Governor Rick Perry is right…listen up Barack

Governor Rick Perry is right…listen up Barack


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Governor Rick Perry of Texas has been warning the President of the United States since 2009 of the critical issues relating to our Southern U.S. border. President Barack Obama and his staff have chosen to ignore and not respond to any of the warnings and requests of a highly respected and effective governor. Too bad that our President Barack Obama is not a highly respected and effective President.  And that is why I am writing this post tonight. Many of you may have never heard of the legend…”Nero fiddles while Rome burns” however it would be to your advantage to understand what it means!

Governor Perry has requested that Barack Obama go to the Southern U.S. border and view first hand the actions going on there. Obama refuses.

Following multiple requests to the White House by Governor Rick Perry to have a meaningful meeting with Barack Obama…and experiencing much resistance from the White House staff…guess who is calling the shots and my guess is that it is not Obama…a brief meeting occurred today in Texas.

Tonight I viewed at 10 pm Sean Hannity’s interview of Governor Rick Perry after his meeting with Barack Obama.

The bottom line result of this meeting according to Governor Rick Perry is that he recommended many times to Barack Obama that he send the National Guard to the border immediately so as to send the message to foreign countries that America intends to protect our borders.  This message by Governor Perry is powerful and represents the opinion of a major border state to Mexico. According to Barack Obama his reply was that he wanted Congress to approve an expenditure of $3.7 billion to pay for this problem (that he has created). Barack’s only previously proposed solution to any virtually any problem is to spend taxpayers money according to my assessment of his approaches. Analysis of the $3.7 billion expenditure shows that less than 2% of this will go to solve the problem. $600+ million would even go to purposes other than the border issues. Governor Perry comments that the expenditure does not appear to solve the humanitarian border crisis and recommends that you ask Barack Obama what the money is intended to provide.

It is really uncertain as to what John Boehner, leader of the Congress will do with this Obama’s request for $3.7 billion.

Millions of Americans believe that Obama has done far more damage to America than Richard Nixon ever did…and Nixon was impeached…

and John Boehner disagrees with Sarah Palin and Allen West that Obama should be impeached.

John…what is a lawsuit going to do and when?..what if you win? what if you lose? How do the American people benefit? This is not about John Boehner sir…this is about the people and country of America…please use the tools that Congress is authorized to use John…and that includes control of the purse strings as well as impeachment!

Barack Obama is destroying America and we need very strong leaders with backbone to stand up and protect our country. It appears to me that this President bullies anyone who does not agree with his approaches…and the Alinsky style is highly visible in virtually everthing.

I am so disappointed that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are really questionable on their positions. Why would you not value conservative American opinion? Why would you not hold a President to act according to his stated responsibilities?

Their actions do not seem to reflect the majority opinions of Americans to me….am I wrong in this assessment?

Should they be replaced by congressional and senatorial leaders that represent strongly patriotic Americans that believe in abiding by the Constitution?

Please let me know what you as Americans really think about these critical issues. I am so very interested in what you think!

Is this man looking out for your best interests?

What is your opinion?

Governor Rick Perry is right on!
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