Could America Wake Up As A Banana Republic?

Scary isn’t it? Do we want to wake up as a country to see this?

Could the U.S.A. Become A Banana Republic
Could the U.S.A. Become A Banana Republic

Hello to all Americans especially our Congressmen, Congresswomen, Senators and Supreme Court Justices! And to the media as well!

Could America Wake Up As A Banana Republic?

Millions of us believe that the very existence of the United States of America as a Republic is at risk. We are vitally interested in knowing what each of you In Washington are going to do about it. All of us cannot afford to be inside the Beltway…however we can message you in many ways…and hopefully you pay attention to us when we try to talk with you! We really believe that you have been elected to represent us…that we do not work for you…and that we deserve your attention at all times.

When we can’t understand your inside the Beltway power struggles we want to hear clearly about what is going on as quickly as possible. How about being so transparent with all of those that want to can get under the same Tent?

It is obvious those on the Right have the same goals and principles…we need to find a way to get there in unity without destroying each other verbally. We must have many factions within this Party to survive. We just happen to believe that history has shown that the more conservative members of this Party are the driving force, the energy, the emotions, the passion, the vigor, the vision, the commitment, and are the real American Patriots to drive and lead this overall mission.

If you know another faction that has more qualifications to lead the Republican Party, then we ask you to let us know who and where they are immediately. The real conservatives and independents of this Party have little respect if any for those labeled as “Republicans In Name Only” or “RINO’s”. These RINO members need to decide what they are for and commit to some purpose other than destroying the Republican Party members with criticisms and allegations. There is very litttle favor for you in this Party if your mission is to build your own credibility while destroying the credibility of others and the Party.

The Progressives on the Left celebrate whenever there is any news of differing ideas and opinions within the Republican Party. The truth is that we have a terrific party of diversity…many opinions…races…religions…political beliefs…preferences…and not just an empty minded ideological “attack and destroy the opposition at all costs” approach. For the thinking person the Republican Party offers so many opportunities for intelligent expression, representation and achievement that is in the best interests of people and the country. To me this is totally unlike the party on the left or the Democratic Party where it seems that only the Party Bosses benefit and the rest of the people continue to get shafted year after year… for more than 70 years now. Where is the recognition of reality?

As a concerned citizen I question if there are any actions that the Legislative and Judicial Branches of the U.S. Government can take now to limit the overreach of a President who disregards the Constitution and acts if he has total authority to do whatever he wants for whatever purposes he decides are in the best interests of the country. He has stacked the Attorney General’s office with his own and is attempting to do the same with important federal courts.

Is there any member of our government in the CONGRESS, the SENATE, and the SUPREME COURT that can take any effective actions to stop this incessant bombardment of the American People with unconstitutional actions and waste of the taxpayers money? It is obvious that many of you in Washington are just as upset as we are with much of this…is there any reason why Americans must tolerate the injustices being dictated by this Administration?

As a country are we powerless to say to the Executive Branch of the Government…you are harming this country more than you are helping and we cannot tolerate three more  years of this socialist style overreach that harms and puts so many people at risks at all times. We not only have the internal American societal issues to deal with, we must face our international relationships, and this requires effective leadership that is consistent with the history, power, traditions and Constitution of this country.  We sincerely need to take actions to protect our country from becoming another Banana Republic!


FORBES       Capital Flows, Contributor

Obama’s Disdain For The Constitution Means We Risk Losing Our Republic

OP/ED   11/19/2013 @ 8:00AM

By M. Northrop Buechner

Since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, he has changed it five times. Most notably, he suspended the employer mandate last summer. This is widely known, but almost no one seems to have grasped its significance.

The Constitution authorizes the President to propose and veto legislation. It does not authorize him to change existing laws. The changes Mr. Obama ordered in Obamacare, therefore, are unconstitutional. This means that he does not accept some of the limitations that the Constitution places on his actions. We cannot know at this point what limitations, if any, he does accept.

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HHS extends several Obamacare deadlines

Sebelius says changes prompted by technical problems

10:57 AM – December 13, 2013

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Thursday announced efforts to extend certain Affordable Care Act (ACA) deadlines, which are intended to ease the transition to coverage in the law’s new insurance marketplaces in 2014.

Sebelius said that changes were prompted by the various technical issues that plagued the online marketplaces—particularly the federal health insurance exchange—when they launched in October, which hampered consumers’ efforts to enroll in health plans.

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Will Obama Face Trial For Not ‘Faithfully Executing’ Laws?

13 December, 2013 / by Website Editor / in Nobama, Obamacare

A House of Representatives resolution is being sponsored that could lead to President Barack Obama being tried in court for not faithfully executing laws. The resolution is being backed by 30 Republican congressman and led by South Carolina Congressman Tom Rice. Rep. Rice is demanding civil action be taken against Obama, which could potentially lead to impeachment if the case goes to trial and he is convicted.

“President Obama has adopted a practice of picking and choosing which laws he wants to enforce. In most cases, his laws of choice conveniently coincide with his Administration’s political agenda,” said Rice in a statement. President Obama has chosen to ignore some of the laws written by Congress and implemented by preceding Presidents. This resolution allows the House of Representatives to bring legal action against the Executive Branch and challenge recent actions, inactions, and policies.”

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Could the U.S. become a Banana Rapublic
Banana Republic In Your Future?

Grass Roots Efforts Will Take Back Our Country!

U.S. Constitution
We The People

As I have watched and listened to Mark Levin and Sean Hannity both on Sunday and Monday evenings, I am more encouraged than ever that we can save the U.S.A. and that…

Grass Roots Efforts Will Take Back Our Country!

Mark Levin’s latest book…”The Liberty Amendment – Restoring The American Republic” has now been #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller List for the last two weeks and deservingly so. If you have not heard of Mark Levin, one of Ronald Reagan’s Chief Staff Members, or heard him speak, or bought  his new book, I  highly recommend that you accomplish all  three as soon as you can. Especially if you love this country! The reason that I began this blog is to rally my fellow citizens and jointly find a way to save our country.

Restoring The American Public
The Liberty Amendments
Mark Levin – Order Below

I am delighted to learn that my most admired expert and leader on this subject has just finished an outstanding  book that describes how  we can do this…within the framework of the Constitution…and in the face of career politicians who Mark describes as “French Republicans”. More specifically, mealy-mouth compromisers who are leading this country to ruin.  Mark believes that you and I as citizens…the more the  better…who will  become active in our States, and elect State Representatives who truly will stand up for us, and from this the  States can propose Constitutional Amendments that stop and avoid the kind of authoritarian leadership that we have today. Mark cites the  error of our current  ways where a President, or one Supreme Court Lawyer, or the Senate or the House…can make a decision that destroys our  country…and I use the Obama Care Bill as as example.

Mark’s studies of the Constitution and his book bring us the political solutions that we so badly need. These solutions support the philosophy of conservatism, Tea Party groups, and similar grass roots organizations who can act to overcome the  current direction of  a population  enamoured with redistribution of wealth to the extent that a large number  do  not want to  go  back  to work! We face a crises now where  so many people are living off government  social programs…and the Liberals love this and grow their voter population by buying  votes with your and my tax money. This is more than a Presidential desire to totally transform our country…he is doing this at the will and cooperation of many who stand  to benefit and who worked for a 100 years to accomplish what is happening now. Unfortunately this direction will destroy our country and as Mark says, we need to be taking  actions now and to be ready to take control  of  our  country within the framework of the  Constitution! I look forward to joining with you to save our  country!

Here is a video of Sean Hannity’s Sunday Night Show interviewing Mark Levin…with an excellent audience….

Mark Levin “The Liberty Amendements” – (COMPLETE) Sean Hannity Special – Fox News – 8-16-13 Steve Laboe

You can order your copy of Mark Levin’s Book from Amazon below…