The Importance of Effective Political Leadership

Our President’s Leadership Style…

It seems that we are between a rock and a hard place for the next 40 months…and it will be much longer unless Americans truly wake up and decide to save this country. With a Republican majority in the Congress, a minority in the Senate, a Liberal Socialist in the White House, and a biased liberal media that continues to support even the President’s most heinous coverups, it seems to me that the only real chance is for you and me is to take control and let our voices be heard loudly and often…yes…the American People… who very much want to abide by the Constitution, create efficiency in government, get our energy programs on track, stop the subversive IRS tactics to control political opponents, get the economy and employment energized again, stop the cover-ups on Benghazi and other mistakes, stop the NSA from prying into our private lives, stop the Obamacare catastrophe, stop the business regulation…and oh yes…install a new tax structure called the Fair Tax which would replace the 13,000 pages of tax code and 12,000 filthy rich lobbyists earning $300,000 + per year and spending all their time influencing our Congressmen and Senators for benefit of themselves or their employers.

How is that for a beginning? Are you ready to do your part? And what do you think that may be? What do you consider to be the best way to do your part? As an American Patriot I challenge you to begin immediately to do your very best to save our country and all that we cherish! If we don’t…who will???

Today is a very sad day for this country and so many thousands of people who died and for their bereaved family members…from the attacks on 9/11/2001 and 9/11/2012.  Our collective prayers go to all those who perished and to those family members that survive. May we take actions to select leaders with wisdom to resolve conflict with our intellect, dialogue and compassion before we ever resort to using weapons. Surely we have learned enough in the last 100 years to find a way to build progress and democracy throughout the world without electing leaders hellbent on transforming America. This post focuses on…

The Importance of Effective Political Leadership


The New Yorker



On Tuesday, I went to vote at the local elementary school a few hours before President Obama spoke to the country about Syria, and on my way out I remembered that September 11, 2001, fell on another New York primary day—one that had to be cancelled before it was a few hours old. Michael Bloomberg’s mayoralty began amid the open wounds of the terror strikes, stretched across twelve years of inconclusive wars, and now it’s coming to an end with a debate about another war.

The White House had announced the speech a couple of days before John Kerry accidentally breathed life into a diplomatic initiative with Russia, and by the time Obama turned onto the red carpet leading to the cameras in the East Room, his objective had already been compromised. That’s been the case from the beginning of the Administration’s march to limited strikes: everything crumbles from half-heartedness before it can harden into action. The speech was written as a piece of persuasion, an effort to get the country and the Congress behind the President in standing up for Syria’s children and international norms. So Obama took on the doubts and the questions one at a time. What’s so special about chemical weapons? Why does this matter to American security? What if this turns into a quagmire? Why does it always have to be us?

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The ONLY Way to Kill ObamaCare!

Take Action : 9 Calls So Far

The full implementation of ObamaCare will be a disaster for America and the American people. Not only is it a direct assault on our freedom, it also puts the government in the middle of our health care decisions, increases cost, and will inevitably lead to a single-payer system. ObamaCare MUST be stopped and the way to do it is easier than you might think.

Before a bill goes to the floor, the rules for that bill must first pass. Those rules set the stage for things ranging from whether there will be a debate to how long the debate will last. If the rules do not pass, then the bill never makes it to the floor and is essentially dead in the water. THAT is how we stop the liberty-attacking monstrosity called ObamaCare.

We need 35 representatives to vote against the rule that would bring the vote to fund ObamaCare to the House floor. It might sound simple to get 35 out of 435 representatives to vote against the rules, but it’s not. The rules typically pass with ease because voting no on the rules is seen as a slap in the face to leadership. With the future of the American Republic at stake, now is the time for those that we send to represent us to take a stand. After all, they take an oath of office to uphold and protect the Constitution, NOT pledge allegiance to leadership.

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The National Patriot

Weekend Edition: Between Barack and a Hard Place – Obama’s Options

By Craig Andresen on September 8, 2013 at 5:40 am

Barack Hussein Obama, from behind, has led the United States once great and respected position on the world stage, down the path of destruction.

We have, in 5 years, gone from the world’s only remaining superpower to…

Super powerless.

It didn’t start with Syria and, it won’t end there either.

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We must never forget this enemy of you and I and our country. We must elect politicians capable of thought, words and wisdom that protect our country from these terrorists. They will continue to come for us…

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