Stop This Obamacare Madness! Debate Good Healthcare For Everyone On A BiPartisanship Basis!

President Obama and Mitt Romney on bipartisan leadership


A Letter To…

The President of The United States

The Congress

The Senate

For the benefit of many Americans who want to continue to believe that we enjoy living in the greatest country in the world….this is to request that you put aside your deep political ideologies and debate vigorously and intelligently the vital subject of healthcare.

In the process please place the more important priorities of this nation into perspective and take action on employment and the budget while putting a hold on Obamacare allowing time that it can be vigorously debated in a bipartisan manner.

This would require real leadership, intelligence and bipartisan cooperation. Do you think as politicians you should do this for the benefit of the American People?

If you do not, many politicians are going to face a rude awakening as frustrated and unfairly punished Americans are soon going to vote you out of your extremely powerful and wealth making jobs. You are putting Americans through much more than they deserve. It is time to put aside your partisan politics and non-negotiable edicts and legislation.

Stop This Obamacare Madness! Debate Good Healthcare For Everyone On A BiPartisanship Basis!

The majority of conscious and responsible  Americans know that we need an improved healthcare system for everyone! Unfortunately the system that the Obama Administration is trying to implement shows to everyone that we are heading in the wrong direction.

On our current course the entire country is realizing that this Obamacare aka Affordable Care Act is not the answer to our healthcare issues. It is full of fundamental flaws, runs counter to our economic philosophies that work in this country, is not affordable, is driving away doctors, hospitals, businesses, individuals and anyone in it’s path and is destroying the best healthcare system in the world.

You say no…it will get better? If that is true why are their so many sweetheart deals being carved for so many people, unions, companies and federal employees including the very people who wrote this destructive law.  Americans do not want to be told what insurance policy they should have, how much they should pay, what doctors they should have, and they do not deserve to be taxed on their health care protection. This is ludicrous! There is too much cronyism going on for Obamacare to ever be successful and good for the citizens of this country. Is it true that more than 1400 special exemptions have been granted so far…by the President?

Just as importantly, healthcare is being promoted by this administration as being the highest priority in our land when in fact it is absolutely not.  In truth, the implementation of Obamacare is having strong adverse effects on more important priorities. According to a CBS News Poll Oct 18-21 on the question “What Do You Think Is The Most Important Problem Facing This Country Today” Healthcare (8%)came in a much lower ranked 3rd behind the Economy (26%) and Budget (12%).  And to reiterate, the Affordable Care Act is having strong adverse effects on both employment and creating an acceptable budget.

  • Why shouldn’t you be working on increasing employment and passing legislation like the Keystone Pipeline which could have a tremendously positive impact on employment in this country?
  • Why shouldn’t you be working on reducing regulations on business that stifles and chokes employment and business growth?
  • Why shouldn’t you be reducing taxes on business to encourage investment and employment growth?
  • Why shouldn’t you be working on incentives to bring billions of dollars of money invested outside this country back into this country?
  • Why shouldn’t you be working on reducing the incredible waste of the Federal Government both in the U.S. and Abroad?
  • Why shouldn’t you be working on ways to improve our current Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Programs to assure that they will be successful and not go bankrupt which is where they are headed.

And the list goes on. It is called responsible leadership ladies and gentlemen!

There are so much more intelligent ways to approach a significantly improved healthcare system than what is being done presently. Stop the lunge towards a single payer system by considering the good of the people of this country. This is not a socialist state!!!

  • allow maximum free competition across state lines,
  • allowing the marketplace to serve it’s customers according to their needs, not the government’s dictates
  • making healthcare affordable for everyone…let competition decide pricing, not the government
  • allowing individuals and businesses to choose from a wide range of policies without government intervention

…and all of this could be done through legislation developed on a truly bipartisan basis.

With this administration taking a totally condescending “WE KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU’  arrogant position on healthcare I believe that you are going to penalize the Democratic Party and the American Public so severely that it will take us (50) or more years to recover from these disastrous mistakes. It is vital that you stop going on your current path and begin to use the energy, honesty, and integrity that we hired you to use when we put you into office.

In my opinion as an average American citizen,  I believe that we have experienced far too much dishonesty, too many cover-ups, too much dictatorial, non-negotiable,  incompetent management by this administration. It is much overdue that you begin addressing the real issues in order of their real priority on a bipartisanship basis.

Your attention is requested to James Madison’s Federalist Paper #10 for the premise of these requests.


Dan Norris

An American Citizen


Debate Good Healthcare For Everyone
Vigorous Partisan Debate!
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  1. Well, you are right. Politicians need to put more work and attention into improvement of the overrall healthcare for the bipatisan American. So atleat Obama started Obamacare, I’m super anxious to see what tramp has in store for the halthcare sector!

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