Poll Driven President Puts America and World At Risk!

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Poll Driven President Puts America and World At Risk!


Critical decisions by Barack Obama, President of the United States of America,  appear to be made primarily based on public media polls, political pressures, racial biases and idealogical liberal opinions…exacerbated by a very inexperienced and naive White House Staff.

Decisions by this office, funded by the American People, should be made in the best interests of the United States of America and the American People who are Citizens of this country.  Unfortunately President Obama’s decisions appear to be made on the basis of political criteria and how to best provide advantages to the Democratic Party and the liberal agenda, not in  the best interests of all of America or all of the American Citizens.

Stop The Political Decisions
Protect America!

This results in some 60-70% of the country not having a voice about what is happening in our country.This is a horrendous situation for Americans and  American citizens. Our Congress and Senate seem entangled in the political process of political correctness while avoiding the Nancy Pelosi maniacal outbursts and the Harry Reid tyrannical strangle-hold on the legislative process…while trying to avoid election losses.  But this leaves me with no belief that they are going to do anything with the critical issues that are described in this message. I am hopeful that our leaders will please pay attention to this and take actions to protect this country and it’s citizens!

Is the president guilty of dereliction of duty, treason, ignorance, mental incapacity, personality disorder, or some other inexplicable deficiency???  Barack Obama has certainly been schooled in socialism, communism and other diverse political and religious philosophies including traitorous influences on American religion and society…all of which and more could be contributing to his stated goal of “fundamental transformation of America”. Some American Citizens may have not yet comprehended his stated intentions from 2007 however it is obvious that they were real and founded on his true goals and beliefs, substantiated by his “apology tours for the United States”.

Regardless of what the reasons, many Americans are justifiably frightened by what I consider to be the most irresponsible, seemingly incompetent actions of this President and any president since the early 1900’s.

Why does he tell the world what our military “will not do” when we have the most powerful military in the world? No serious public, professional or military combatant would ever make such a condescending and naive statement! Can you imagine how American military leaders must feel when he makes these unqualified community organizer level comments? Incredible! Such statements severely compromise the security of American people and this country in my opinion.

Is this person so intellectually qualified in all matters that he cannot benefit from highly qualified, experienced professionals in all fields? To me as I look at those whom he surrounds himself with they have  strong political skills however necessary decision making and professional required skills are absent or lacking in many cases.

Why does he send 3,000 American troops into risky areas to fight the Ebola virus disease but will not send American troops to fight those who are beheading our citizens and those of our close allies? What are his priorities?

Why does he disregard for six years the recommendations of highly experienced American Generals and Military leaders and insist upon his own unqualified, inexperienced opinions as being correct? How many lives and dollars have these decisions cost the U.S. and the world? And what are the costs in the future if we allow this insanity to continue?

President Obama has been proven wrong in virtually every case on virtually every major foreign policy decision as well as every important domestic issue.  The American voters have voted this and the American voters can correct some of the misfortunes in the coming elections. But to do so they must vote to accomplish anything.

This President is not trusted by many of the American people as well as most foreign leaders.  Our relationship with Israel is very suspect. The leader of the U.K. speaks much more strongly about commitment to the destruction of terrorism than does our President. The leader of Australia is decisively clear as to what terrorism activists will encounter. We refuse to support effectively Ukraine with lethal weapons in their fight for freedom. Where is our President on leadership on these issues?

Why does our President avoid calling a WAR a WAR?

America faces a serious dilemma with a president who is not effectively leading America economically, policy wise, according to the U.S. Constitution, with foreign policy, and most important of all…providing security for the American People.

These comments are not political statements, however are statements of a loyal American Citizen who is sincerely asking the Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the American Military, and the President to take appropriate actions to restore this country to a law abiding, responsible country using whatever law abiding actions are necessary.

As a citizen of the United States I am exercising my rights to stating my opinions about the current DIRE situations facing our country! Do you agree or am I incorrect? What do you think should be done?


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