Mr. President…Islamo Nazi Caliphate Is Challenging America

Mr. President…Islamo Nazi Caliphate Is Challenging America


Levin BLASTS Obama: ‘Get Your Ass Off The Golf Course… Act Like A President Or Get The Hell Out!’


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Mr. President:

In between your golf outings, your numerous vacations and your incessant campaign trips, I question if you truly want to take the time to decisively protect American Citizens and this wonderful country of the United States of America? I am not alone! Millions of other Americans and people around the world wonder the same thing. You appear to only want to impose your own personal ideas of more leisure and reckless spending for the Obama family, the Democratic Liberal Party, the Federal Government and much less reward and more penalty for the rest of the world.

You are incredibly different than any president that I have ever known and I go back to the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt when I listened to him talk only on the radio about the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor.

You consistently act as if you are the lord and god of all that happens to the U.S., and that you have the answer for anyone, anywhere, at anytime. When is the last time you convened a non-partisan meeting of the Congress and Senators of the United States?  You speak politically charged words, however your actions show very little resolve and intestinal fortitude (guts) to show that you mean what you say. When you speak you target only 50% or less of the American People…as if you are a President for only about half of this country.  Are you always trying to divide this country Mr. President? This country has never seen a president like you Mr. Obama, and never do I want another. May God help us to get through the end of your Administration without total destruction of this country!

Priority Activity
Leading From Behind

You are so quick to get in front of the national tv cameras and to give us your collegiate professorial comments about what the world should do and be…and what other countries should do…and to criticize anyone who works much harder and with much more vigor and intensity than you do sir.

Witness the actions of the Prime Minister of England David Cameron yesterday. I consider it very responsible to his country to put aside his personal vacation pleasures to be able to more effectively lead his country in the battle against those who want to destroy you and I. Prime Minister Cameron ended his vacation with a commitment to lead the effort to find the slayer of Jim Foley.

It is reported that (8) minutes after your announcement of the beheading of this loyal American Jim Foley our American President teed off on his next round of golf!

What are your priorities Mr. Obama??? Is it fulfilling the fantasies in your book “Dreams of My Father” ? Or is it implementing Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”? Americans wonder who groomed you for our most powerful office and who controls your actions now. Your election to this office was obviously the most egregious mistake that U.S. Citizens have made in more than 100 years. You have admitted that you told many, many lies to gain favor of voters and to cause this mistake and win over gullible voters. America is suffering because of your being returned to office when you did not deserve it Mr. Obama. Example…you can keep your doctor if you want! Your insurance costs will decrease! And on and on.
And the mainstream media continues to give you a pass and protect your ineffective policies in every area of our government.

Countries around the world are pointing to the United States and to you sir…saying …get your own house in order before you give us your advice. The world and most conservative Americans do not value your advice sir, nor agree with your “milquetoast responses to terrorists beheading our citizens” . It seems obvious that you do not care what we think. Do you not care sir?

Have you ever known anyone who is lazy? Disengaged? Unattached? You can hear it in their dialogue and the way they engage with others. You remind me of someone who fits this description, Mr. President. Many believe that this is exactly what you want to accomplish as president…to reduce the American footprint around the world by reducing the credibility of this country. And you are rapidly and consistently reinforcing this

I learned many years ago that lazy, uncaring people will wind up in the ditch, by the wayside, without any significance and credibility at all. That is what happened to Mr. Nixon, Mr. Carter and a few other presidents along the way, and you are acting with far less acumen, wisdom and intelligence than these former leaders used. Your focus is on the ballot box and the press releases…and your White House staff is by far the least competent than we have ever seen. Your White House staff is 24-48 hours behind the news cycle and never provides the leadership that this country is crying for. The State Department speaks so very immaturely about all that goes on. Do we have any competent, mature, experienced state department persons in our government any more?

Yesterday we witnessed an American’s head being severed by a sword with a message to the U.S….this is what we will do to you! And you announce that you are sending representatives of the Judicial Department to investigate this beheading as a criminal matter. Do you not get it that ISIS/ISIL has declared war on the world including the U.S.? Are you brave and courageous sir? Obviously you never watched any John Wayne movies to learn what bravery and courage really are sir! Or even more importantly have you served in the battlefield with America’s military in their courageous acts? Are you willing to protect America? When? When will you stand up like a president and speak for the safety of this country? Surely this is not workplace violence to you as you have misnamed so many other acts of terrorist violence. Can you not call a spade a spade? Do you even know what that means? Or have you not been in this country long enough to find out?

Today we see Israel needing America’s support and you are not engaged to support them. Why Mr. President?

Today, the Iranians are developing nuclear weapons and you have not taken necessary action for them to stop. Why Mr. President?

What is your take on ISIS having major headquarters in Syria? Do you have any strategic response to this situation or are they still the JV as you called them earlier this year?

If you got off the golf course long enough you may be able to get enough briefings to inform you of what is actually going on in this world.  Are you listening and taking the advice of your very experienced military leaders or are you imposing your personal constraints that diminish our country’s effectiveness and the protection of the American people?

Today we see Russia attacking Ukraine and we wonder what your Presidential strategy is to stop this intrusion on Ukraine. Why Mr. President?

This week we see your Attorney General in Missouri directing his “progressive” civil rights investigators to find the truth in this disgraceful horrific event where the Governor is calling for “prosecution” even before fact gathering and grand jury decision.

Why is a parallel investigation by the Justice Department so critical?

It would seem much more appropriate that the U.S. Attorney General be in Chicago, Illinois today if our Administration were truly addressing the real issues as opposed to the issues that they think can get them the most political support. How many people were killed in the last month in Chicago as compared to Ferguson, MO Mr. President? Will you and the Attorney General ever address the real issues of this country or will you forever be focused on being a community organizer? Why Mr. President?

Today we see the agencies of the federal government arming local police forces with military weapons and as a result American Citizens are losing their Constitutional Rights by violation of their property and privacy. You have promoted this strongly. Why Mr. President?

Today we see thousands of illegals including children coming across our borders and we have no idea of who they are. You have given the order to have our Border Agents stationed 30-50 miles from the border. Intelligence tells American Citizens that ISIS/ISIL terrorists are coming into America via this border leniency. Why Mr. President?

Today we see your agencies including the IRS, the NSA, the EPA and others attacking American Citizens taking away their rights. Why Mr. President?

And the narrative goes on and on! Would you like to read more? I for one do not want more of this Liberal, Socialistic, Marxist, anti-Colonialist, Dreams of My Father leadership for America.  Please become a real president for all citizens of the United States! This country is in need of powerful, intelligent, courageous, honest, respectful, non-partisan, Christian leadership around the world! Please provide us with that leadership Mr. Obama!