Uninterested or Incompetent?

What is going on with our country? Are we being led by an “uninterested” or “incompetent” leader?

Uninterested or Incompetent?

Or…even more obvious this President and this Administration show a total disregard for the American People…and as an American Citizen I am entitled to raise these questions of this President without retaliation by the United States Government or subversive forces.

Does this Administration ever want to protect this country against all serious threats including….

Ebola, ISIS, Illegal Immigration, Illegal Children Immigration, Excessive Unemployment, Job Quality Destruction, Overtaxing Citizens, Overtaxing Businesses, Excessive Social Programs Encouraging Laziness,  Economic Disaster with Uncontrolled and Un-audited Federal Reserve Policies, Excessive Government Spending, Government Incompetence and Ineffectiveness, Over-regulation by Government, Stopping Free Market Competition in Energy Production, Legislative Over-control of Effective Government Policy, Political Control and Dereliction of Duty for Benefit of Political Party Domination and Control, Lying to the American Public, Assuring that America has the strongest Military Forces available to Protect this Country, Protection against Illogical Decisions to place Americans at risk such as putting 3,000+ of our Military in Ebola environments with No Training nor Protection Equipment, Selective Enforcement of the United States Constitution to benefit this President and the Democratic Administration….Spying on the American People with Telephones, Internet and other means to reduce their Freedoms….plus much more.

America cannot succeed with such oppressive, tyrannical government! Is this what you want Mr. President? Is this what you say all of your Democratic Senators and Congress Members support and will continue to vote for…your programs described above. God Forbid! Only unconscious and totally uninformed idealogue voters can support your agenda.

Do we really have an “uninterested president”? Politico reports today that 64% of voters believe that this country is “out of control”.  Only 36% of voters consider that the country is “in control”.  And I am watching interviews tonight of Americans on the streets in New York …and these supposedly intelligent citizens do not even know what “Ebola” is…some say that is a “good thing”.

How many of our citizens have no idea of what is going on in this country? I believe the number is higher than 36% which is the number who think that you and this Administration are doing a good job. There is blind belief in someone who has not shown good reasons for such confidence. Race, ethnicity , religion, or any other social factors are not a part of this discussion. This discussion has to do with preserving a country that millions have fought to protect for 237+ years.  It is frightening to know that so many Americans have no idea of what is going on and what you are doing to this country!!! Citizens have been drugged and educated down to incompetency by the federal education system and media manipulations for their profit and control by the progressive liberal political party.

How can we rely upon the “uninformed” and “uninterested” to decide the future direction of this country?  Especially when we are facing more crises than ever before.

Mr. Obama refuses to place a travel ban on those traveling out of the critical “Ebola” countries. Several African nations and several airlines have correctly and logically placed bans on travel from those critical countries. The majority of Americans want bans on travel from these Ebola countries however Mr. Obama stubbornly and without good reason refuses to listen to the American people. He seems to relish the thought of angering the American Public by shoving something down their throats that they don’t like…including the unacceptable lunch room menus by Mrs. Obama.

Mr. Obama’s decisions to me lack practicality and sound judgement and are virtually always skewed in favor of the political consequences as opposed to the welfare of the United States and it’s Citizens. All of these actions give thinking, pragmatic, logical people strong reasons to believe that Mr. Obama is an ideologue rather than a logical, rathional thinking individual.

What does “uninterested” mean?  An uninterested person is one who is bored, unconcerned, or indifferent.  Meriam-Webster says….: not wanting to learn more about something or become involved in something : not interested… and other descriptions: careless, untroubled, un-involved.

Does being disinterested explain why President Obama only attended 42% of his important daily presidential briefings? How can the leader of the greatest nation in the world not attend 58% of the briefings which are necessary for him to do his job effectively? Does he really believe that he and his administration are doing a great job?

I am appalled as a citizen to think that my president is so political and absolutely does not care about his responsibilities so much that I am repeatedly hearing key people calling Obama “uninterested”. Many believe that he is just trying to get through the election on November 4th without more crises occurring, if that is possible.

Everyday we hear of new critical risks around the world and government incompetency in the United States…that should be acknowledged and addressed by any President…here are some of these…what time does the golf game begin tomorrow Mr. President?

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Uninterested President

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