Americans Demand Strong Leadership!

Americans Demand Strong Leadership!


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MUST-READ: Angry Parents Of Fallen Seal Team Member Just Destroyed Obama In This Gutsy Letter

America Demands Leadership!

Compare these realities for a sense of where we stand…

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Independent Journal Review
Independent Journal Review

Marine Vet’s Viral Post Warning ISIS: ‘Attack Us and There Will be No Mercy’

Americans Demand Leadership!
‘Attack Us and There Will be No Mercy’

Marine veteran Nick Powers responded to the brutal murder of American photojournalist James Foley carried out by ISIS/ISIL/IS (whatever they’re named this week). Warning: Strong language.

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Levin BLASTS Obama: ‘Get Your Ass Off The Golf Course… Act Like A President Or Get The Hell Out!’

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If I Were the Devil – by PAUL HARVEY 1965

“If I Were the Devil” – by PAUL HARVEY 1965

“The Rest of the Story”

Do you remember the famous ABC radio commentator Paul Harvey?  I do! Paul Harvey spoke to millions of Americans on the radio at noontime each weekday…this gentleman was such a treasure of wisdom, knowledge and pragmatism for the citizens of America…and elsewhere where technology permitted…

If I Were The Devil
The Rest Of The Story


It was 51 years ago, April 3, 1965.  An amazing prediction. Do you remember the famous ABC radio commentator Paul Harvey?
His comments were titled, “The Rest of the Story.”  Millions of Americans, Canadians and others listened to his programs which were broadcast over 1,200 radio stations worldwide.

When you listen to this, remember this commentary was broadcast 51 years ago.

It’s short…less than three minutes. You will be amazed…

If I Were The Devil – Paul Harvey


(and another version and link…)   If I Were The Devil!

After listening to the above, ask yourself this question: “Are we there now?”

 “Yeah, we’re there now.”


To enjoy more of Paul Harvey’s “Rest of the Story” lunchtime news …just go to and search for Paul Harvey or go to www.vimeo and search for Paul Harvey.
One of my favorites is found at


Another False Narrative From The White House-Judge Jeanine

Every Saturday night Judge Jeanine Pirro presents a one-hour show on Fox News. I find her to be incredibly accurate and articulate in what she says and as far as I am concerned…her words speak extremely well for me. Judge Jeanine last night provided the excellent Opening Statement below to her show. I think that it is so good that I would like for as many people to see and hear it as possible…I plan to send this Post to my Congressman and Senators today as a reminder of how well Judge Jeanine represents my feelings. I trust that you enjoy it as much as I did…

Another False Narrative From The White House-Judge Jeanine

Why should the American public believe President Obama about Syria?

JV President Delusional – America In Crisis!

JV President Delusional – America In Crisis!


JV President Delusional - America In Crisis
President Obama On Martha’s Vineyard Last Week- 

JV President Delusional – America In Crisis!


America is in Crisis! Through our electoral system we have elected a President who has proven to be  incompetent to lead the United States during his elected terms of office.

For many reasons this President is “derelict” in the duties of his office and it is time for him to resign.  Article II of Constitution of the United States defines the responsibilities of the President.

Mr. Obama has not fulfilled those duties and should resign or be removed from the Office of President.

It is widely known and recognized that the first and most important duty of the President of The United States is to “Protect The Citizens of the United States and This Country”.  During this year 2014 this President has naively called Islamic Terrorists around the world the “Jay Vees or JV or Junior Varsity” that will never be a threat to American Citizens.

Last week we were shown a video of an American Citizen beheaded by ISIS Terrorists with a threat to the U.S. that they will destroy the United States.  You Mr. President, made a speech to the world announcing this beheading and within ten minutes it is reported that you were “high fiving” it with your friends before teeing off for your 180+th round of golf while in office. Did you really watch the beheading in the video Mr. President?

Many conscious Americans question whether you care what happens to America and it’s citizens…me included…and that you are only interested in your personal political ambitions. This is a very sad commentary to report to you Mr. President. Are you listening to the real truths and assessing the real issues facing the United States?

Islamic terrorists have proven to be threats to the United State for at least 40 years and to the world for centuries. Due to our passive leadership by more than one Democratic president they are growing much stronger and more threatening to the United States. Mr. President, many say that you have strongly pursued the support of Islamic terrorists organizations during your presidency. It is very puzzling as to why you want to support our enemies who say they want to destroy us. This is a serious issue with you Mr. Obama that Americans again do not trust you or believe you.

Our country is in crisis all over the world and it is obvious that President Obama is not effectively leading this country. My statements are based on his lack of adequate attention on the many issues facing this country for six years while he is focused on vacations, golf outings, campaign trips, and social issues. His background, heritage, affiliations and experience have not equipped him to be president of these United States.

President Obama has now developed the disrespected reputation around the world of being the President who performs as the JV president and refuses to accept and make decisions which are clearly in the best interests of American Citizens. Here are the definitions of the words of the title of this post for your full understanding…

JV= Junior Varsity- not the main players in the competition

President= Considered to be the highest office in the world (U.S.)

Delusional=  Having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions.  

(In Psychiatry. maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with the facts, usually as a result of mental illness.  Many professionals have called the issue in this case to be narcissism.)

As a senior citizen of this country for many decades, I request the immediate resignation of this President from the Office of The United States of America.

Because I further believe that he is acting in a delusional manner by not facing reality and will not perform the actions necessary to protect the citizens and country of the United States, that if he will not resign that he be removed from Office as early as possible. America faces critical decisions that require an engaged, responsible, competent President to lead our country from this abyss of impending destruction.

I call upon my fellow citizens to join me in this request to the President and to the Congress and the Senate to take appropriate actions immediately. As democratic idealogs and media surrogates only choose to support and continue their political misrepresentation to the American people it will require gaining control of the House and Senate by the Republican Party in the November 2014 elections. This is necessary to stop the insane operation of this Democratic Party and it’s leadership under Mr. Obama.  It does not matter if you agree with the Republican agenda at this time…it does matter that we find a way to stop this apocalyptic destruction of the United States and it’s citizens for political ambitions and their dubious rewards.

Dan  Norris

How Much Politically Driven Decision Making Can This Country Tolerate?

Sad Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty – Ashamed

This country is now at the mercy of an administration that appears to have never learned to make comprehensive, professional, objective and thorough non-political decisions. By contrast,  all good business managers are required to study extensively the process of effective decision making! The ones who are the most effective are those who accomplish the most and achieve the greatest degrees of success.  Instead, our current leadership bases all of their decisions on political values and goals…how can this decision benefit me or my party the most…forget the people…full steam ahead. You think I am being unfair and biased…let me give you just a few examples of “politically driven decision making” that are destroying the fabric of this country!

  • Nancy Pelosi, Leader of the Congress while asking for passing of the incredibly destructive “Affordable Health Care Act” says to Congress and the American People…”we have to pass this Bill to find out what is in it”.  If she were an employee of mine in a business I would have fired her immediately on the spot. The Bill has turned out to be a nightmare and is breaking the back of the economy, American workers and businesses. The overall ObamaCare Act is not in the best interests of the American People…it only provides political power to the government to tax and police with the IRS. This Act needs to be appealed immediately.
  • On the death of (4) Patriots including Ambassador Stephens, Barack Obama and Hilliary Clinton concocted  a false narrative blaming a video that incited what was truly an Islamic Terrorist attack. All key decision makers including the President were aware that this was a terrorist attack within two hours of it’s beginning. President Obama disappeared about two hours after the attack began on that Sunday night and was not heard from until he arrived in Las Vegas the next day for a political rally. Under oath Hilliary  Clinton stated “what difference does it make”. This coverup was clearly for political purposes to support Obama in his election bid in 2012 and Clinton for a future presidential bid. The President and Clinton need to immediately admit to the American People why they took these political actions.
  • Substantial evidence has been presented to the Congressional Investigating Committee that this Administration actively suppressed Conservative American Groups from obtaining 501 C (4) authorization. This move began with Democratic Congressman and Senators and was taken up by the top offices of the United States, especially the IRS. There seems to be little doubt that President Obama was totally aware and supportive of these actions and in my opinion was the one who gave the orders to do so. His very top legal IRS advisor was the key decision maker on these actions and surely he discussed this with the President. Why 157+ trips to the White House by the Head of the IRS if there was not something subversive being accomplished? This is clearly political decision making.
  • The approval of the Keystone Pipeline is considered by most all knowledgeable leaders to be the primary key to resolving this country’s recession and our reliance on Oil Countries in the Mid East. President Obama’s continuing irrational decision to deny this pipeline approval is to sentence Americans to poverty, unemployment, higher gas prices and continued worshiping  at the altar of those who own the oil in the Mid East. We have every resource needed to resolve these issues and the President is making a political decision to deny these solutions.
  • Now we have what has been called the amateurish leadership of “drawing red lines” a year ago…and when it comes time to put up or shut up…he just keeps talking… and made big talk for a week about what we were about to do in Syria. None of it happened of course.  Secretary of State John Kerry makes convincing impassioned pleas to “attack” however… there is no thoughtful plan as to the potential retaliation, results, follow-up, costs, and willingness of the American People to support an effort which seems to be a “lose – lose” action. How can we win by slapping Syria on the wrists? This is like childhood playground bullying where eventually someone will stand up and all will get hurt. Again a political decision where Obama has passed the “drawing of red lines” to Congress and the Senate. I am so very glad that he finally did this…it should have been done the first two days…and hopefully we will have enough intelligent decision makers to stop further action now. America is not the world’s policeman and President Obama is not the world leader. Calmer heads need to take control to avoid continuation of this political decision. This should not be a narcissistic, emotional, politically driven decision.

I could continue with many other examples of political decisions driving this country into ruin which include Fast and Furious, the NSA overreach, the Attorney General’s press investigation overreach, the thousands of harmful regulations being implemented on business, the EPA and their environment overreach, the Labor Department overreach with unions and on and on. Our Congress and Senate are responsible to the American People for prioritizing their actions and protecting us from this political annihilation of this country. I believe that each of us should devote at least one hour each day to calling and emailing the President, The Senate and The Congress and asking them for constructive actions…not political actions! I believe that this is the only way that our voices can be heard! Will you commit some of your day to making phone calls and sending emails to the President, Senate and Congress?

The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair – Clint Eastwood

What About The Economy ?
What About The Economy ?



The Clock Is Ticking Mr President

Judge Jeannine Pierro

See and hear Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Opening Statement on her TV Show on Fox News 12/7/2013

The Clock Is Ticking Mr President

Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Opening Statement 12/7/2013 On Fox News


What Percentage Of Americans Are Expendable? A New Low For Our Society!

Have we reached a new low in this country where a certain number of Americans are now expendable? If you watched the video above and listened to the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney… the American public should not worry about 5% or so of our citizens! What??? Why is that??? When did we become so crass??? Is it to achieve Mr. Obama’s political purposes of implementing an ill-conceived health care plan that is destined to fail and hurt millions of Americans in the process, as well as to waste trillions of dollars? When do you face reality? Placing one person in danger in this country for any reason, especially taking their health insurance and their doctors away…is unacceptable!!! The responses by your health care program promoters on the Sunday Talk Show programs are not believable nor realistic when it comes to the American People.

Were the four Americans in Benghazi expendable? Why did we not send help to them? Why did we deceitfully blame their deaths on a video that never entered into the picture?  Americans are asking for answers from all of those on the Left…including the Secretary of State and the President!



Obama Officials In 2010: 93 Million Americans Will Be Unable To Keep Their Health Plans Under Obamacare

Avik Roy   Contributor   10/31/2013

On Wednesday, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius testified before Congress about the continuing issues with the rollout of Obamacare’shealth insurance exchanges. “Hold me accountable for the debacle,” said Sebelius. “I’m responsible.” I attended the hearing, and I was struck by the scope, scale, and depth of the health law’s problems, problems that far exceed any one political appointee. But Obamacare’s disruption of the existing health insurance market—a disruption codified in law, and known to the administration—is only just beginning. And it’s far broader than recent media coverage has implied.

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Yes, People Are Losing Their Insurance Under Obamacare

By John Tozzi  

Mr. President! The Clock Is Ticking! Photograph by David Paul Morris/Bloomberg
Yes, People Are Losing Their Insurance-
Photograph by David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Six months into his presidency, Barack Obama promised that his proposed health reforms wouldn’t force people who were happy with their insurance to change. “If you like your health-care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan, period,” he said. But hundreds of thousands of people are finding out that’s not the case.Insurance companies are terminating policies for many people whose insurance doesn’t meet the standards of the new health law. Here’s what you need to know:

Why is this happening?
The Affordable Care Act sets standards that private insurance companies must follow. Health plans must pay for at least 60 percent of their members’ medical costs on average. They also have to provide 10 areas of coverage, called essential health benefits, such as hospitalization, mental health treatment, and maternity care. Plans that don’t meet these standards generally can’t be sold after 2013, unless they’re grandfathered (more on that below). Insurers are ending these plans and pushing people to buy more comprehensive policies, some of which may also have higher premiums. For low- and middle-income people, the law provides subsidies to make health coverage more affordable.

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