Obama Political Ambitions or The Truth For The American People!

Americans Need Truth Image: standingguardoverliberty.wordpress.com
Americans Need Truth
Image: standingguardoverliberty.wordpress.com

Did you hear President Obama state the following repeatedly on TV prior to the last presidential election as he was selling Obamacare to the American People…???

Obama Political Ambitions or The Truth For The American People!

  • If you like your current health care plan you can keep it! Period!      Untrue!
  • If you like your current doctors you can keep them! Period!      Untrue!
  • Your healthcare premiums will go down!      Untrue!
  • Your insurance premiums will go down!      Untrue!
  • If you make less than $250,000 per year your taxes will absolutely not go up! Untrue!
  • Opposing natural energy sources in the U.S. and the Keystone Pipeline which address a significant employment opportunity for a country suffering with more than 103 million people unemployed!        The President’s position has a disastrous effect on the country’s economic recovery and employment!

And even today you can find on the White House website at www.whitehouse.gov many of these statements!

So I ask you…which was and is more important to Barack Obama??? Telling the truth to the American People or getting elected to a second term to the Presidency?

The White House Staff, the main stream media, and the Democratic Party politicians consistently are rounding up all their wagons in a circle to protect the President and his actions. No matter what the truth is nearly all of the Democratic responses are to blame someone else or to lie…yes…lie… if the facts are in true contradiction to the truth then their statements are lies. I find most of their statements to be political bluster.

  • Quoting President Obama…”I can assure you that I did not know anything about these reports on the IRS until they came out!” Comment…it seems ironic to me that the chief of the IRS came to the White House 157+ times during your administration and you never said hello or knew what was going on???
  • White House Press Spokesman Jay Carney refuses to answer the questions about when the President knew about the catastrophe of the introduction of the Healthcare.com website.
  • The President refuses to reveal where he was on the evening of September 11, 2012 when four Americans were being killed in Benghazi…and who gave the “stand down” order?…and there are only two people who could have done that.

President Obama seems to think that his job is to be mad and to blame those who complain about whatever goes wrong…never the ones responsible…whether it is Fast and Furious, the IRS Scandal, the Rosen/AP Scandal, Benghazi, the NSA scandal,  those horrible Republicans, or whomever. And after the expressed anger no one is ever asked to pay any price for being responsible. How irresponsible!

He has proven to be vindictive in all virtually all matters of importance. For example the recent government shutdown could have been completely avoided if he had accepted the Congress Proposal to delay the Individual Mandate for one year. No…he refused this option which would have brought a beneficial immediate resolution result and avoidance of the shutdown to the American People. His actions were obviously vindictive so that he could blame the Republican led Congress for shutting down the government where really it was his decision to do so. The progressive right is more interested in political power than they are interested in the welfare of the American Public.

The President seems to takes a haphazard, unplanned management approach to virtually any matter other than his political speeches, campaigning on relentless and numerous Air Force One trips, his golf game, extravagant vacations in expensive venues and his willingness to weigh in on matters that he would be much better served to keep his opinion to himself.

Is President Obama out of the loop…if so…how far? It is obvious that he prefers his diversions and making speeches much more than getting involved with the Congress, Senate, and ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. By so doing he can claim that he didn’t know about this or that…when in fact he knows full well about everything that goes on. I do not give him a pass on anything as underneath the surface there are many actions that he is undertaking to control the American People even more than he is currently doing. This series of embarrassments is a disgrace to the American People

At this time it is obvious that the President, the media, and his staff will not change their politically motivated actions and ambitions.

The American People are sick of lies, lack of transparency and political agendas keeping food off our tables and money out of our bank accounts. Perhaps I am just speaking for myself and I am just a cynical person! If my assessment is incorrect, and I am not perfect, then I believe that our country is in even more danger as an incompetent president who will not take responsibility for all of these key issues…is truly a danger to our country as well as every citizen.

The American People do not want the government to decide for us what kind of health care coverage each of us needs, and as a result imposing Obamacare on the American people at any price…no matter what the impact to each of us…including the cancellation of my own health care policy.  I invite you to read the writings of Dr. Charles Krauthammer and Mark Levin to understand their knowledgeable and in-depth perceptions of this President.

I call upon all of the Republican and Democratic Congressman and Senators to support efforts to be honest with the American People and stop this Administration from functioning only on their political agenda and objectives. If you as a Congressman or Senator do not believe and take actions on behalf of the American People rather than the political agenda of Mr. Obama, then I believe the American People will vote you out of office and your days are numbered for serving the American People.

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