Partisan Democrats Turn Deaf Ear to Americans Losing Their Insurance Plans!

Rep. Barrow Discusses Problems with Affordable Care Act Rollout
Congressman John Barrow
Today on tv we heard and saw 3.5 hours of Congressional testimony by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on the subject of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. This is the signature legislation of President Obama, driven through the Congress and Senate by only Democrats…without  a single vote in favor by any Republican. The initial cost estimate by the CBO was $800,000 billion and now 3 years later that CBO estimate is now some $2.6 trillion. The ACA Bill was passed for the purposes of aiding some 30 million people who do need health care. There were many ways to accomplish this without affecting 1/6 of our economy as this bill is doing. Even now there is strong resistance to this program across the U.S. and many are asking for reform or repeal of the Bill.

Millions of Americans are receiving notices from their insurance companies that due to the rules of Obamacare that their health insurance policies are being cancelled by year end or very soon thereafter. These people were told by President Obama that they could keep their policies if they wanted. They were also told that they could keep their own doctors if they wanted.

Millions of Americans are seeing the costs of their health insurance plans now increasing significantly as a result of the implementation of Obamacare. These people were told by President Obama that their insurance costs would decrease by an average of $2500 per year.

There are many other adverse consequences which have been caused by the negative effects of the implementation of Obamacare. Our economy has been negatively affected, employment has been negatively affected, businesses have been negatively affected, doctors and hospitals have been negatively affected.

Partisan Democrats Turn Deaf Ear to Americans Losing Their Insurance Plans!

We saw in these hearings today extremely partisan Democrats speaking in favor of the potential unrealized benefits of Obamacare and providing political cover to Kathleen Sebelius by asking questions designed to bring out the best in what could be realized from Obamacare.  Every Democrat that quizzed Kathleen Sebelius, with the exception of one Democratic Congressman from Georgia, John Barrow,  was highly partisan and offered no sympathy or solutions for these Americans who are suffering from the cost increases and loss of insurance policies caused by Obamacare. When asked what she would say to these people said “I would recommend that they begin searching the market”. She would not acknowledge that the President had misled millions of people and continues to do so with the information now still posted on the website.

Partisan Democrats Turn Deaf Ear
Kathleen Sebelius
Secretary HHS
Image:(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

I am very personally disappointed with the partisan Democratic Congressmen and Congresswomen that appeared today and in effect said…we know what you need in healthcare…you do not know what you need…and we will dictate a government program called the Affordable Care Act that we know will hurt millions of you now with your quality of healthcare, the doctors and hospitals that you will be able to access, the costs that you will pay, and the time required for you to receive medical care for any purposes. We believe by doing this we will be able to help 30 million Americans that now do not have healtcare insurance.

The Democratic Party and President Obama purposes for the ACA were not to improve your and my healthcare but were to implement another method of redistribution of wealth from those who have to those who do not have…and in the process gain much more political control over every citizen. Their path here is clearly a single payer system otherwise known as socialized medicine all provided and run by the government.

As a concerned U.S citizen, regardless of party affiliation, I ask that you become involved in the political process and elect congressman, senators and a president that will stop this political effort to take over America by the socialist progressives.

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