Dem Money Players Blocking Good Jobs Including Keystone XL Pipeline

Why would a president and a political party block good jobs and a growing healthy economy?  You would think that if they really were for the American People they would be supporting as many good jobs as possible and a healthy, growing economy. This situation defies logic and is baffling…as are many of this leaders policies!

Is this administration for us or against us?

With a real unemployment rate of 12.6% while using misleading numbers of 6.2% the Federal Government BLS has changed the ways of reporting to make this Administration’s job numbers look much better than they are.

Dem Money Players Blocking Good Jobs Including Keystone XL  Pipeline

In a nutshell, our political leaders are standing in the way of good jobs and a thriving growing economy. You would never know it from their campaign promises like those they are making to you right now to get your vote…but the real truth is that Mr. Obama and his liberal Democratic Party politicians…along with mainstream media support… tell you one set of facts yet do all kinds of things to stop employment and this country’s economic growth.

It has not been necessary for nearly 100 million people to be out of work, underemployed or working two or more jobs during the last six years! This has been the result of the decisions and policies of your Presidential leadership and his Administration. Did the mainstream media tell you about these facts and go to bat for you to get them changed? If they did, let me know. I would like write about it.

Let me just list a few of the key ways of blocking your jobs and this economy that Mr. Obama has used…

I enjoy doing a search on the U.S. Oilfield job openings. There is an abundance of oilfield  jobs around the world…if you are willing to work in the energy industry.  And $100,000 annual earnings are not uncommon.

Many U.S. States have many thousands of oilfield openings and if this Administration would approve the Keystone Pipeline there would be many more thousands of jobs across the mid-states of America.

Tell me, why does a Democratic President and Democratic Political Party want to keep you and millions of our citizens unemployed? It is because they have citizens living hand to mouth on welfare and living on the government handouts so that the Democrats can be assured of your votes! Democrats want to control the lives of as many Americans as possible through social programs and the IRS. Obamacare was corruptly driven through the House and the Senate for the purposes of controlling 1/6th of the economy and so that the Government and IRS can control you in every way possible.

Please explain this to me if there are any other reasons.


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For those who are interested in becoming employed with good paying jobs or to start your own businesses, we need to have a political environment that encourages capitalism, supports the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. We do not have that environment now.


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