Questionable Fix Is Political Cover For Democratic Politicians

CBS: Fears among insurers that Obama’s ‘fix’ could destabilize market, raise premiums



President Obama offered yesterday a questionable “fix” for those who are receiving cancellation letters from their health insurance carriers. This is a clear effort to offer administrative cover to Democratic Senators and Congressmen that face reelection this year…as well as to quiet Mr. Clinton’s recommendation that distances his wife from this debacle.

Questionable Fix Is Political Cover For Democratic Politicians

The reason that I consider this fix “questionable” is for several reasons.

  • Does the President have the legal authority to change the regulations and law to accomplish “the fix”?
  • What is the scope of “the fix”? Does it apply to all those who have received letters? All those in the future?
  • How can the insurance companies possibly fulfill this “fix”? There are only 30 days before December 15th, 2013 and the “fix” would take tremendous effort even if decisions could be made to do so. Business analysis and actuarial calculations are necessary to seriously consider complex business decisions and actions proposed.
  • How can those damaged by these cancellations so far be remedied to their previous positions and health care plans?
  • Is this “fix” intended to help American Citizens or is it intended to give political cover to everyone of the Democratic Congressman and Senators who voted for Obamacare and repeated the statements…”you can keep your policy and your doctors”?
  • Is this a political move by the President at the 11th hour to throw this hot potato to the insurance companies and so that he can say “well I told the insurance companies they could offer the old policies however they chose not to”?
  • Why did the President make the announcement of the “fix” before meeting with the insurance companies as he is doing one day afterwards?

In summary, it appears clear to me that the “fix” is a purely political action with seemingly good intentions however is not one intended to sincerely help the American People.

If the President were sincerely interested in providing Americans with the best healthcare insurance system he would say…let’s stop Obamacare and start over with a real bi-partisan debate on what is truly best for the American People, and to address all of the issues that need addressing. It is obvious that Obamacare as designed is so full of issues that we are wasting millions of dollars while creating more issues than the ACA solves. The President is fearful that any legislative change to the ACA will open the gates to major modifications to the entire bill…and is therefore stating that he will veto any such legislation.

This entire scenario is moving very rapidly and finally we are beginning to see limited candor and truthful reporting with acknowledgements by liberal politicians, media and pundits.

I sincerely hope that the Republican Legislators are busy developing comprehensive, fair, constructive and non-political real solutions to place on the table as the timing is right.

Further, all legislators should take all actions available to restore those Americans damaged by these cancellation letters to their original positions on healthcare insurance.

If you were in the position of President of this country right now and were facing this overall situation, as a competent leader in the interests of all citizens what would you do?

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