The Vital Security Interests of America Are Your #1 Priority Mr. Obama!

The Vital Security Interests
United States Ballot Box
American Citizens Voted Mandate

Mr. Obama, the American People elected you as their President to fulfill the duties of the United States President’s Office.
As a Constitutional professor, you must have read the duties of the President more  than once sir!

The Vital Security Interests of America Are Your #1 Priority Mr. Obama!

Let me remind you sir in case you have forgotten, the #1 Priority of the President of the United States is to protect the vital security interests of the United States of America and all Americans!

Do you ever remember reading that sir? Did you take an oath of Office To The Presidency of the United States? Do you understand that your actions and lack of actions are violating your oath of office and render you subject to laws of our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights? It appears that you do not care about all of  the laws of the United States and have disdain for some of them. You appear to be doing whatever you please, and in the process acting irresponsibly in the highest office of the world. Do you consider yourself above the Oath that you gave to fulfill the Presidential Office?

By all indications you have forgotten what the priorities of your office are sir, as you never seem to be focused on protecting all Americans and the United States. This is evident consistently by your actions.

This is a very serious matter sir. If you had ever served in the U.S. Military you would have learned what A.W.O.L. means sir. Since you probably have no idea it means “Absent With Out Leave”.  This means that you are absent from duty without authority, and are therefore never around when our country needs you. Or you have not taken actions that needed to be taken. Or you have not planned strategies that our country needs to protect us.Or you have not fulfilled commitments that uphold the integrity of the United States, such as not taking promised action when our enemies cross red lines that you have drawn. As a tax paying citizen for many years Mr. Obama, and veteran of the U.S. Army, I consider that you are A.W.O.L from the Presidency of the United States.

Vital Security Interests #1 Priority
A.W.O. L.

You are now on your 4th Secretary of Defense in six years and you have discarded the world’s best wisdom and advice of our military leaders and cabinet.  Two profound books have been written by your former expert staff outlining the national defense mistakes that you have made and are making. Are you ever embarrassed at the mistakes that you make, the turmoil that you cause, the lives that you cost, and the money that is wasted due to your lack of effective decisions? Do you think it could be in your and America’s best interests to rethink your priorities and approaches to leading America? Your speeches that you think solve all issues I find full of  untruths, disinformation and deception and are disturbing.

The reasons are that you never seem to be available when the country needs you is that you seem to have your own agenda and set of priorities which is entirely different than that of American Citizens preferred agenda and their priorities. Do you remember that we just had an election in this country and the #1 Priority that Americans want is to restore the economy and their opportunities to go to work? Do you realize that 92 million people are out of work today Mr. Obama? And you brag about all of the jobs you have created. You have done very little to fulfill the highest priority requests of the American People, however a great deal to create joblessness and slow the growth of our economy. You seem to have no real idea of the reality of the economy of this nation Mr. Obama, even though your speeches say differently.

Vital Security Interests #1 Priority Mr. Obama
92 Million Americans Not Working

Instead, since the election you have focused your time and energy on a political priority higher than #10 to Americans, issuing an Executive Order to put some 5 million illegal immigrants in front of millions of legal immigrants working hard, studying and investing money to become citizens. In the process you have exceeded your presidential authority and (17) states this week have filed suits against you for your arrogant actions. The Congress and Senate will soon file suits against you for exceeding your authority. What causes these arrogant attitudes by you sir?

And then for the last three weeks you have focused your energies on racial and police activities in Ferguson, Missouri! Yesterday you convened interested representatives (except for Ferguson, Missouri) at the White House to raise the priority of a racial matter.

American citizens are amazed and puzzled as to why you invite and allow Al Sharpton, a known race-baiter and crowd-taunter, and one who owes the U.S. Government more than $4 million in taxes, to attend and to have constant access to the President of the United States and the Attorney General. When does the President of the United States and AG gain credibility by close affiliation with those who are not in compliance with U.S. Laws? Is this part of the Civilian Army that you once said was needed in America Mr. Obama? And today you are speaking out to America about the New York City case. When will you get to the top priorities?

My point is sir, as a Citizen I am concerned that you do not have your priorities in order. America wants you to fulfill your Presidential Oath of protecting our country…and instead you are focused on Immigration, Civil Rights, Racial and domestic matters. They are certainly important, and are on the Citizen’s Priority List at much above #10 to #15…but that is where you spend your time and energy. Before these priorities it was your constant travel for fundraisers around the country at taxpayers expense, many lavish, incredibly expensive vacations and the most golf rounds that any American President has ever enjoyed.

America cannot afford this lack of attention to our nation’s most important priorities, Mr. Obama. Please reconsider your approaches to being our President! In other words Mr. Obama, perform the job that you were elected to do!

As an extremely concerned citizen about the security of the United States and all residents, I call upon the (435) Congressmen and (100) Senators, regardless of party affiliation,  to take actions according to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to take immediate legislative steps to protect our country. I do not believe that this responsibility is being fulfilled by our current Administration.


Mr. Obama, on C-Span3  on 12/3/2014  there was a Foreign Policy Initiative Forum from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  The subject began with

(click link to view)

U.S. Engagement in Foreign Crises

and provided more insight into our Foreign Crises than the Obama Administration has offered to me during your six years in office. The program consisted of several segments of formidable knowledgeable speakers including international reporters, former Ambassadors, Congressmen, Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor Bobby Jindal.

I was extremely impressed with the depth of knowledge of all speakers and especially Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal.

I highly recommend that you and your White House and State Department Staff check C-Span replay listings for Program ID: 323040-1 and invest nearly 4 hours in understanding our country’s situation as described by this panel of experts. They pulled no punches and could be invaluable in helping you to set a strategy to protect America and Americans. Our country is in deep trouble with your current military leadership and timely actions need to be taken. Mr. Obama, you and your staff and our country would be well served if you stayed up late tonight to watch and listen to this program. The insight is astonishing, and it frightens me that the White House Staff and your Advisors are not taking advantage of this valuable knowledge and insight. Please check it out sir….as well as your White House Staff and State Department.



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