The Political “Bullying” of America

Stop Bullying Now

Do you feel that you are being constantly intimidated and bullied by the Federal Government and this Administration every day? Consider this…

The Political “Bullying” of America

I very much enjoy watching and listening to the news from those sources that provide honest and in-depth reporting…this certainly does not include any of the mainstream media channels… and the more I watch and listen to the channels and sources I trust the more concerned I become.

It seems that the Federal Government must be in my life every minute of the day announcing some new tax, policy, news that reduces my freedoms, overspending, foreign crisis not being dealt with effectively, while telling me information that is obviously not true! The government seems everywhere…omnipresent!

It seems this Administration wants to personally degrade and demean me because I believe in a different kind of government than what we are getting! In short, I feel bullied and intimidated by this Administration.

What does “bullying” mean?

Here is what Wikipedia says… Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuseintimidate, or aggressively impose domination over others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power.

Personally I find the policies of Obamacare to be intimidating to me and millions of others who have lost their preferred insurance policies, doctors, hospitals, and affordability of the health care they once were insured for as a result of the Democratic goal of controlling 1/6 of our economy… and making the citizens of this country wards of the state. Many people’s health, longevity and financial welfare have been impacted and I see very little if any compassion for those victims from this Administration. And even worse, President Obama shows no willingness to even consider that it is very destructive to millions of Americans that deserve much better solutions! And what about the deep impact all of this manipulating has on managing businesses, employees and profitability. To destroy the best medical system in the world is a crime in my humble opinion.

I find the many handouts and political favors to unions, federal employees, organizations, lobbyists, corporate entities and on and on to be unfair, abusive and corrupt. I find government power to be excessive and uncontrolled in many cases.  The ranch case in Nevada came close to a tragic ending.

I find the use of Czars to circumvent the Congress and Senate of the United States to be abusive, intimidating and dominating. I find the selective implementation of laws by the President and the Attorney General to be unconstitutional and unlawful.

I find that their unwillingness to be truthful with the American People, to fabricate stories to sway elections, and to refuse to provide information for transparency to the public is unlawful.

I find that using the heavy handed force of the IRS and supporting militant agencies constrains political freedoms and is illegal and intimidating.

I believe that “political correctness” by this Administration is another form of lying…including (14) people killed by a military terrorist shouting terrorist cries on a U.S. Army Base and this is called “workplace violence”…incredible! Our Army Base is a place to house military resources to protect this country…and we consider this a military fortification…not a work place! Should there be a law that says that the president and all primary officers of this country must have served in the active military as a qualification to be a candidate?

For these many reasons and more I consider that bullying is fully in process by this Administration.

Are you happy and satisfied with America now? If you are…good for you…I hope that you are conscious and informed… because I come into contact daily with totally unhappy and dissatisfied Americans!!!  When someone disagrees with my position I ask them what is good about what is going on and I rarely get a truthful reply…the reply is all political blame and rhetoric with no substance. They have no real solutions. And the leader of this country seems oblivious to the feelings of the majority of the American Public and dismisses any objections as Republican or Tea Party politics. Such arrogance is amazing from the leader of this country! He was elected to govern the entire country…not just those who do not vocally disagree with him.

And why does the President exercise the authority to issue Executive Orders and place this country under National Emergency even in the last few days? It began years ago and now we have the potential of omnipotent, tyrannical rulers unless they are reigned in by the public and by the States!

America Continues Under     “National Emergency”

Thanks to God we just celebrated the wonderful Resurrection of the real Savior of this world during this past glorious Easter Week!

Are Americans Frightened For This Country Because of This Administration?

Where I live and travel I don’t find very many happy and satisfied Americans! Frankly, virtually everyone I meet is so dissatisfied and disappointed with this Administration and this Government right now that they want them out of office immediately! And an untold number don’t want to wait until the elections in November and installation of the newly elected in January…it seems like an excessive amount of pain to endure to wait until next year…with millions more tax dollars wasted by the leaders and this Administration.

Any constructive legislation is blocked by the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the White House objects to opening up our country with more energy production, jobs, and approval of the Keystone Pipeline.

And on Good Friday we received the spineless (unions calling it gutless) political message from the White House that the Keystone Pipeline decision is delayed again…obviously to cater to those who oppose so much good for America. If it is good for America…Mr. Obama wants no part of it as he has shown repeatedly. Our costs of living are going up in virtually every segment of our life! The economy is flat after five years and trillions of dollars of stimulus….and untold millions are unemployed and underemployed … gas prices and grocery prices are skyrocketing …and we are yet to see the resultant impact of printing billions of dollars each month and throwing it at the economy by tapering…it should not be this way!

America is successful as a capitalistic country…not a socialistic country!

And the President tells us Thursday that Obamacare is very successful and that costs are going down…and the WH spokesman claims the most transparent Administration ever. WOW! More truths right?

Also very difficult to believe however I am receiving messages from those who may know that the media is also being intimidated by this Administration as well…and if true that could account for some of the silence on key issues. I surely am not convinced of this…but the truth is somebody is obviously pulling the mainstream media strings…who is it? And we all know if you follow the money you find the culprits!

And now we hear this “race card” claim by Eric Holder saying he and Barack Obama are treated differently because they are black. These claims are typically used by professional “race baiter” icons to silence anyone who differs with their positions on anything. This is a political ploy by liberals and progressives to place anyone on the defensive and to silence them. Where I come from this is called “bullying” as well as “race-baiting”. How can two of the top ranked officials in the country who have reached the unmatched positions that they have…accuse anyone of treating them differently because of race? The truth is that many non-white candidates achieved their positions because many white and caucasian voters supported them to show non-prejudice and that this country is practicing racial equality.

They both have taken radical political positions in their offices and are very deserving of people stating their likes or dislikes about their performance. That is the American Way! Red carpets and idolatry are reserved for the Oscars. There really is a First Amendment in the United States Constitution! These are similar to typical political ploys to attempt to change the media attention, dialogue and messages. Here is what the House Majority Leader John Boehner had to say about these allegations…

Boehner blasts Eric Holder for claiming he and Obama are treated differently because they are black


Real Americans do not want a socialist, nanny state. Those living off the Government teat love it…give them $35k+++  per year unemployed…or to work less than 30 hours per week…smoke their pot, use their free mobile phones, drink their booze and enjoy their free nachos and lobster paid for by the food stamps that tax paying Americans provide. 99.44% of those Americans that I meet in Anytown USA are totally disgusted with this situation and they want it to stop now!

And I talk with citizens in every State of this Union daily via the internet. But their problem about taking action to correct it is that this Administration has scared and frightened many American People tremendously and many do not want to say how they feel in public!

Millions of Americans are now  intimidated by this Administration and the lack of mainstream media reporting to the extent that they are absolutely afraid that the GOVERNMENT using WEAPONS and ARMED VEHICLES will come to punish them and lock them up in FEMA CAMPS if they speak their minds or say something that an uninformed idealog liberal will object to and reply with allegations.  In my opinion this is a horrible situation my fellow citizens. Never has America seen this!

And even worse, there is the APATHY of many and those who play the blame game  or the race card or the immigration card and say…Bush is responsible …or… those people do not like my social beliefs and so therefore I will vote for those who will give me stuff and benefits…or even though I am illegally here they will not make me go home to my country…or they will not make me go to work…and they will give me free health care….and on and on. Pathetic right?

Concerned, peaceful American citizens who have fought for this country for many years are very concerned about what is going on and are asking their congressmen, senators, and state legislators for peaceful change now! We sincerely ask all of those in elected and appointed positions to take the absolute maximum of all of the legal and legislative actions that you can to correct this political intimidation as soon as possible! If this means independent investigation committees to determine the truths on many key matters, the American People will support this!

It is high time that this Administration come to realize that they cannot lead America by appealing only to a minority of the conscious, competent, proud, loyal Citizens of the United States.