Living In Fantasyland With The Great Cover-ups!


Living In Fantasyland
Paul Allen, Russel Wilson
Paul Allen, Russell Wilson
Superbowl 2014 Victors

For the first time ever President of The United States Barack Obama was interviewed professionally and objectively by
the leading “no spin” interviewer in the country, Bill O’Reilly. The President’s responses avoided answers to the questions using diversionary rhetoric, intentionally attacking and deflecting blame on those who asked him the questions, and with some outright lies according to reliable factcheckers. This President gives the impression that he considers himself exempt from being questioned on any issues that test his credibility, as well as to being honest with American Citizens and acting in their best interests.

Living In Fantasyland With The Great Cover-ups!


In effect Mr. Obama was saying, I know much better about what this country needs than 317 million other American citizens…so just sit back and watch how I am going to “fundamentally transform America”. When confronted by the only American Citizen writing in an audience question asking why “he would want to fundamentally transform America after America had offered him so much opportunity?”, Mr. Obama did not answer this question directly however using his artful verbal skills skated to a different statement altogether. The statement referred to was recorded on video tape in 2008.

This President is a master of deception, extremely skillful at avoiding answering questions and filibustering to lose the listener in a sea of rhetoric, and lying whenever necessary. When you consider the way that he has stacked his cabinet including a protective Attorney General who refuses to enforce some of the laws of the Constitution this takes severe advantage of the American People, I am beginning to seriously wonder if we have enough political brain power and patriot willpower to take this man on and stop his transformation of America process. His unconstitutional actions are adversely affecting the entire country, not just one political party.

Millions of America are sick of what Mr. Obama’s policies and doing to this country and to it’s citizens. Now, 63% of the population considers that he does not make effective decisions in leading this country. That is an amazing figure as I am surprised that we don’t have more than 37% totally unconscious, uncaring and uninformed people who would not have any opinion whatsoever.

It is obvious that Mr. Obama considers himself to be omnipotent given the way that he has stacked his cabinet, enjoys an idealog lamestream media that refuses to even report on key issues as they are so deeply committed to liberal success, population segments that vote Democratically regardless of who the candidate may be, and generally uninformed citizens who are incapable of naming the Vice President of this country. Just continue your attackathons and your grand strategy of attempting to destroy anyone that questions your incompetence. It is certain that the time will come when your inept reporting and personal attacks will no longer reach the ears of the thinking public.

Here are the two videos that capture Bill O’reilly’s excellent interviews with President Obama. It is extremely disappointing that Mr. Obama’s interview responses were not as straightforward and committed to keeping America great as were the Seattle Seahawks in winning the Superbowl!


Watch Bill’s Complete Interview with President Obama at the White House on Super Bowl Sunday

Bill and President Obama met once again on Super Bowl Sunday to discuss Benghazi, the IRS, the rollout and more. Watch it all here!


Michael Savage: How Obama fixed 2012 election


Will the U.S. Senate, Congress, Justice Department, the National Election and Voting Commission and the Associated Press please make informed, not political statements that this is or is not true and accurate information? If this is true how is it not more corruption and again not in the best interests of the American Voting Population? These reports should not be disregarded.  This may have already corrupted the entire voting system of the U.S.




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