Liberal Left Against Americans

Liberal Left Against Americans

So think of all the millions of dollars now collected by the liberal left  and especially the president using our taxpayers dollars to take away more of your Constitutional Freedoms and Rights!  Are you better off or worse off than you were six years ago? From my perspective as an American Patriot that believes in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights I see virtually every action by the liberal left  during this administration to be against the welfare of Americans and America! And here are some detailed examples…

Liberal Left Against Americans


I look at all the actions by this president, the liberally controlled Senate, and the minority in the Congress and ask the question of each action…was the action taken to help Americans and America or was it taken to gain more political control over us and reduce our freedoms?  If you doubt what I am saying then let’s look at some of the key action items occurring during the last six years, and I give them a grade of A to F for “constructiveness” and “helpfulness” to Americans and America and adherence to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

1.     Encouraging Quality Employment Opportunities          Grade: F

2.     Growth of American Businesses                                     Grade: F

3.     ObamaCare and the Affordable HCA                               Grade: F

4.     Decreasing Regulations on Business                              Grade: F

5.     Increasing Energy Solutions and Independence            Grade: F

6.     Foreign Policy                                                                  Grade: F

7.     Providing Overall Security for Americans                      Grade: F

8.     Providing Ebola Crisis Security For Americans             Grade: F

9.     Increasing  Respect for America                                     Grade: F

10.  Controlling Taxation on Citizens and Business               Grade: F

11.  Being Truthful and Honest With Americans                     Grade: F

12.  Providing Fair IRS Practices To All                                    Grade: F

13.   Providing Effective VA Health Services                            Grade: F

14.   Pitting Americans Socially Against Each Other               Grade: A

15.   Control of Federal Budget and Spending                          Grade: F

16.   Senate Effectiveness in Passing All Legislation               Grade: F

17.   Media Reporting of Accurate and Timely Information    Grade: F

18.   Political Correctness Benefits To America                        Grade: F

19.   Strengthening the U.S. Military                                        Grade: F

20.   Equality for All Americans including Military                 Grade: F

21.   Gaining the Confidence and Trust of Americans             Grade: F

22.   Protecting Our Borders                                                                               Grade: F

23.   Promoting Illegal Child Immigration                              Grade: F

And the list goes on and on in the minds of thinking Americans!

Our country is not the same country as it was before this Administration and we need strong, experienced, effective, honest, and committed leaders to correct all of the damage that has been done.

I sincerely encourage you to study your candidates for election carefully and understand what they are truly promoting. Is it more of the same? Look at their voting records during this administration!

Americans are fed up with those politicians that only want to build power for their party and control you as citizens and businesses more. Most Americans are smart enough to figure out when they are being duped and being lied to. Now is the time for us to elect those who will help us…not hurt us! What do you think?

Liberal Left Against Americans
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