Obama Puts Rope-A-Dope Move On U.S. Citizens

Historic Faniuel Hall
Boston, MA
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Borrowing tremendous hard-earned credibility from former Governor Mitt Romney and the historic Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA, President Obama put a slick move today on millions of American People who are losing their insurance policies, telling them “to go shopping for their healthcare plans”.  Earlier in the day, Secretary of HHS Kathleen Sebelius, testifying before a Congressional Committee, said the same thing when asked “What would you say to Americans who are  receiving letters that their health insurance policies are being cancelled as a result of Obamacare plan requirements”. She also said “they should go to the market and start shopping”.

Obama Puts Rope-A-Dope Move On U.S. Citizens

Neither admitted to what are serious falsehoods to the American People for the last 3+ years. The real question Americans are asking are…were these allowable political falsehoods or outright lies that would allow America to impeach you Mr. President? All of your false statements obviously allowed you to be re-elected. Is that what the American People deserve sir? Do we deserve the ultimate con man as President sir? Or do we deserve the truth…and let’s begin with Benghazi on September 11, 2012!

Pardon me, but I did not grow up in a turnip patch nor under a washpot as many would have said in rural areas of the U.S. in  years past.

To me this is the greatest con game played on the naive and unknowing that we have seen since the sale of the Brooklyn Bridge. And if you have never heard of rope-a-dope this phrase was invented by one of the greatest boxers of all time…Muhammed Ali aka Cassius Clay. The phrase “rope-a-dope” is used in boxing by those to deceive your opponent  and to get them to exhaust themselves with their effort s while the one being attacked let’s the ropes absorb the blows as he knows full well that you will soon wear yourself out and he can come in for the knockout.” The methods used here are different but the word “deceit” surely applies. It is much more difficult to change this momentus wrong now than it was at the beginning.

We have heard so clearly from the president since 2010…you can keep your healthcare policy if you like it period and you can keep your doctors if you want them period. Even today the www.whitehouse.gov website continues to tout these same promises by the president.

The matra that he protrays to me is “trust me…I know what is best for you…what is best for everybody…listen to me and do as I say as it will be the best for the country… I know everything!”

Since declaring our independence in 1776 this country has never known a king as ruler before however we are getting a preview of what it would be like with Mr. Obama. What he cannot sell he attempts to dictate as a ruler! For example most recently…”I will not negotiate..if I can’t have my total way then I will just shut down the government and blame it on my opponents!”

Do you like these dictatorial edicts and commands? Or do you want freedom and the opportunity to make your own decisions and spend your money as you choose?

I heard today of evidence that some staff  working with the President discussed and heard the President admit to knowing that he knew about this 12+ million people who would lose their insurance…and with the conversation of Secretary Sebelius and President Obama today they both thought these existing policies that people liked with access to their own doctors were not good enough for these Americans and they decided to replace them with some good old government dictated healthcare policies that would be much better for them…maybe much more expensive and feature unnecessary…but better for them. If these suspicions could be backed up with real proof then all of this would be grounds for impeachment of this president.

And this is the goal of the Democratic Party and planned path to the single payer, government provided healthcare system where the government takes over the insurance company industry as it did the automotive industry. And alas, we can wake up one morning and these ideological progressives will say to you…now you can depend on the government for all of your healthcare…aren’t you happy… and I hear this every day from some of my favorite tv programs. It appears to be a matter of time.

This is an opinion, however strong evidence points to the fact that Secretary Sebelius and President Obama decided they could sell this little discrepancy to the 5% of the American Population as this 12 million people were not  enough voters to make any difference in an election. They think they may be able to get away with it as Obama has done so far with Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, the NSA, Syria, the AP attack, Iran, regulations on business, the EPA,  economic policies, free stuff for as many as possible, and others. As an American Citizen I call for external public investigations by competent investigative firms of all of these highly disturbing crises. It appears that our internal government is no longer capable of policing and controlling itself.

The testimonies today were laughable and dishonest as half the Congressional representatives mocked the truth and the purposes of the investigation. This is an insult to intelligent American People. I call upon responsible members of the Congress and Senate to take appropriate actions and begin to act like intelligent and mature Patriots that believe in the Constitution!

Surely we have enough independence left to save this country from socialists.




Joe Scarborough to Hugh Hewitt: Obama Flagrantly Lied and Misled on Obamacare Promises

Joe Scarborough to Hugh Hewitt: Obama Flagrantly Lied and Misled on Obamacare Promises

DrudgeReportALERTS DrudgeReportALERTS       Published on Oct 29, 2013

10/29/13 – MSNBC host Joe Scarborough dropped by Hugh Hewitt’s show Tuesday night and said there’s no sugarcoating it: President Obama deliberately and flagrantly lied to the American people on a number of different occasions about the supposed promises of Obamacare. Scarborough pointed out how Obama even repeated the lie about people being able to hold onto their health insurance at the State of the Union. He said, “For the president to deliberately mislead millions and millions of Americans in the State of the Union address, certainly seems to me to have as much impact or more impact on the day-in day-out lives of Americans than sixteen words George Bush was crucified for saying in the 2003 State of the Union.”

Scarborough called it a “deliberate” and “flagrant lie,” and what’s really so staggering here is the scope of just how much Obama knew and how much he covered up. When Hewitt asked him directly if Obama knew he was lying, Scarborough said, “Of course! How could he not?!”

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