Pinocchio President’s Lawlessness Divides Americans!

The President and Attorney General of the United States are not willing to support all of the Constitution of the United States of America. They refuse to support many of the laws that we have on the books and seem to much prefer to create their own laws and agenda to divide Americans among racial, ethnic backgrounds and gender. Their agenda shows all indications of being politically and racially driven. These are not acceptable motivations for key leaders of the United States of America. This situation must be changed.

Pinocchio President’s Lawlessness Divides Americans!

‘Stupid Is as Stupid Does’: Judge Jeanine Slams Obama, Pelosi and Gruber

The latest example is in Ferguson, Missouri where the President has injected the presence of the Attorney General in an unprecedented manner to intervene in the investigation of  the Michael Brown and Darren Wilson case in the State of Missouri. In a typical day late and dollar short fashion the President elected to wait until after the Grand Jury Decision last evening before speaking to Americans. By that time, riots had already begun in Ferguson and you could see the riots on the tv screen simultaneous with the president making his ineffective speech for calm. The President wants to take this issue to the attention of a national agenda apparently to take advantage of the racial and ethnic divisions in America.

The President and Attorney General allow civil rights activists including Al Sharpton, who owes the federal government several million dollars in back taxes, to rabble rouse and provoke activists in the Missouri case to cause violence. Why would a President and Attorney General support a Civil Rights Activist who owes the Federal Government millions of dollars, to help them to provoke racial violence?

Blatant Partisan Bias
Herding To The Left

This is less than a week after the President has announced an Executive Order to allow many major benefits to 5 million illegal immigrants, putting them in front of legal immigrants. The President and Attorney General refuse to enforce the Immigration Laws currently on the books. More than 62% of the American People recently voted against this action by the President.

Yesterday the President accepted the resignation of the 4th Secretary of Defense Hagel, as there was obvious disagreement between the two over defense policy. The American People are very unhappy with the President’s very obvious lack of strategy to protect Americans and the country of America. Our country is in a very critical situation regarding the primary responsibility of the President, which is to provide for the Security of Americans. Personally I am very concerned that we have a President in office that is militarily untrained and incompetent in military affairs. I believe that this is a matter that must be addressed by the Congress and the Senate very soon.


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