POTUS Uses “Divide and Conquer” Blame Tactics To Divert U.S. Voters

Blame Many!
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One of the most effective political, military and scientific strategies used for hundreds of years is “Divide and Conquer”.

Wikipedia Definitions of Divide and Conquer?

  • Divide and rule, in politics, sociology and economics, a strategy to gain or maintain power.
  • Defeat in detail, in warfare, a tactical maneuver to efficiently deal with a numerous opponent.

Understanding this concept and effectively overcoming this strategy will be necessary to overcome the Democratic control of this country. For this reason I think that we very much need to recognize what is happening to us…and the liberal media uses it consistently to support the POTUS…

POTUS Uses “Divide and Conquer” Blame Tactics To Divert U.S. Voters

The President of the United States (POTUS) has mastered this strategy and has very effectively used it as a major part of his plan to win nomination and two elections. One of the reasons that he loves to get on Air Force One and fly out to the hinterlands and make speeches is so that he can influence a community and grab media news cycle time filled with “blame tactics” to divide his opposition. The American Public in general seems to be oblivious to what is going on and fall for the traps laid constantly.

Yesterday, the POTUS dropped the words about one major television news media outlet is the blame for his ObamaCare Plan facing so much difficulty.  He has mentioned Fox News many times in an effort to downgrade their credibility and statue. The terrible irony is that Fox News is virtually the only channel that tries to offer “fair and balanced” news reporting. With the largest news audience in the U.S. you would think that the President would like this…but that is not his strategy! He wants to diminish their credibility and audience as it exposes his agenda fully…something that rarely happens on any other major channel.

President Obama has done this repeatedly to destroy a segment of the population or individual or group that opposes his agenda. It is a “sucker move” that Americans need to wise up to and recognize what he is doing. Obama is never at blame for anything…he constantly skates from place to place while blaming Bush, The Tea Party, Congress, Republicans, and anybody who even dares to discuss his tyrannical methods. Yesterday he was accusing the opposition to ObamaCare  as to lack good character.  Why do we continue to be fooled by these backstreet “neigborhood organizer techniques”?

POTUS likes to play race cards, religious beliefs such as jews against muslims, countries, abortion, and virtually anyone that he would like to reduce in statue and in power. Do you ever see the liberal media employing the same tactics? Really? They will all continue to use these methods until they are proved ineffective. I have to ask…Is the American Population really stupid and so dumb?

Here are some more examples of how the POTUS uses this strategy…


Christian Science Monitor

Obama’s divide-and-conquer strategy: Is it really about destroying GOP?

By , Staff writer / February 27, 2013

The day after Obama’s inauguration, Boehner accused him of trying to ‘annihilate’ the Republicans. Indeed, the party’s struggles since have only grown. But weakening the GOP may not be all Obama wants.

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The Weekly Standard


Divide and Conquer

The president’s real agenda.

JUL 25, 2011, VOL. 16, NO. 42 • BY FRED BARNES
Soon after Mitch McConnell joined the debt limit talks, his suspicions grew. An agreement with President Obama on raising the limit by $2.4 trillion​—​and tied to serious spending cuts​—​looked impossible. The more he heard from Obama and his aides in the private sessions at the White House, the more he felt that no good could come from the talks. They would lead to a bad deal, harm to Republicans, or both.


President Obama’s sequester strategy: Divide and conquer


President Barack Obama broke Republicans once on taxes — and his risky strategy for winning the sequester fight assumes he’ll do it again.

He will divide, isolate and defeat Republicans using all the powers of his office and all his skills as a political campaigner. As Americans grow frustrated with the cuts, Republicans will reject their party’s no-tax mantra and demand that Congress end the standoff, even if it means raising some new revenue – just the way Obama is demanding.

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And here is a video explaining a great deal about why Mr. Obama was elected President.
To many this is a frightening about the awareness and knowledge levels of the American Public.

How Obama Got Elected… Interviews With Obama Voters
John Ziegler

There are many more examples. The lesson to be learned is to recognize that the American People are being manipulated as much as they will allow…by the POTUS and the media.

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