he acts.

The President and the Democratic Liberal Party caused this country and Americans immeasurable pain and did so intentionally by all indications. Our sacred veterans who have risked their lives for this country have been treated with no respect by locking them out of their memorials around the world.

The President gives “orders” the next day after the settlement to all those who disagree with him to pack it up and get on with “his priorities”…not ours. And that includes bloggers, radio talk show hosts, tv shows, and essentially anyone who opposes his actions in any way.

This country has never had to endure leadership who acted to divide the country, created so many crisis level issues, executed a punitive shutdown to gain political advantage, and in the process took money from the pockets of millions of Americans.

The President, the Democrats and the Liberal Media will tell you that this was all caused by Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Mario Rubio and other concerned Conservatives. The truth is that the Democrats seized upon an opportunity to attempt to destroy the Republican Party…and as they usually do, will increase the drumbeats incessantly to create the maximum divide within the Republican Party. Americans have every right to object to tyrannical leadership and mount support to win elections to avoid this kind of deterioration of our country ever again. Elections are our most powerful leverage to change the course of this country.  In my next post I will share with you how we can work together to bring change to this country by working with our State Representatives.

I am amazed at why so many Americans believe this sleight of hand and misdirected propaganda.  What do you think?

3 thoughts on “What Can We Do To Get Fair and Responsible Leadership?”

  1. Hi Dan,

    I feel a lot like what the democrats and president was saying with respect to the ACA. It should have not been a part of the negotiations use to shut the government down as it was the law. Although it was the main focus of some House Republicans. There were other critical things that should have been a top priority for negotiations. The ACA could have waited. It had its own IT issues to work out. Randy G.

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