Media Complicit In Withholding Truth From Americans!

Speaker Boehner and House Republicans are taking action against President Obama for going around the Constitution and abusing his executive powers.

Mainstream Media Complicit
We Elected A President


Why does the so called “main stream” media choose to keep Americans uninformed?

Media Complicit In Withholding Truth From Americans!


The United States is in the midst of many Obama Administration created crises including Benghazi, the NSA, the IRS, the VA, children Immigration, Fast and Furious, Obamacare and many more. The Administration has created these crises and refuses to be open and honest with U.S. Citizens about the government’s role and their decisions. No one in the Administration is being held accountable. This just promotes more corruption and graft. More than 70% of the American People believe that Mr. Obama and the Administration are guilty of withholding valuable information, the truth, and are not acting in the best interests of the American People.

In my opinion, the mainstream media is recklessly supporting the Obama Administration and is complicit on this cover-up of information, truth and maltreatment of American Citizens. By supporting this cover-up, my opinion is that the liberals (and conservatives as well) are being disadvantaged by not having the truth, and as a result vote in unqualified politicians without knowing what they are electing, and the conservatives are being disadvantaged by being forced into abiding by those elected officials that implement policies that are not in the best interests of either the liberals or the conservatives.

Why would the mainstream media newspapers and tv channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN choose to withhold valuable information from the American people about these topics? Here are my theories as to why…

The mainstream tv media supposedly believes that all of the liberal voters only watch their tv channels and if they do not cover these crises stories then these viewers will never be exposed to the truth as well as fair and honest debate. I ask you, if the Federal Trade Commission grants licenses to these mainstream media tv channels don’t they have a responsibility to their viewers to report the truth completely, repeatedly and frequently? How can they be exempt from doing the job for which they are licensed to do?

Does the government give these news media some quid pro quo special favors, payments, bonuses or more business to be so biased in their news coverage? Businesses rarely do anything for free if they plan to stay in business for the long term. Why would they do it in this case unless they receive some form of compensation? It is true that the majority of mainstream media news reporters strongly vote the Democratic agenda, however it must be more than just liking the Party. The federal government bonuses employees  with taxpayers money…is it unreasonable to believe that the mainstream media is  receiving some form of renumeration or benefit for their withholding information?

We find the Fox News TV Channel, the Blaze News TV Channel, the Media Research Center, the Heritage Foundation, Judicial Watch, and many, many organizations and blogs much more popular than this blog to be actively and aggressively reporting the pros and cons of the news. My recommendation to you is that if you believe that you should be properly informed with both sides of any topic you should watch these channels until you can get your mainstream media channels to professionally and responsibly report all of the news, promptly and repeatedly.

The mainstream media seems to be so politically committed to the Obama Administration success that they have the attitude…the American People be damned…we do not care about them…we only want Mr. Obama to be successful and for the Liberal and Democratic Party Agenda to succeed. The American People do not matter. We will tell them only what we want to tell them and so they will therefore only vote Democratic and the Party can continue to practice incredible overspending and unethical policies.  This is my personal opinion mind you, however, all indications are that this is absolutely true. And this Administration and the Media certainly will never admit to the truth on such politically charged matters.

Could it be that if they do not cover the crises stories about Barack Obama’s Administration that much of the public will not know about what is going on? Surely that must the case. The mainstream media obviously does not want the liberal voters in America to know what is really going on or else they would be shouting the news about these crises from the rooftops.

Liberals are called by many conservatives as “low information voters”. In my view much of the rationale for this tagging is the fact that the mainstream media does not provide their audiences with complete and sufficient information on a factual recurring basis while debating the pros and cons of any subject for citizens to decide for themselves. I find on most Sunday Liberal tv talk shows that there is such total political posturing by the Liberal guests and reporters on virtually every subject with very little objectivity and truth provided. As I watch these shows I am baffled as to how anyone can make rationale decisions based on the emotional and politically biased  machination of words. As a result many conservatives find liberals to be minimally informed, highly emotional, socially polarized, adverse to objective thinking, and in many cases they seem to find it difficult to offer and accept the real truths.

And if the Republicans were guilty of creating the crises that the Democrats have generated do you think the mainstream media would be so quiet? You bet your life they would not…they would be screaming bloody murder just as they should be doing right now.

It is fair and responsible that all corruption, truth and crises be reported regardless of party…and both parties have plenty to be reported. Neither Party is clean…however…it is apparent that Americans are getting fed up with the dirty, rotten, lies that the government is feeding them. If you doubt me, check out the IRS Commissioner testifying to the special Congressional Committee this week…in my assessment it was full of lies and arrogance. And the IRS Commissioner refuses to ask the FBI for an investigation … why?… perhaps because he and those backing him do not want the real truth to be exposed. This Administration only wants to be investigated by their friends and contributors…never by objective…independent counsel. Could it be this is why the substantial evidence has not been found?…because it is being covered up?

There is a revolution going on in this country now led by citizens who want to return to the Constitution, to live within our means, to have an efficient government, to rid ourselves of government corruption, to reduce our taxation and for America’s leaders to be responsible to the Taxpayers. Right now we have a monarch or dictator that believes he knows best for this country and is doing all he can to “totally transform the country” according to his pre-election commitment.

If you think I am being biased with you with these comments…I ask that you read the following stories that are not being reported by the mainstream media…do you agree that they should be? Why not?


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