Rich Liberal Hypocrites – The Plight of 99% of Americans

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Rich Liberal Hypocrites

So are you in the top 0.1 (one tenth of 1%) or in the top 1% or are you in the 99% of American citizens? Adam Kokesh in his video below invites the wealthy Liberal 1% and 0.1% of Americans to share some ot their wealth with himself and others. Ironically Adam believes that these very wealthy Liberals are hypocritical about really sharing with others.

What do you think? Given the attitudes of many privileged elite Republican politicians this week these hypocritical attitudes are not limited to Liberals. former Republican Presidents, would be Presidents, current Senators and House Leader Ryan and House and Senate Members seem desperate to hang on to their status quo controlling power policies and methods that have made them so wealthy. Today it appears that these same RINO’s are willing to jump Parties so as to protect their manipulation techniques of the American People.

Never in the history of our soon to be 240 year young Republic (not a Democracy as many think and few know the difference), has one wealthy, independent, entrepreneural, free-thinking, disgusted with the status quo candidate ever driven a stake in the ground and said…”you guys are destroying every thing this country ever stood for and fought for” and “WE ARE GOING TO MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN”.  The political elite in both Parties are frightened by what this “maverick candidate” could do to their gravy train of corrupt lawyers, politics, lobbyists, power brokers, money brokers, and the like. The Politicians in power have learned over 240 years how to control and manipulate the electorate and to extract vast sums of money from them and waste it influencing and buying their friends who in turn do the same for them. What we have in our government now, as Rush Limbaugh so aptly describes it, is a massive “political club” who control our country and the majority of the wealth that exists in our country. And if you are not a member of “THE CLUB” then you had better not “rock the boat”. I include those in either Party as Liberals as they are not committed to a true “republican” form of government with adherence to our Constitution as our political Leadership has shown us during the last seven years.

Thanks to God we have one American now by the name of Donald Trump who is making a stand to return control of the country to the citizens and to disrupt the political elite’s unethical and immoral dismantling of our country for their own purposes.  May the power of God be with him and protect him and give him strength to accomplish that which many brave Americans want him to try to do.

We have been subjected to idealogical, satanic efforts to destroy America by our current President and the people who dictate what he should do. Unfortunately we have waiting in the wings  in the namea of Hillary and Bill Clinton those ready to take and continue his unconstitutional power grabs. Historically these two together have destroyed more lives, principles and assets of this country for their own selfish purposes than any Americans during this current century. It will take a brave and unmatched active electorate to come out and vote to defeat the angry and uninformed, entitled segments of the voting population that only know how to vote for the giveaway Democratic ticket. Help these much manipulated voting segments to see how the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the mainstream media, and the power-mongers that control these Parties want to continue their control of your wealth.

I believe that it is time for positive change if that is even possible given the makeup of our voting base. Are you ready?


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Adam vs Michael Moore, Russell Simmons, & Rich Liberal Hypocrites



America was once a great country! Will you truly inform yourself on the issues and the candidates and vote on November 8, 2016? Please do.

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