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 The Conservative Published Posts

Make America Great Again
Only Presidential Candidate To Ever Fund His Own Campaign

Donald Trump is speaking the real truths for Americans now…America is at a critical stage to save our country! Many Americans are not aware of the risks that we face and want to focus on social issues and freebie programs. If this country is destroyed then you have no social programs and you have no society. Our first priority is to elect a president who will provide maximum protection and security  to this country and restore the country economicaly.




The highly respected, successful, honest, competent, Trump Family!

The Conservative Published Posts

This is the introductory Page of the blog named “The Conservative” by author Dan Norris. There are currently (214 ) “The Conservative Published Posts” available for viewing.

These views and opinions are expressed as one with some Republican views, some Independent views, and mostly all Conservative views. I am not a rigid Party member of any ideology or Party. Personally I consider myself as a “Practical Conservative”.

I am deeply disappointed with the way that our Party Leaders and President have damaged this great country of America. I am dismayed with the ignorance of many of our voters who know very little about what is going on with our country, they want more free stuff, do not know the difference between Socialism and Capitalism, and are gullible enough to believe the ideologically biased mainstream media. Many of our educational community are providing a biased and ideological liberal, Democrat Party, with a socialistic bias, so who is remaining to effectively educate our children? We have let the power mongers, corporate lobbyists, corrupt politicians, special interest groups and foreign countries turn our Federal coffers into a cesspool of graft, theft, and control over the American Citizens.

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Dan Norris

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