More Than 10 Million Americans Have Shared This Message Mr. President!


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Many millions of Americans are expressing their deep concerns about the political manipulations and campaigns occurring in our country. We have so many issues that are unresolved and now the most serious is the destruction of the world’s greatest medical care system…not to help the American People but for political power and control reasons.

More Than 10 Million Americans Have Shared This Message Mr. President!

Millions have received cancellation notices for their insurance policies and this is just a beginning. The Affordable Care Act is not affordable for Americans and anyone who is not in political office…as well as for thousands of others who have received their waivers from you because they gave campaign contributions to this Administration.

Millions of Americans feel that we have no voice in this country now! Only those who agree with your policies are being represented. Should not all Americans be represented fairly and honestly by their President and Administration?

I listen to the voices of your party and it seems that for many that all logic and reason has departed their mental capacity. We are into a period of idealogical worship of incomprehensible selfish motives…that are bound for failure.

These unacceptable actions on the part of this Administration are creating tremendous opportunities for Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans, anyone and everyone wanting to restore our country to be ruled by a Constitutional Government under God.  The doors are being opened to restore this country to greatness and to show the resilience and strength of the American People…and powerfully when someone attempts to take away their freedoms and destroy their spirits.

Americans are very proud and very strong Mr. President. Please realize that race and religion have nothing to do with being a Patriot for this country. Being in this country for only a brief period of time does not allow you the perspective of the strength of the American People.  It is time that you listened to the People’s message to you and adjusted your course of actions accordingly…with all due respect to the Office Sir!

We The People – A Letter To The President



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