Where is the TRUTH on Benghazi, IRS, Fast & Furious

Where is the truth
Benghazi Attack- Consulate

Where is the TRUTH on Benghazi, IRS Scandal, Fast & Furious

In October Congressman Trey Gowdy held a Press Conference addressing the mainstream media and directly asked extremely important and relavent questions about Benghazi. American Citizens are asking these same questions of  their Congressmen and Senators.

To this date, January 23, 2014, I have not seen specific media response to Congressman Gowdy’s questions. Apparently the main stream media chooses to show no respect for our Congress or for American Citizens deserving of truthful answers. The President refuses to give honest, straightforward answers to replace the misleading reference to a video that he and Secretary of State Clinton decided was the best story to provide a political cover-up for the 2012 election campaign.

Neither the President or the Secretary of State obviously wanted to face the facts nor the truth and to be honest with the American people at a critical presidential election time.  And they continue to perform this delay routine…and the media supports this irresponsibility. It appears that there is an intentional effort to provoke the American population that is not supporting Mr. Obama. Can you imagine what the scheme is that motivates these actions?

And with Mr. Obama’s approval ratings hovering around the low 40% range…this is the most important measurement criteria that the President is interested in….what are my approval ratings?

And Benghazi is just one of many critical issues that deserve straightforward answers from your President and his supporting news media.

My fellow citizens, what is our country coming to when the very news outlets that are supposed to inform us about important matters and refuses to do so? The same media is very ready to waste prescious time on a bridgegate traffic issue but no time on answering Congressman Gowdy’s questions that needed to be answered thoroughly months ago.

What is happening in our country when a President picks and chooses which laws he will enforce, and the news media decides what important truths they will decide to report and what they will not.   To me this appears to be political complicity and irresponsibility of an unprecedented magnitude. The United States is being run as a lawless country at the hands of the Liberal Democratic political leadership and the idealogical partisan media.

These lawless and irresponsible actions are evoking legitimate questions in the American Society by responsible  and Constitution respecting citizens.  It is past time that the President and the media realize that the government and a political idealogy do not own this country. On the contrary, both serve at the pleasure of American Citizens. The taxpayers are beginning to demand responsible answers and actions. What is your response Mr. President? The American People are asking for honest answers from you!



Dan Adams Dan Adams     Published on October 30, 2013

Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi


Key official in IRS tea party controversy resigns


  • BY JOSH HICKS     

Lois Lerner, a key official in the IRS’s tea party controversy, resigned Monday morning as an internal-review board was preparing to call for her removal on the basis of “neglect of duties,” according to congressional aides from the House Ways and Means Committee.

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Fast and Furious questions linger as IG continues investgation

Where Is The Truth?

By  SHARYL ATTKISSON      CBS NEWS    January 21, 2014, 2: 12 PM

The Justice Department’s Inspector General is looking into whether there was a missing third weapon at the murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, which sparked the ATF’s Fast and Furious scandal. The Justice Department has steadfastly denied the existence of a third weapon.

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