Let’s Restore American Values!

Values and Principles

After too many years it is very encouraging to begin to hear meaningful dialogue from responsible Conservative media leaders… to identify and describe the near 60-year long destruction of “values” and “principles” in America. It seems high time that we demand of all of our leaders including sports, politicians, all media, all religions, with no exceptions…wherever and whoever…to begin speaking out and ask this country’s citizens immediately to take action and …

Let’s Restore American Values

I enthusiastically applaud Bill O’Reilly and Fox News recent leadership on this subject as he has taken on the liberal media, the profiteering race-baiters, the rap-pop culture industry, the sports industry, the Congress and Senate, the White House and Liberal Administration and others for the current sad state of the family unit and values in America.

Clearly, the dissolution of the family unit has been caused in large part by excessive federal social programs. As an over-reaction to fierce Civil Rights pressures and guilty consciences of Americans, these legislative efforts to put money in the pockets of minorities have only worked to drive the fathers out of the family unit as it became more lucrative for them to leave than to stay with their family and live up to their responsibilities. As a result, millions of children grew up and are still growing up in one parent families, most often without a father figure to provide the guidance and leadership that young people need so critically.  To replace these important father influences the rap and pop culture industry provides the places where the kids look up to and try to emulate. If you have heard the products of this industry it is no wonder that we are having useless murders daily by kids who are bored…the kids have no idea of where they are going and what to do with their lives.

It is a very discouraging state of affairs when our President and Attorney General only seem to speak out in public on racial issues when it can advance their political agenda. And a Secretary of State while testifying to the Senate says on Benghazi…”What difference does it make?”…and this person is mounting a campaign to run for President of the United States???  And then we have several politicians like Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Bob Filner, and Mark Sanford who have shown the public that they have not acted with respectable values, however keep running for office regardless of what they have done….does our voting society have no minimum bar for acceptable behavior? Do the responsible voters just throw up their hands and stay at home? 3 million just did.

The liberal media conveniently only report those events that benefit and operate to the advantage of the President and to his party. The total bias is so apparent to any fair minded thinking person that it is obvious that this behavior will not be condoned forever in this country. We have seen the newspaper industry become extinct partially due to their biased political drive-by liberal media reporting.  Of course technology has had a major impact, however their failure to recognize that competition and capitalism will win out, was a serious mistake for the news media. I foresee that if the liberal television networks continue their suppression of the real news, without offering true professional journalism, that they too will see their roles diminish. I predict that within 5-10 years that the public will demand more than pablum quality entertainment that we once enjoyed. I for one invest as little time as possible on these networks other than to see if the real stories and real reporting may have returned. How about you? The re-establishment of principled values is obviously key to the restoration of our society and to our country.


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Let’s Take Back Our Country!

Let Freedom Ring7th MRA

How can you and I work together to take back our country to it’s past proud heritage and respected greatness?

My idea is  that we each inform and educate every possible voter that we can for the coming elections in 2014 and 2016 to take this country back from the politicians. I am confident that a blogging platform like this can reach many more people than I personally could flag down on the streets or highways, make telephone calls to or write emails and letters.

My strong political beliefs as a Conservative and my love for America are why I ask you to join me in this effort to elect the type of responsible political candidates that we need… to absolutely control the House and have a strong majority in the Senate in 2014. We have a core of good legislators however there are far too many special interests attempting to compromise their princlples and beliefs and these beltway and other megamoney  influences cause laws to be created that are not good for the country.

Some of you will say…I can’t do anything about it…. and I say to you as an example… 3 million of us did not vote last election…and we got outsmarted and outworked for whatever the reasons. Are you willing to let this happen again or are you willing to do whatever you can to regain our country?

My opinion is that we need to fire any legislators who have exempted themselves from ObamaCare until they can so for every deserving citizen. This is shameful to pass a Bill and then ask that you be exempt because it gives you disadvantages from what you had before. Remember, it is also doing the damage to most Americans (except for those who get exemptions), and is destroying our medical and hospital industry . If I were a Congressman or Senator that supported this exemption waiver I would be ashamed.

It is the continuing saga of when legislators find that they can pass laws to make themselves more wealthy they will do so. It is called “greed”. The leader of the House should also be ashamed for the comment…”you need to pass this Bill to find out what is in it”.

It is like the politicians are all part of a ruling class, taking from the citizens, and considering themselves exempt from the rules that they pass for others. Redistribution of wealth is the favorite money game of the president…take money from those who work and give to those who don’t. What a sad day!

It seems to me that our country is essentially in a position now of “the inmates are running the asylum” as those who seem to have the least respect for our country and our fellow man do something every day to diminish our rights and status as citizens. After 5 years of leadership by someone who has never had a real job other than community organizer, it seems to me that there should be some legal and honorable ways to protect ourselves and our country from such a “transformation of America”.

I am interested in your ideas and opinions as to what each of us can do to right this ship and get it on the great course it was once on. Will you share your ideas and support with me in guest hosting blog posts? and “Leave A Reply” below? Obviously I will be sharing my ideas as we move forward!


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