Mr. Obama…it is very obvious that you are playing politics with the security of America and American Citizens! Your administrations “word games” and “political correctness” are extremely political and mask your real agenda. You were elected to lead this country to the next level of our country’s growth and success. You are not doing what the country expected. You promised hope and change and you have delivered abysmal negative changes and America hopes that you will personally change your direction to a much more positive and constructive approach sir.



The double dealing, double talk and untruths that you and your administration speak are appalling and causes informed people to believe that you are not “with America”…you are “against America”! You give every indication that you have a different agenda than the agenda that Americans want you to have.  If you question this and are an Obama regime idea-log…  look at just a few of these examples…

Mr. President…

You are rarely straightforward and honest with any of your words nor with the American People! Within the last week you told us the following  lies and more!

When asked by the  60 Minutes interviewer if we are at “WAR” you will not admit that we are at “WAR” with militant Islamists all over the world! Why? I believe that this does not fit with your political agenda and your supporters so you refuse to admit the truths because you know that it will affect your political ratings and the election of your Democratic synchophants. You know that we are at WAR and you do not want to lose Democratic votes by admitting it. For personal reasons you want your legacy to be known as peaceful, when in fact you will go down as the most conniving, most divisive, most naive, least responsible, ambiguous and incompetent president that America has ever had. Your efforts  to protect America sir can only be described as political campaigns of a political organizer in the suburbs of Chicago…the home of the maximum number of killings in American. You are a very dis-impassioned president sir and a severe disappointment to our country.

The beheading of an American woman is called “workplace violence”.  You and your attorney general also classified the killing of (14) citizens at Ft.Hood as “workplace violence”  Such lies Mr. President and Mr.  Attorney General are unbelievable. You attempt to change the impact of truths by changing the descriptions using word games! Your actions are totally unlawful when tested by the U.S. Constitution and you elect to expound consistent lies to the American People. What is your real agenda Mr. President? Do you only know how to be a community organizer or are you part of the global scheme for a single government that has been underway for 70+ years?

Mr. President, today you blame our international crisis with militant Islamic groups on the U.S. Intelligence Community. These are total lies and you know it. As president you have yet to take any responsibility for any issue however you get the media to shout your praises if anything ever goes right. So far, Mr. President, to me you are your own cheerleader.

Mr. President, you know that you have received detailed, accurate reports on everything relating to these Islamic Terrorists situations for more than 18 months.

It is clear that you chose to disregard these Intelligence reports to play another round of golf, fly off to a liberal fundraiser, vacation with your family in the most elaborate resorts in the world, or at home to hold elaborate hollywood style entertainment functions for your family at the expense of the American Taxpayers.  You are totally guilty of “dereliction of duty” sir…and we have no one yet to prosecute you…however in return you prosecute “Hobby Lobby” and “Dnesh D’Souza” and “others” for your personal retribution agendas.

Last week Mr. Obama you applauded and congratulated the most political, irresponsible and arrogant Attorney General on his wonderful service to this country. On the contrary sir, this Attorney General covered your mistakes and possible covert actions and in the process he disregarded the United States Constitution.  I firmly believe that both you are guilty of excessive and extreme violation of the U.S. Constitution and consistent dereliction of duty in the highest offices of the United States and should be charged, tried and prosecuted just like any other American Citizen.


Today, the Prime Minister of Israel gave an impassioned speech to the United Nations, a speech so powerful and one that you should have given on behalf of the United States Mr. Obama, however you do not appear to me to have America’s best interests equally at heart as does Mr. Netanyahu for his beloved country of Israel. This was an outstanding speech that all American Patriots should read or preferably listen to in video..


Distinguished delegates, I come here from Jerusalem to speak on behalf of my people, the people of Israel.  I’ve come here to speak about the dangers we face and about the opportunities we seek.  I’ve come here to expose the brazen lies spoken from this very podium against my country and against the brave soldiers who defend it…  

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Tonight I heard two very important confirmations by watching a television personality that I respect very much. I may not agree with his personality and approach however I agree with his intellect and most of his opinions. This man is Bill O’Reilly and he is on Fox News and what he confirmed for me tonight are the following critical facts as follows…

President Obama with his actions is putting the United States and American Citizens at risk.

The Congress of the United States has the power to take actions to protect America and deal with the issues that Mr. Obama is presenting to the country. As a citizen of this country when will our Congress stand up and take appropriate actions?


Creditable sources are beginning to publish information on an international subversive  global takeover agenda underway… that Americans have not received information about from the media. Most of the media and our Congress and Senate have not yet given any signals that they understand this agenda…probably because they have not seen these facts. Americans are  extremely puzzled by many of the actions of this Administration. How do you explain actions which do not seem to be consistent with the best interests of America and the American People? More information is to be published very soon on this site and a new site under development.

Could the following begin to provide the explanations? Mr. Romney made similar comments during his election bid…


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Garry Kasparov: Putin is ‘the most dangerous man’ in the world and a bigger threat to the U.S. than the Islamic State

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