Judge Jeanine Pirro Reveals Benghazi Truths!

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Judge Jeanine Pirro Reveals Benghazi Truths!

The truth is beginning to come out from our Congressional Hearings about Benghazi.  The truths are appalling!  This is a must see and hear for all Americans! Please send this to all of your contacts for them to see!

Judge Jeanine Pirro attended Congressional Hearings recently and has chosen to speak publicly about her assessment of the testimony. Judge Pirro is a highly creditable, experienced former Judge with the highest ethical standards for truth. She is very skilled at  listening to testimony and interpreting truth from lies. We are very fortunate to have a qualified judge of her statue to attend these hearings and share her assessment. She is to be highly commended for speaking out as you will see in the video below.  Judge Pirro hosts an hour long program each Saturday night on Fox News…right when many are enjoying their weekly entertainment and many would not have the opportunity to see and hear her show. I find it absolutely essential to see her show as she brings us truth and information that we get from no other sources…I sincerely ask that you share this post with all your friends as this is vital information!

The cartoon below shows why the mainstream media deserves total viewer disgust, strong criticism and boycotting of their biased reporting as they continue to refuse to report on this horrific attack and story.

Americans want to know the truths about Benghazi. This message should be distributed to every interested citizen in the United States!



Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Opening Statement on Fox News Channel


Chip Bok’s Bokblusters


November 2, 2012


Update: I incorrectly identified Cindy Sheehan’s son, Casey, as a Marine in the original version of this cartoon. Sorry for the error.

As I  watched Meet the Press Sunday morning, Carly Fiorina was answering a question about the election and tried to drag in a point about the Benghazi attack. David Gregory pulled her up short, saying he’d get to that later. Except that he never did. Neither did any of the other Sunday shows.

I got the idea for this cartoon from this IBD editorial, noting the lack of a Benghazi media feeding frenzy. Here’s a column by David Ignatius about weak  Benghazi coverage. And here’s a CBS report by Sharyl Attkisson that proves the exception to the idea Fox has a monopoly on the story.

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Dan Adams Dan Adams


If I Were the Devil – by PAUL HARVEY 1965

“If I Were the Devil” – by PAUL HARVEY 1965

“The Rest of the Story”

Do you remember the famous ABC radio commentator Paul Harvey?  I do! Paul Harvey spoke to millions of Americans on the radio at noontime each weekday…this gentleman was such a treasure of wisdom, knowledge and pragmatism for the citizens of America…and elsewhere where technology permitted…

If I Were The Devil
The Rest Of The Story


It was 51 years ago, April 3, 1965.  An amazing prediction. Do you remember the famous ABC radio commentator Paul Harvey?
His comments were titled, “The Rest of the Story.”  Millions of Americans, Canadians and others listened to his programs which were broadcast over 1,200 radio stations worldwide.

When you listen to this, remember this commentary was broadcast 51 years ago.

It’s short…less than three minutes. You will be amazed…

If I Were The Devil – Paul Harvey


(and another version and link…)   If I Were The Devil!

After listening to the above, ask yourself this question: “Are we there now?”

 “Yeah, we’re there now.”


To enjoy more of Paul Harvey’s “Rest of the Story” lunchtime news …just go to www.youtube.com and search for Paul Harvey or go to www.vimeo and search for Paul Harvey.
One of my favorites is found at


Will The Media Ever Honestly Report The Truths of This Administration?

Eric Holder to Rep. Louis Gohmert – “You don’t want to go there, buddy!”

Charlie Spiering

Last week on C-Span you could view many crucial disturbing events occurring in America for months and years!

Will The Media Ever Honestly Report The Truths of This Administration?


First the Congressional Vote on the 2015 United States Budget. The Democrats were laughable in trying to support a $9 Trillion increase in spending with more taxes!!! We are so fortunate that they do not control the House now because they would surely pass their Bill if they did.

Then you could also view some of the special Congressional hearings on the subject of citing Lois Lerner, the former IRS tax official who has pleaded the 5th Amendment in her testimony before a Congressional Committee.

Also last week, the minority leader of this Committee, Elijah Cummings, has now been linked by email to inappropriate requests to the IRS for specific information on those requesting 501c (4) status for Conservative organizations. No wonder he has such reason to want to cease these Hearings and condemn the Chairman. And yesterday as Congressman Cummings appeared on a major network newscast, he was not even asked about this linkage to inappropriate requests. Is this in the Public’s best interest to disregard the news?

Earlier last week you could have watched the Attorney General Eric Holder tell a Congressman “you don’t want to go there buddy!” when he cited Mr. Holder’s failure to provide timely and accurate information on the “Fast and Furious” scandal as requested by Congress.  And the list of delayed and insufficient responses by Mr. Holder to the Congressional Hearing Staff goes on and on to other scandals including Benghazi, NSA privacy intrusions , and the IRS attempts to block Conservative groups from obtaining 501 (c)(4) authorizations.

This follows President Barack Obama telling the  American People repeatedly for years while selling Obamacare…if you want to keep your health insurance policy you can keep it…if you want to keep your doctors…you can keep them…if you want to keep your hospitals you can keep them. None of this was ever true. He knew the truth when he said it repeatedly. And just recently on a Super Bowl Day interview the President said in an interview to Bill O’Reilly…”there is not a smidgen of corruption” present in the IRS assertions. This statement has been now totally dis-proven by the Congressional Investigation Committee.

During the week the Committee on the Congressional IRS Hearings voted to cite Lois Lerner for Contempt of Congress. This follows a vote yesterday to request that the Attorney General investigate Lois Lerner’s activities while in her IRS position. If he follows past patterns he will do nothing helpful in response to this request by Congress. All of these actions come after many months of fact gathering, interviews and deliberate interviewing by members of both parties of Congress.

Then we heard Mike Morell, Acting Director of the CIA during Benghazi, give very disturbing testimony to the Congressional Investigation Committee on Benghazi.  To me, his testimony was full of contradictions and irresponsible self-determined political support for the Obama Administration. I was very pleased to listen to and watch Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Saturday night “Justice” Show in Fox News, when she cited what he gave as preparing extremely “partisan” talking points which the White House then elected to untruthfully modify to blame a “video”. The YouTube video of Judge Jeanine’s outstanding and moving analysis is posted below! She calls it like it really is and was!  What an excellent Attorney General candidate in my opinion.

And then there are the truth videos about “fracking”…to dispel the lies of the liberals about this very important energy yielding process. See this video below as well. Mr. President, quit dragging your feet and approve the Keystone Pipeline to benefit American People, the Economy, and take the high gas price prices off the backs of the American People. Your inexplicable delays are highly destructive and costly to millions of people

Responsible, informed, intelligent, non-idealog American Citizens, regardless of political affiliation expect their elected government officials to fulfill the duties of their offices to uphold the Constitution and to aid the United States and it’s Citizens. No conscious person who cares for this country would knowingly vote for candidates who want to “radically transform this nation” and destroy it in the process.

For a presidential candidate who reportedly invested several millions of dollars to keep secret his personal records from all of the world, while allowing the IRS to interfere with the First Amendment Rights of people with differing political views,  appears to be Prima facie evidence of the candidate’s intention to grossly mislead the American People.

And as all of these crucial events proceed, the mainstream media news outlets, expected by the public and the FTC to report fairly, honestly and accurately relevant news, gives very little time and attention to informing the public about any of these topics. This opinion is provided from analysis performed by the Media Research Center. It is as if the mainstream media is supportive of any action by this Administration, regardless of the impact on American Society. Will The Media Ever Honestly Report The Truths of This Administration?

Enough conscious, aware and intelligent American People will soon vote this Administration into oblivion while electing honest, trustworthy and truly responsible people to represent this Great Country! What say you my friend?  Are you ready for the real American People and Leaders to stand up?



Benghazi: Judge Pirro calls former CIA Chief Morell a Political Whore

WesternFreePress WesternFreePress·

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FrackNation Movie Clips – The Truth About Fracking


Published on Feb 16, 2013

These clips are from the new movie FrackNation. Unlike the movie Gasland, Fracknation tells the truth about fracking. The Fracknation movie exposes the lies the Gasland movie told, the lies that destroyed so many Farmers lives.

Josh Fox along with the Hollywood elites and Big Government are doing everything they can to stop fracking. Why? # 1 they hate big oil # 2 they think they know best when it comes to the energy needs of Americans. # 3 There is a lot of Taxpayers money to be made by forcibly implementing their going green/green energy agenda.

Please find a way to watch the entire FrackNation movie, its currently on AXStv. Listen to the Farmers and their stories and remember. THE TRUTH DOES MATTER!


Blatant Partisan Bias From The Leadership and Press

Blatant Partisan Bias
Herding To The Left


The President returns from a lengthy vacation in Hawaii costing U.S. taxpayers more than $4 million and he opens his year with a biased speech on “income inequality”. Does this topic seem a bit ironic to you? Or is it do as I say do…not as I do??? I wish we had a Harry Truman in the White House…he donated his $25,000 presidential salary to charity and drove back and forth home to Missouri as I recall.

Blatant Partisan Bias From The Leadership and Press

And I should add that he gave Michelle a very expensive Birthday Gift using taxpayer money…of an extended stay in Hawaii. Mr. Obama, in the interests of income inequality, and giving some modicum of respect to the 525,000+ Americans who gave up trying to find a job in December, why not use your own personal money to pay for birthday gifts for your spouse? This vacation extension will in all likelihood cost us more than a million dollars including the security staff needs.

Where is the equality, justice and humane caring in your rhetoric, decisions, policies and your actions? It seems that you are diametrically opposed to the proven successful logic and reason of a capitalistic society! Socialism is folly for America…we know better!

Such a farce and misleading agenda that you present to conscious Americans.

Mr. President, do you believe that all Americans are without common sense or do you just play to those without enough common sense or reasoning capacity to get them to vote for you? Surely even the most incompetent and total idealogs will get your messages sooner or later. Finding ways to hide and bend the truth causing delay of  knowledge to the public should be considered by the courts as criminal offenses.  You show everyone everyday how cold-hearted and uncaring you are by insisting upon taking away their health insurance policies and doctors that they really liked…when you once told them they could keep them. And you  seem oblivious to the consequences???

And this year through insurance companies you and Kathleen Sebelius plan to spend more than $500 million on advertising campaigns to promote Obamacare which the majority of Americans do not want. If the program was that good you would not have to advertise it. This is madness! Stop wasting our money Mr. President!

And this week the liberal media shows their true colors again by giving more than 17 times more attention in 48 hours to the New Jersey Bridgegate than they have given in six months to Benghazi deaths of four brave citizens, the IRS Scandal, the Fast and Furious coverup and killings, the NSA coverup, the AP coverup, and more. The progressive liberal media finds delight in promoting an Obama agenda supporting their Democratic Party preferences while refusing to tell and investigate the truth about much more serious issues than a bridge closing for four hours.

The mainstream media’s refusal and blatant bias by intentionally and intellectually refusing to give fair coverage is a huge thumb in the eye to all American Citizens. I for one avoid watching and reading any of your coverages other than to gauge your degree of unfairness and inequality. The public press has a professional obligation to report the truth accurately and timely, and when they do not perform the public will render their verdict. It is my opinion that your media outlets should be boycotted…and over time I believe that you will reap what you have sowed. Remember the once popularity of newspapers?

It is much past time for bias and partisan politics to be put aside by the Democratic Progressive Party and consider for a moment what is in the best interests of the American People!



Media Gives “Bridgegate” 17x More Coverage in 1 Day than Obama’s IRS Targeting in 6 Months

January 10, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield

We have the best government that the government-academia-media complex can prop up with propaganda.

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10 problems with Obama’s income inequality speech

BY JENNIFER RUBIN December 5, 2013 at 10:00 am

The president who was going to keep the focus on Obamacare yesterday digressed to give a base-pleasing, shopworn liberal ode to fighting income inequality. Don’t worry if you missed it. There was nothing new. Raise minimum wage! Extend unemployment benefits! More government spending! My goodness — it’s as if he has slept through the last 40 years of public policy research and economic experience.

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What Can You Do To Change The Direction of This Country? Read the following two articles…



Thirty-Five States Called into Action

Anne Reiner      January 7, 2014

Listen up, freedom fighters!  It’s 2014, it’s January, and your state representatives are getting to work.  Now is when the rubber hits the road!

Thirty-five state legislatures will be in session this month.  In the upcoming weeks, your state may decide to support or reject the COS application.  So we need your help.  This is your time to shine, because letters and phone calls to your state representatives have never been so important.

If you live in these states we need your participation immediately:

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FairTax (H.R. 25) Gains 73rd Co-Sponsor

By: Rep. Rob Woodall      Friday, October 18, 2013


Congressman Rob Woodall’s FairTax legislation recently acquired its 73rd co-sponsor, giving H.R. 25 (The FairTax) the most support the bill has had since its original introduction by John Linder in 1999.  This is a significant step for the legislation that has been receiving consistent growth in support on Capitol Hill for years.  Driven by a passionate grassroots movement, the FairTax would overhaul the federal tax code by replacing all existing income and payroll taxes with a one-time consumption tax on new goods and services at the point of purchase. Supporters favor the simplicity, transparency and voluntary nature of the approach stating it eliminates the complex, hidden and punitive qualities of the current structure.

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Cruz: The President Is Not Above The Law

President should not be above the law

The President’s leadership decisions and style are causing millions of Americans to be more deeply concerned every day.  The results of his unpopular decisions and actions are reverberating throughout America at an alarming exponential rate. As one of Mr. Obama’s favorite Christian leaders… Jeremiah Wright once said… “America’s Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost”.

Cruz: The President Is Not Above The Law

And in the past we relied upon the mainstream news media to keep us informed. No longer can we look to the once popular news outlets to report the truth in a timely fashion. They are much more concerned about protecting Mr. Obama’s reputation and the left-wing socialist progressive agenda. The “good news” is that the alternative media made up of radio talk shows, fair and balanced tv new outlets, blogs, websites and thousands of responsible internet media outlets are bringing truth very quickly to the American People! It is amazing the number of sites on the internet that are providing non-biased, accurate news in a professional and timely fashion.

Most every day brings us news of more unconstitutional activities that are detrimental to America and it’s society including…

  • Presidential overreach
  • Selecting which laws he chooses to support
  • The results of his decisions in military matters
  • Ineffective and risky foreign policies for political purposes
  • Failure to be open and transparent on key issues
  • Fast and Furious Deaths and gun running
  • Benghazi Deaths and lack of actions to send attack forces
  • The IRS political vendettas
  • NSA unconstitutional mass data collection
  • The AP illiegal assaults on the news media
  • Choosing to solve the wrong problems so as to gain political favor with targeted voters
  • Failure to effectively address our employment issues
  • Failure to develop an effective energy policy including approval of the Keystone Pipeline
  • Destroying key parts of our productive society including coal mining
  • Developing thousands of laws to adversely affect businesses
  • Obamacare to take apart our healthcare system and waste millions of dollars which Americans do not want!
  • Bringing about cancellation of millions of American’s health care insurance policies and vital relationships with their doctors so as to achieve a political goal for his political party and especially himself

And the list goes on! Today the following issues are at the top of my lists….



Ted Cruz on Supreme Court taking up presidential overreach – The Latest News

The Latest News

Ted Cruz on Supreme Court taking up presidential overreach – The Latest News

Added by Bill Bissell, Admin II on January 13, 2014 at 10:30am

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Mark Levin Replay

Another of Obama’s unconstitutional power grabs

4:22PM Sunday       January 12, 2014
Oral argument tomorrow in NLRB recess appointment case before the Supreme Court challenging another of Obama’s unconstitutional power grabs. Here’s Landmark Legal Foundation’s filing in the case. Landmark’s arguments in the DC Circuit Court were adopted by that court.
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Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

Issa Statement on Passage of Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act

January 10, 2014

WASHINGTON – Today, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., voted to pass H.R. 3811, the Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act of 2014, which will require the Administration to notify consumers when their personal information has been compromised on HealthCare.gov.

Issa On Healthcare.gov
Darryl Issa On The Security of the Healthcare.gov site

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Why Do Liberals Not Want Americans To Know The Truth?

Why Don't Liberals Want You To Know The Truth?
The Truth Will Set You Free!

The Liberals and the Obama Administration obviously do not want Americans to know the truths about many important events occurring since this President has been in office!  After pledging to be the most transparent ever, they have proven to be the most secretive and misleading Administration ever. To me,  most of their rhetoric is intended to be divisive and politically motivated to herd their voting base.

Why Do Liberals Not Want Americans To Know The Truth?


If you watch the mainstream media TV channels you will never know the truths because the media have decided to protect the Obama Administration while ignoring their integrity and the information needs of America and it’s citizens.  America deserves to receive honest, in-depth, timely news reporting about our government.  The mainstream media refuses to provide such coverage in terms of timeliness, quality and quantity.  Such a shame that so many Americans are being robbed of the real insightful news from responsible professional news reporters. It is available…you just need to be willing to watch and listen to it from the right sources.

When you see people commenting on blog posts and social media with views which are totally uninformed, you can bet they are watching the mainstream liberal news media and reading their newspapers.  America does not have a lot of stupid people…we just have a lot of people who are misinformed because they kneel down to the altar of liberal politics.This is how the Administration is attempting to control and lead their idealog base.

Here are some of the latest examples of the liberal leadership using false messages to fool Americans…the dialogue is preposterous!

Nancy Pelosi this week..”we have had enough hearings on Benghazi…everything has been said and there is no-one left to testify…” LOL.  Nancy, this response is as ludicrous as your comment for pre-Obamacare Bill signing…”we will have to pass the Bill to find out what is in it”.  You are the master of obtuse obfuscation which I suggest that even you do not understand.

And then she says…”this is a political ploy by the Republicans”…as if everything her party does is not a political ploy! The reason that a Special Committee must be formed is because upon questioning this Administration refuses to provide verbal and written proof of the actions that they have taken. Do they have something to hide? They provide one set of documents to Congress, strongly redacted and another set of the same documents,  with much less redaction when required to do so by the Federal Courts. And then the smoking gun surfaced this week as Judicial Watch received documents under court order that had never been supplied to Congress. And the immature comment from a White House Staff…”dude…I don’t remember…that was two years ago”! Is that what you wanted Secretary Clinton and President Obama?

And the new IRS Administrator recently says to Congress about the IRS scandals….it will take years to get the information to you that you have requested. Why?

Harry Reid this week, telling the lame stream media that they should be tougher on the Republicans…while we learn that only 8% or so of the drive-by media are conservative. And then Harry Reid uses his masterful deceit, punitive, and unbelievable backroom attack statements to portray the Koch brothers as demons. If you want to know the real truth  about contributors do some fact checking on all leading contributors. I recommend that you read the following…

Heavy Hitters: Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2014

You have to get to the 17th contributor on the list to find a substantial Republican contributor. Look at all of the labor unions, teachers unions, government unions and partisan organizations and the like. When you can give voters special favors such as bonuses, guaranteed jobs, and higher wages, waivers for Obamacare and the like you have a built in voting block that assures the Liberal Administration of receiving substantial votes just in return for the favors they give. And liberal activist Tom Steyer has put up $100 million to focus on stopping the Keystone Pipeline  while profiting from subsidized green energy projects. Harry Reid has allowed the Republican Senators to only bring up eight (8) Bills for discussion in two years. He has virtually stopped all legislation for this country that is worthwhile.

And from the  President we hear mostly about minimum wages and redistribution of wealth and equality of earning.  The President has given up on providing good jobs for Americans and to get  his base excited he uses these political drumbeat issues to create malcontent among the liberal voting block. This week the CBO advised that implementing the minimum wage of $10 per hour plus would put 500,000 more Americans out of work and put thousands of American small businesses out of existence. Does this President even have a clue about running a business? I have concluded that his primary knowledge about business is how to spend money. Not a Senator or Congressman would second his recent budget.

There is a lot of water to go over the dam between now and voting days in November 2014. I very much look forward to casting my vote soon for Congress Representatives and Senators that I can believe and trust…and whom I know will do everything possible to restore this country to sanity! How about you?


Fox News (Insider)

Judge Jeanine: Did Hillary Clinton Make Up Benghazi Video Narrative?

Read more:

And the summary for this story found on YouTube…

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – Benghazi Scandal – Democrats Something To Hide?

Mass Tea Party

Where is the TRUTH on Benghazi, IRS, Fast & Furious

Where is the truth
Benghazi Attack- Consulate

Where is the TRUTH on Benghazi, IRS Scandal, Fast & Furious

In October Congressman Trey Gowdy held a Press Conference addressing the mainstream media and directly asked extremely important and relavent questions about Benghazi. American Citizens are asking these same questions of  their Congressmen and Senators.

To this date, January 23, 2014, I have not seen specific media response to Congressman Gowdy’s questions. Apparently the main stream media chooses to show no respect for our Congress or for American Citizens deserving of truthful answers. The President refuses to give honest, straightforward answers to replace the misleading reference to a video that he and Secretary of State Clinton decided was the best story to provide a political cover-up for the 2012 election campaign.

Neither the President or the Secretary of State obviously wanted to face the facts nor the truth and to be honest with the American people at a critical presidential election time.  And they continue to perform this delay routine…and the media supports this irresponsibility. It appears that there is an intentional effort to provoke the American population that is not supporting Mr. Obama. Can you imagine what the scheme is that motivates these actions?

And with Mr. Obama’s approval ratings hovering around the low 40% range…this is the most important measurement criteria that the President is interested in….what are my approval ratings?

And Benghazi is just one of many critical issues that deserve straightforward answers from your President and his supporting news media.

My fellow citizens, what is our country coming to when the very news outlets that are supposed to inform us about important matters and refuses to do so? The same media is very ready to waste prescious time on a bridgegate traffic issue but no time on answering Congressman Gowdy’s questions that needed to be answered thoroughly months ago.

What is happening in our country when a President picks and chooses which laws he will enforce, and the news media decides what important truths they will decide to report and what they will not.   To me this appears to be political complicity and irresponsibility of an unprecedented magnitude. The United States is being run as a lawless country at the hands of the Liberal Democratic political leadership and the idealogical partisan media.

These lawless and irresponsible actions are evoking legitimate questions in the American Society by responsible  and Constitution respecting citizens.  It is past time that the President and the media realize that the government and a political idealogy do not own this country. On the contrary, both serve at the pleasure of American Citizens. The taxpayers are beginning to demand responsible answers and actions. What is your response Mr. President? The American People are asking for honest answers from you!



Dan Adams Dan Adams     Published on October 30, 2013

Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi


Key official in IRS tea party controversy resigns


  • BY JOSH HICKS     

Lois Lerner, a key official in the IRS’s tea party controversy, resigned Monday morning as an internal-review board was preparing to call for her removal on the basis of “neglect of duties,” according to congressional aides from the House Ways and Means Committee.

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Fast and Furious questions linger as IG continues investgation

Where Is The Truth?

By  SHARYL ATTKISSON      CBS NEWS    January 21, 2014, 2: 12 PM

The Justice Department’s Inspector General is looking into whether there was a missing third weapon at the murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, which sparked the ATF’s Fast and Furious scandal. The Justice Department has steadfastly denied the existence of a third weapon.

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Benghazi Truths Finally Coming Out!

Since four Americans were killed in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 the White House has refused to reveal the truth about that evening.

Benghazi Truths Finally Coming Out!


Questions including where was President Obama?..Where was Hilliary Clinton?…Were orders ever given by the President to our military to attempt to do all possible to save our Ambassador and the brave Americans in Benghazi?…Why did Hilliary Clinton refuse to speak on the five major TV channels on the Sunday following and send Susan Rice to tout a video as a false narrative…Why have the White House and State Department refused to release documents about the truth until forced legally to do so by a public service firm called Judicial Watch? Why have the killers of these Americans never been brought to justice even though they have been interviewed by U.S. news mediaa?

Today House Leader John Boehner finally agreed after two years of resistance to establish a Special House Investigating Committee that has powers to place participants under oath and require that they answer professional prosecutors. Finally after 19 months the truths are beginning to come out.

Most evidence to date points to the fact that President Obama wanted to win the presidential election in November 2012 and to admit that that terrorists were not on the run would diminish his chances of winning that election.


FOX News Channel
Benghazi Truths Finally Coming Out!
We Will Never Know If Their Lives Could Have Been Saved!

Retired General: ‘We’ll Never Know’ If We Could Have Saved Americans in Benghazi

More details about the Benghazi attack and the days after are coming out this morning in a House Oversight Committee hearing. The congressional hearing comes a few days after documents were released by the White House through a Freedom of Information Act request.

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FOX News Channel

Retired General: We Knew Early On Benghazi Attack Was Not a ‘Demonstration Gone Awry’

Retired Air Force Brigadier Gen. Robert Lovell, former intelligence director of AFRICOM, delivered testimony this morning before the House Oversight Committee on the Benghazi attack. The hearing comes just days after new emails surfaced, pointing to a link between top White House officials and the false narrative put forth by Susan Rice about how the attack happened.

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FOX News Channel
Benghazi Truths Finally Coming Out!
Ed Henry Questions WH Jay Carney

Ed Henry Presses Carney: ‘If WH Email Wasn’t About Benghazi, Why Was It Released?’ 

White House Press Secretary took questions from reporters on the newly released documents on Benghazi. Among the documents is a White House email in which top administration adviser Ben Rhodes outlined goals for then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s appearance on the Sunday talk shows after the Benghazi attack.

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FOX News Channel

‘Proof the American Press Is Dishonest’: O’Reilly Slams Media for Failure to Cover Benghazi Memo

Benghazi Truths Finally...
Bill O’Reilly






Bill O’Reilly said there’s no question that the White House misrepresented the Sept. 11, 2012, terror attack in Benghazi

Five days after the attack, then-Ambassador Susan Rice told the world that the attack was not pre-planned and was a spontaneous reaction to a YouTube video.

“That was not true, that was not even close to being true,” O’Reilly said.

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