It Is Time To Pass Out Olive Branches and Debate Real Solutions On The “Right” For Americans!

Olive Branch
Olive Granches for the Right

America is in need of real leadership now!

We have suffered five years of the “Left” providing partisan politics that have proven to be destroying America! It is questionable as to how much more the American people can endure of these partisan political policies.

It Is Time To Pass Out Olive Branches and Debate Real Solutions On The “Right” For Americans!

We have seen…

  • tremendously failed economic policies
  • record breaking unemployment
  • redistribution of wealth from the lower and middle class to the government
  • increase in the size of government and amount of government control
  • increased taxation and reduced spendable income for all but the wealthy
  • created the greatest number of unemployed Americans ever
  • caused declining earnings for most all Americans
  • created failed and incorrectly designed healthcare legislation
  • provided incompetent healthcare policy implementation
  • misdirected tax resources to inappropiate industries like solar energy
  • failed to approve policies that could make America energy independent
  • failed to approve energy investments including the Keystone Pipeline
  • destroyed energy industies such as coal
  • created excessive business regulation
  • provided government policy uncertainty causing slowed business growth
  • provided confusing and embarrassing foreign policy
  • implemented unequaled give-away programs destroying citizens desire to work
  • created a mammoth national debt
  • practiced favoritism for select businesses, unions, and political idealogs
  • took actions that punished those that do not agree with this administration
  • advanced an assault on the privacy of information for Americans
  • offered a president and legislators who misled the American People with untruths
  • lied to the American People during key election periods in order to capture votes
  • showed lack of transparency on many key issues where Americans are not informed
  • withheld truth about Benghazi where four Americans were abandoned to die
  • completed criminal “Fast and Furious” gun sales by the legal department
  • executed secret IRS attacks on conservative organizations
  • exhibited unmitigated waste and fraud by political leaders at all level
  • the President and Secretary of State created a false excuse for the Benghazi attacks

The list goes on…

You would think that such a track record above would be apparent to anyone with a reasonable IQ and possessing some degree of common sense… and as a result most people would say…THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR ME OR MY COUNTRY AND I WILL TAKE ACTIONS AND VOTE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

But unfortunately that is not the reality my friends. We have so many Americans who are connected at the hip, the heart, and the lip with the “Left” and anything their leaders say and ask them to do. These inexplicable loyalties to the “Left” seem due to many factors including receiving free stuff, faith, hope, love, affection, attraction, race, creed, history, obligation, ignorance, hope, gullibility, organizations, lack of interest, lack of knowledge, lack of information, incompetency, idealogy, inability to think, lack of critical thinking skills, affinity for social welfare freebie programs, capability for bluster, avoiding focus on real issues, attacking those with logical positions that disagree, name-calling, using the “Left” playbook and talking points,  desire never to work again if possible, being mesmerized, idolatry and for other uncanny reasons that are very difficult to understand.

I watch the mainstream media and I am astounded at the lack of substantive reporting on real, important topics as well as the lack of objectivity.  It is not fair to the American People to fail to use your professional resources in the best interests of this country.

I watch the fair and balanced forums for discussion of all sides of an issue, Many participants seem very naive and uninformed.  It appears to me that many times the meaningless mindset is enamored with hearing their own voices tell of how wonderful things really are or will be with a little more time and money invested.  It is as if reality has not yet arrived at their doorstep.

Now here is my message for all of those who are not on the ‘Left’ however who disagree with the ‘Left’ and truly want to take them out of power and put this country on the “Right” track again. If you are one of those who want to stop this madness here is my proposal to you.

First, all of those on the “Right” must find a way to come together with our political differences and debate and negotiate our differences so that we have a Republican Party of strength and unity. I believe there is plenty of room for many different opinions and positions in the Republican Party, however allowing this country to be destroyed by the “Left” is not one of them. Even though I believe myself to be an Independent, I can wholeheartedly support a Republican Party of unity that includes and embraces all factions! And that definitely includes the Tea Party…the real heart and substance of conservatism in this country in my humble opinion. And the “Left” is extremely afraid of the Tea Party, which explains the reason for so much of their criticism…their creed is to destroy any person or group that stands in their way to power.

If we decide to have a civil war among those on the “Right” then this is exactly what the “Left” want. There is also a faction on the Right that wants to elect “moderate” RINO candidates and have shown us that this is disaster…many times. Those on the “Right” must find a way to come together or for sure we will have Hillary Clinton and The Democratic Party in the White House for another eight years beginning in 2016.  To me this is a frightening thought.  What about you?

How do you like the prospects of Hillary Clinton or even Barack Obama’s policies for another 8 years? Scary right? Hillary and Bill and the Democratic Party are licking their chops thinking that those on the “Right” will destroy themselves by internal civil war as exhibited by several RINO leaders that chose to criticize their own party so severely recently. What did they gain? And to think about starting another party I believe is folly. We need to get under one big tent and be intelligent enough to negotiate a single party “Right” solution!

Yes, we have many factions on the “Right”…and the exceptional good things about this are that all of these factions are capable of intelligent and negotiable debate which typically is constructive and in the best interests of this country and it’s people.  We have the capacity, the integrity, and the beliefs in “The Constitution” that should be the guiding beacon for our actions. I ask all of you who believe in the goals of the “Right” regardless of whether you are Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Democrat, Moderate, RINO, any affiliation, any race, color, creed, religion, belief, affiliation, or whatever passion for your country, that we join together and “Extend An Olive Leaf To All Those On The Right” so that we can save our country by liberating it from this current Administration.  I believe that we can debate our differences and as a result reach conclusions that can improve our country tremendously!

If this country is important to you, I hope that you will agree and help the “Right” to develop the best solutions for our country!

Olive Leafs
Left – Right Politics