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Time To Speak Up!

“The Conservative” blog opinion believes in restoring smaller government, less government spending, reduced taxation including flat tax reform, adherence to the U.S. Constitution, and eliminating political graft and autocracy by our politicians. This philosophy supports taking our country back from corrupt political, power wealth and business lobbying forces that are destroying this nation.

This post is devoted to the critical governmental actions and decisions that need to be made during the next 33 days to October 1, 2013, and I submit to you that now is the…

Time To Speak Up… and Be Heard!

Not sure about you however I feel as a citizen that my opinion is virtually useless in the current situation. Does this bother you as much as it does me? I fill out many forms on the internet every day to be sent by many conservative organizations to the Congress, Senate and to the President…however I have the very strong impression that my voice is not being heard from these petitions and letters. I would really  like to be able to go to the White House gates in person with 50+ million of my fellow citizens to express my disatisfaction with what is going on in this country right now.

I send letters to my Congressmen and Senators and I receive their responses within a few days which I very much appreciate..even though I do not agree with some of their replies. So very frustrating are the bureaucratic “forms” that you must fill out to send an email to your legislators or to the President. And in the case of sending an email  to the President, then you have to be concerned about receiving retribution or some legal or IRS backlash for disagreeing with his positions. The liberal news media is just as bureaucratic and make it very difficult to send them any of my opinions. As as result I have given up on trying to give any feedback to the President or the liberal media. I am successful in getting my inputs into Fox News via Twitter and emails to specific news reporters or commentators.

Do you share any of these frustrations about getting your voice heard? Does it bother you? Enough to take some action from the comfort of your home or office?

This country faces several critical decisions during the next 33 days by which Americans will be strongly affected.  To me these key issues include…

  • The 611,000 Veterans awaiting processing of their medical claims as much as 2 years
  • The Defunding of Obamacare while continuing the operations of the Federal Government except for Obamacare
  • Determining the truth on Benghazi including appointment of a Special Investigating Committee by John Boehner
  • Ceasing the demagoguery of the President of the United States on many issues including a “balanced budget funding approach” which includes more taxes
  • Implementing an effective employment strategy for 27+ million  Americans
  • Approving the Keystone Pipeline immediately
  • Developing a respected American foreign policy leadership position for the Far East and presenting it to Congress and the Senate for their approval

There are more critical issues that also need to be addressed during this period however the above seem to be extremely high priority.

My expectation is that this 33 days will be the time for the President to go on his flying “Campaign Tour”during these critical times, visiting his favorable college campuses and communities, and avoiding all interaction with the Congress, the Senate and the American People. His pattern has been to make himself available during the last 2-3 days of any critical period…except for a golf game and negotiations with the Speaker of the House. He refuses to negotiate on any matter and demagogues the Republicans whereas in fact it is the President himself who is responsible for the problems. He is a master of transferring any problematic responsibility to others. Do any of these thoughts concern you?

My ideas are that we consider mounting a major telephone call and email call campaign during the next 33 days…to the President, to the members of Senate and to members of the House.  I really am talking about a major campaign to get our voices heard!!! Right now I think that our voices are not being taken seriously. And I feel like we are just sitting here letting it happen as passive citizens complaining but taking no action. Is that what a Patriot would do? I would hope that some of our major conservative organizations consider this action and give it some attention.

Do you agree with a major telephone call and email campaign to get our voices heard? If so I would really appreciate your commenting in the “Leave a Reply” area below.

One final thought…if you agree with the position of funding the Federal Government and not including funding for Obamacare by 9/30/2013…please go to the website………..Defund Obamacare Now and sign up immediately.  Mr. Ted Cruz and many others will thank you.



House Listens To American People-Now Time For Senate To Do Same!

The Washington Post

House passes budget defunding Obamacare

September 20, 2013 11:35 AM EDT — With a vote of 230 to 189, the House of Representatives passed a spending plan that would defund the president’s health care law Friday. (The Washington Post)

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) takes questions.

Ed O’Keefe 11:55 AM ET

House Republicans fire the opening salvo in what promises to be a contentious 10 days of debate on Capitol Hill over extending government operations by only three months.

The Washington Post

House GOP praises vote to defund Obamacare

September 20, 2013 12:36 PM EDT — House Speaker John Boehner called the passage of a Republican spending plan “a victory today for the American people.” (Sarah Parnass / The Washington Post)

Congratulations to John Boehner and The Members of the House of Representatives!

House Listens To American People-Now Time For Senate To Do Same!


Let the Democrats shut down the Government if they are so childish. The Republicans do not want the Government shut down and do not want ObamaCare. It could be that there are a few Democrats that will admit that ObamaCare is a disaster and that this is a way to help the American people. Is it possible that the Democrats would want to help the American People even more than help the Democratic Party or continue to pledge allegiance to Mr. Obama?

Republican Congress and Senate Leaders Ignored Voters!

Republican Congress and Senate Leaders Ignored Voters!

GOP Congress and Senate Ignored GOP Voters
Did Boehner Ignore GOP Voters?

Did we really have a Mid-Term Election on November 4th, 2014?

Did the American People vote in an incredible number of new Republican Congressmen and Senators? Did the American People give both the Congress and the Senate an enormous majority?

Freedom-loving Americans across the nation asked Republican leaders in the House to defund the President’s unlawful amnesty, but it appears that they didn’t listen. Voters also demanded that Congress defund Obamacare as quickly as possible.

Most logical thinking Americans believed that John Boehner would propose a Continuing Resolution that would fund all of the critical elements of government for 90 days or so…to allow the newly elected Republican Congressional and Senatorial MAJORITIES to enact a real budget during 2015. SURPRISE!!! Instead we got a Bill that approves an exorbitant amount of expenditures with hog trough pork that funds the government to next September…with the option of limiting funding for HHS until the end of February, 2015.

These nine leaders below voted for a 1,603-page omnibus spending bill that forces American taxpayers to pay for the amnesty.

They didn’t even allow a vote to defund the president’s unlawful action! Debate was not allowed? Why?

  1. John Boehner (R-OH), Speaker of the House
  2. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Majority Leader
  3. Steve Scalise (R-LA), Majority Whip
  4. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), Chief Deputy Whip
  5. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), Conference Chairwoman
  6. Greg Walden (R-OR), NRCC Chairman
  7. Luke Messer (R-IN), Policy Committee Chairman
  8. Hal Rogers (R-KY), Appropriations Committee Chairman
  9. Pete Sessions (R-TX), Rules Committee Chairman

    GOP Ignored American Voters
    Americans Elected GOP Majority in House and Senate
According to what we know now, these leaders betrayed their campaign promises as well as their oaths to support and defend the Constitution. The jury is not in finally as the Republican Congress and Senators will be sworn in in January, 2015. What we do know is the leaders above gave us every appearance that our votes on November 4th were disregarded. I will give them a reasonable chance to redeem themselves when they are sworn into office. Surely we don’t have another Pelosi/Reid alliance to deal with to get any effective legislation passed!
All I can say is that what was done in December raises major questions as to whether our elected Republican Party Leaders will represent the American People as we expected. What do you think so far? Are you concerned with what you saw in December by our leaders?
Fortunately we had at least two Senators that wanted to represent the American People to the fullest. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee stood strong and proud for the people that elected them. Even so, their peers and the media elected to punish them for their efforts to change the status quo in Washington. The media painted them as less than the heroes that they were. When will Americans stop letting the media think for them?  I applaud their efforts and consider them heroes for the American Electorate. To let you know how they represented you I am including videos below describing their efforts and how they were criticized for trying to represent your interests very strongly. There were big media efforts to say that they gave Harry Reid the opportunity to get Obama’s undesirable nominees vetted during this process…and all of the media fell in line like dopes…Reid would have not gone home without getting these nominations approved…the Republican Senators did not have enough votes to stop any of them.
Conservative 50 Plus Alliance

Limbaugh: Boehner Has Squandered GOP Midterm Win With Spending Bill [AUDIO]NEWSEDITOR DECEMBER 15, 2014


Conservative 50 Plus Alliance