Special Messages To The Subscribers of the “The Conservative” Blog


Special Messages
Special Messages

These are very special messages to the 34,000+ Subscribers of this “The Conservative” Blog!

My first message is to “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” for your interest and subscribing to one of my favorite activities.

I thank you sincerely for your receiving all  Pages and Posts publication releases as well as your excellent acceptance of the content!

“The Conservative” is written to exercise my First Amendment Rights by sharing my personal views with those who are interested.

As I talk with friends and acquaintances around the United States I find that these views are agreed to by many and this blog is growing in subscriptions very rapidly with 200-300+ readers each day. I encourage and appreciate your readership, comments, and referrals to others.

From a small business owner viewpoint this blog is a major testimonial for a “Blog” created using “Attraction Marketing” and “Content Marketing” techniques, as the initial post was made only (23) months ago and has achieved a substantial readership. To me it says that many businesses, individuals and other entities can benefit by providing their own Blog.

This work gives me sincere pleasure and satisfaction and has allowed me to develop my personal Mission Statement… and that is to inform as many as possible as to how to improve their health and longevity, increase their wealth, and to have greater peace of mind.

This writing and sharing activity improves my peace of mind as it gives me a large forum to express my views and request changes that are so strongly needed. The actions of this Administration to turn America into a 3rd World Country using socialistic methods, lies, deceit and tyranny are unacceptable.  The United States and all citizens are are at major risks of destruction  with our security, our economy, our foreign policy, our environment, our education, our growth and leadership as a country and many more areas.  I will appreciate your continued support on this Blog with your comments and personal subscriptions.

You may not know be aware that I write and publish (3) Blogs…

The Conservative     at   www.dannorrisblog.com   (a conservative political blog)

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Road To Financial Independence  at www.dannorrisblog.com   (a business and self-help blog)

As Subscribers receive this email notification of publication of this Post…I encourage you to visit the actual Blog Site at Special Messages To The Subscribers of the “The Conservative” Blog so that you can enjoy the images and read my seven  posts filled with research on the topic below.

And now to share my second message, the exceptionally special and vital information for everyone that I have learned during the last five months. Even with significant college study in pharmacy, exact sciences and business I never encountered any information on this subject. It would have changed my life significantly both health-wise and financially had I known this many years ago. I am so very pleased to know this now as I still have some time to do something about what I have learned and to share it with my family, friends and truly everyone that will listen…it is that important…in my opinion.

The topic of my message is “WATER”. You may say…this is not a political topic…however I consider it to be one of the most vital responsibilities of our government that is getting no attention. The EPA regulates our groundwater which provides water to our “kitchen faucets” and the FDA regulates the $13 billion “Bottled Water Industry” with a very minimum staff. There are real questions about the pesticides, pharmaceuticals, poisons, contaminants, chemical pollutants, use of plastic containers, and many other chemicals that are being ingested into our bodies. Research on these topics will amaze you. Why is our society getting sicker and not healthier? Could it be that we are inserting chemicals and pollutants into our food and water supplies…taking in mostly acetic foods and liquids..that we are contaminating our bodies? Where is the concern and research and medical advice to stop this?

I will make a full disclaimer that I am not a qualified medical professional of any kind and that for advice that you should seek the advice of a qualified medical professional of your choice to gain advice. Ironically, I consider it very important that during this five months that I have been researching this information that I have personally asked (12) professional medical doctors and medical professionals to see if they were familiar with the topics that are written about below, and I discovered (4) of those (12) were aware of the some of the information and some of the research involved, but not in a very detailed fashion. From this I concluded that my research had informed me to a level that was much more than my professional medical doctors. This prompted me to read several books including “Killing Cancer – Not People” by Robert G. Wright, and “The Confessions of a Skeptical Physician” by Dr. Tim McKnight, MD, plus several other writings that I have listed on my research sites.

Special Messages
Killing Cancer – Not People
Robert G. Wright-Author


Special Messages
The Confessions of a Skeptical Physician
Dr. Tim McKnight MD

As a person who is curious about most all phenomena around us, I am concerned as to why valid research performed beginning in 1921 and summarized by a world recognized research scientist in 1966 is not more of an important topic and the center of more research in today’s society. As a society we do not seem to be getting healthier…we are getting less healthy…and that those persons who need this information the most are getting it very slowly, if at all. These messages that I am referring to you are being carried by word-of-mouth from one individual to another and as a result are moving to the markets much slower than mass advertising media.

In America we are psychologically trained to believe that unless a solution is advertised repetitively that it has no intrinsic value and that anyone who personally tells you about a good product is probably “trying to sell you something”, is “probably a relative that knows less than I do” or “has never been successful” or that the person is “not very honest” and “just trying to make a dollar”. In some cases  methods of marketing of valuable products are by “word-of-mouth”, otherwise known as “direct selling”, and the profits are shared with the direct seller, not the corporate wholesalers and advertising companies.

There is a strong case that can be made that says that if all goods and services were marketed in a direct selling manner that we would have virtually “no unemployment” as compared to the 93 million unemployed today. Frankly, I agree with this marketing approach and my businesses are based on this approach. We have been influenced by corporate psychologists to believe that essentially 50% of the cost of all products must be spent on advertising, wholesaling, warehousing, transportation, and other overhead costs..and that any other method of marketing products indicts the seller for being self-motivated for sharing his products and knowledge with you. Personally I support every American citizen in owning an independent small business as it supports my concept of Financial Independence so strongly.

The mass media advertising corporate marketing scheme is not adding true-value to a product…why not place that same money in the hands of an individual so as to improve that individual’s standard of living? And a direct selling marketing approach with a patented compensation plan is what is driving the sales of highly important products.  Why are so many people interested in developing home based businesses? It really makes sense to manufacturers as they are employing totally independent business people, highly motivated to be successful, and these corporate entities do not have to pay for all the benefits of an independent contractor.

If I were required to reduce my (3) blogs with (349) total posts (each equivalent to a chapter in a book) this post would be the only one that I publish and would send to my Subscribers! Hopefully you will soon learn why below.

Would you agree that “KNOWLEDGE is POWER”? If you do why not read this in detail and in my opinion improve your health and longevity, increase your wealth and have greater peace of mind?

Here it is!..this very important information that very few know about now…although I believe that there will be a major information explosion on this topic soon…the solutions have been developed and placed on the market in 1974. The initial research began by German Scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg  and in 1931 he was awarded his first Nobel Prize. The Russians, Japanese and other countries continued research on related topics of life longevity, acid rain, and water.

In 1974 the Japanese developed and introduced a high technology ionizing device to receive tap or faucet water, filter it from impurities however leaving valuable minerals in the water, and  then to provide restructured water that when produced as alkaline water it is a powerful anti-oxidant. This ionized, alkaline, anti-oxidant water, electrically charged to connect with free radicals, has proven very useful to many thousands of people. My personal view of a truly clean, mineral rich healthy water is that produced by a fast running, cold mountain stream or waterfalls with rocks where the water is cascading over these rocks.  This is what nature once provided to man…however is becoming extremely scarce now. This kind of water is now available to you, produced by you as you turn on your kitchen faucet and the water proceeds through a certified medical device system that produces this kind of water. Just think…eliminate the millions of gallons of petroleum to deliver water to you, no mystery as to where the water came from, how old it is, how old the water really may be,  what chemicals may be inside, and plastic bottles with bpa were heated to 185 degrees to pasteurize the water, and also to avoid further contamination of our oceans now filled with five major garbage vortexes. This problem to me seems much more realistic than Global Warming, Mr. President! What resources are you planning to use to get rid of the plastic that is destroying our seas, seafood and other food chains?

The real danger to you and anyone that drinks our current water supplies, and especially bottled water which is virtually unregulated as to quality, whatever the source, is how to avoid the chemicals, poisons, herbicides, pesticides, groundwater pharmaceutical prescriptions including  and all of the hospice disposals made in toilets of homes. And the impurities of heated plastic and bpa contaminants adds a new dimension of risk to the human body.

For you to understand the depth and value of this technology, I sincerely invite you for your benefit to watch this 9-step overview of why we all can benefit from this technology and sharing it with those who do not know about it…

     www.hscwater.net/dann       Watch the 90 second introduction and then enter your name and email to get your Special Access Code. Please save this code as you may want to return many times to review.

When I attended my first meeting and learned the information you just watched and heard many testimonials I was tremendously impressed with what I heard however was very skeptical. I began using the water for myself and also began researching every source that I could find.  I now have several Posts under the “Health and Beauty” tab on “The Road To Financial Independence” Blog and you can read them by going to www.dannorrisblog.com/category/health-and-beauty/.

I am an Independent Distributor with Kangen Water, Enagic USA, Inc., authorized to work around the world with anyone interested, and this is my way of sharing this message with as many people as possible. I can help you get your Kangen Water System to connect to your faucet anywhere around the world…and also to help anyone establish their own independent distributorship anywhere in the world.

So you may think that I am kidding with you…not so…I invite you to do your own research just by entering the words “kangen water” into search bars and see what you find. I have enjoyed finding several thousand videos on both www.youtube.com and www.vimeo.com.  I especially enjoy the one called Celebrities Drinking Kangen Water“. Why would people like Bill Gates direct his research analysts to recommend anything but the best for his use?

Now available in 66 countries around the world in homes, hospitals, restaurants, and certified and prescribed by 7,500 Japanese doctors this technology certainly deserves your time and attention for your own analysis.

Thank you again for your reading time and being a Subscriber to this blog. I sincerely trust that you enjoyed this information and that it may benefit you in some ways.

With very best regards!

For more detailed information please contact:

Dan Norris

Independent Distributor for Kangen Water/Enagic USA, Inc.

Small Business Consultant



Email: dannorris42@gmail.com

Or if you want more information or to get started now

no matter where you live….


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