Why American Patriots Should Vote on November 4th, 2014! And Now November 8th, 2016!

If you did not vote in the last Presidential Election then you need to ask yourself why not? Do you think that “no vote” was a vote in the support of the horrible situation we are suffering from now? Most Americans will agree that our country is in the most critical circumstances that it has experienced since World War II and before…. more than 70 years ago.

Why American Patriots Should Vote on November 4th, 2014! …And Now November 8th, 2016!

This Post and all other Pages and Posts of this Blog gives you many sound reasons as to why you should vote your conscience…and we strongly recommend that believers vote for those candidates that will strongly support, protect and enforce the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights!

Are you registered to vote now where you live? Have you moved and need to register in your new location? Are you going to want an absentee ballot? Do you know where your voting location is specifically? Be sure you get ready for this very vital vote and be sure you vote on November 4th, 2014!!!


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Voter turnout in 2012 US presidential elections 9% lower than 2008

Latest figures show that 117 million Americans, less than 50 percent of the eligible voters, have taken part in the presidential polls, showing a reduction of about nine percent compared to the 2008 election turnout of 131 million.

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“What went wrong in 2012? The case of the 4 million missing voters”


If I Were the Devil –  by PAUL HARVEY

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American Patriots Unite
Fair Tax Is Good For America
Had Enough IRS Abuse? Want The FairTax? Tell Congress!


Online Directory for the 113th Congress


PERSONAL LIBERTY            Founded by Bob Livingston

The Average American Has ‘Essentially Zero’ Influence Over U.S. Policy


American Patriots Unite
Convention of States Power To Citizens



There is so much going on around the world that we do not understand.  Many believe that this site is extremely important. Friends have read and selected several domestic and international publications  that we strongly recommend to give you valuable insight into those wanting to control the world with the  “The Great Global Deception.”  Our  recommendation today is that you read an excellent book by the noted Author and Speaker  Don Jans.

uthor of “My Grandchildren’s America”, believes that America is great because of its promises of individual freedom and opportunity.  Like most grandparents, he believes his grandchildren will have the ability and desire to excel, if that opportunity is still available.  Will the changes promised and happening now, limit these freedoms and opportunities?

Don has been a student of history for over 40 years.  He has concentrated in the study of European history with an emphasis on Russian history.  This led him to his study of Karl Marx and Marxism. In addition to being a popular speaker on Marxism, Don has also had articles published on the topic.  He also has been a guest on regional and national media broadcasts.

Book Description

Book Description

April 24, 2012
What will America become? As parents and grandparents, we wonder, will the American dream be available to our children and grandchildren?
The battle of freedom of opportunity has been waged since the beginning of time. The author uses a simple and straightforward approach to explain this battle, and how it is being waged in America. He does not tell you what or how to think. He simply gives you the facts, so you can make your own decision; an informed decision based on fact, and not innuendo and myth.
This is a must read for all Americans who care about the future of America, the land of opportunity
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Do you thank all of our forefathers of the United States of America for giving their lives and their total commitment to founding America? Do you give thanks everyday for our Freedoms and Democracy? If so, now is the time to stand up and protect this country and save it from many destructive forces all around!


American Patriots Unite
Do You Love America?

The absolute most important action that you can take to do this is to vote in the Mid-Term elections on November 4th, 2014 or by early vote absentee ballot.

Also critical is that you become informed enough to make a vote for freedom and democracy. This will come by acting as an American Patriot today and voting for only those candidates who believe in supporting, protecting and enforcing the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. This will insure that we elect candidates to save America!

Are you willing to influence as many people as possible to vote…and for the real candidates who will save this country?

If so, use American Patriots United pre-designed business cards to start talking politics with a stranger, maybe he’ll be the friend you haven’t met yet?  Follow these instructions on the card and you’ll have more fun talking politics than you ever thought possible.  You’ll also be relaying a very important message about the value of only voting for true Patriots in this election,

Here’s how you can do this! Print on card stock the TWO-SIDED information on the two pages below and then cut (10) cards from the page for handout and discussions with anyone you meet!

American Patriots Unite
American Patriots Unite
Vote For Candidates That Support The Constitution!

______________________________________________________________________________VALUABLE INFORMATION – HOW YOUR ELECTED CONGRESS AND SENATE LEADERS VOTE – view each voting record in detail!

New American       (click to view information)                           


A Congressional Scorecard Based On The U.S. Constitution



There is so much going on around the world that we do not understand. Our consensus is that there are multiple “wealth and political heads of this snake” (the snake is Lucifer?) that are competing for domination and control of what we call “The Great Global Deception” and what the powerful elite society calls  a “New World Order”.

We have read and selected several international publications that we strongly recommend to give you valuable insight into those wanting to control the world with the  “The Great Global Deception” called the “New World Order”.  Our  recommendation today is that you read an excellent book by Simona Pipko, noted Author of many books and publications.

BALTIC WINDS: Testimony of a Soviet Attorney
Book Description
October 30, 2002

“Baltic Winds, a nonfiction work, tells a life story of the prominent Soviet defense attorney, her family, friends, and clients. The narrative covers the period from the 1950s through the ‘90s and reflects lives of the characters on two continents, from Leningrad through Tallinn, Rome, and finally New York….

Baltic Winds is a heartfelt contribution of first-hand experience and information, which brings to light the as-yet uncovered truth.