It’s Not That Our Liberal Friends Are Ignorant…They Just Know So Much That Isn’t So!

A Time For Choosing
Uninformed Voters


Who do you trust to give you accurate, timely information on which you can make good decisions? Is it your friends, your neighbors, or your tv primarily ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC? Do you ever watch Fox News Channel or read Blogs, Emails and other internet channels? Do you rely on your newspapers? Do you ever research the performance of all media channels on the website “Media Research Center” at

It may surprise you that your media for more than 70 years has not been giving you the truth in a timely fashion because they are biased as liberals and Democrats. Could it be that this country’s government is much more ineffective due to the biased liberal, Democratic media?

Do you think that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a responsibility to require that the media not be biased in their reporting and opinions? …or is this another federal agency like the IRS that is taking advantage of the American People?

Listen to Ronald Reagan in 1964….

“It’s Not That Our Liberal Friends Are Ignorant…They Just Know So Much That Isn’t So


For many years the mainstream media has been supporting the liberals and the Democrats and especially Obama during his more than six years. If you like this bias and feel that it is in your best interests to have the media control your thought processes then you are compromising yourself and your freedoms as a citizen. Most likely, you have grown confident in what they are saying to you and believe them..they are on the tv right..they must be honest….baloney. If so then you are being duped my friend…you are being treated as a slave to the liberal Democratic Party, and your rights and privileges are being taken away from you.  Are you intelligent enough to stop, look and listen to what is going on around you and decide that you will no longer be a pawn of the liberal, Democratic Party? If you think I am kidding you…how similar is today to the times when this speech was given in 1964? Are you ready to stop this madness that has been going on since 1936 when Al Smith denounced the Democratic Party?…please help all Americans take back our country…please!

Ronald Reagan in his speech entitled “A Time For Choosing” given on October 27, 1964 said

50th Anniversary of “A Time for Choosing”

Mr. Reagan could have given that same speech today and every word would apply.  T he Liberal Media has continued to avoid reporting the Truth to Americans in their reporting. The Liberal Democratic Politicians have lied to the American People since 1936 when Al Smith, a once proud leader of the Democratic Party, denounced his fellow Democrats and never returned to the Party.

Alfred E. Smith: Betrayal of the Democratic Party
Alfred E. Smith: Betrayal of the Democratic Party
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  1. Good read and interesting article, but the fact is the exact same thing can be said about both main political parties as well. Fox news leans Republican, CNN leans democrat… and from what I’ve gathered by speaking with the general public… the vast majority of people voting for republican or democrat are just as ignorant, if not more so than all of the liberals combined. I couldn’t even add the amount of people who have told me something along the lines of “well, I’m voting republican because my family votes that way, or because my father told me to do so.” The majority of Americans are politically ignorant, including myself, and the media surely doesn’t help. I’m not going to vote for some high profile conservative republican who’s only interest is in helping those who already have the ability to help themselves, nor do I want to vote for some democrat who wants to give the world away for free. Is the statement I just made based off of facts, or media propoganda with no factual backing? Good question right? While I don’t tend to fall into any one political party, perhaps entertaining ideas outside of the two parties is the most logical thing to do right now? To vote for someone who is not plagued by religious beliefs or their own parties personal agendas might be what we all need… except, who then would we vote for? The last two Presidential elections have basically given the American Public 0 strong candidates to choose from… McCain/Palin was an embarrassing joke to the American people, and it seemed as if most Americans couldn’t buy into an insanely Rich Romney to help the country through hard financial times, something he himself has never and will never experience.

    So moving forward what options does American have? For our next Presidential election will America’s choices once again be between a Republican who couldn’t care less about 80% of the country, or a Democrat who wants to give everyone not contributing to society everything for free? How can we find a happy medium? Who out there will stand to run that can actually bring “change” we all need?

    1. Thank you Jon. This is an excellent commentary on the subject…and very objective in my opinion. It appears that our first priority is for the more conservative thinking people to gain control of the House and the Senate on 11/4. This would open the door for much more healthy debate on potential presidential candidates for 2016. Surely America can produce a leader of similar quality to Ronald Reagan within the next two years. If you listened to all of his 27 minute Time For Choosing Speech it is clear that he understood the issues and had the moral and ethical strength to deal with them. The same issues are current today…just much more
      exacerbated. I don’t believe our country can tolerate much more of the liberal give away… take away… seduce Americans approach much longer.
      And by the way Jon, to me there are vast differences between the reporting of Fox News and ABC, CBS, NBC, CBS and MSNBC. I invite you to use your critical intelligent and analysis skills to detect the differences in two sides to the story versus a biased approach, omissions of reporting on major issues, slamming of conservative voices by the mainstream media and on and on…once you begin looking for these differences they will become very apparent to you. Look at Al Smith in 1936…he saw it then…plus more. And The Media Research Center analyzes all of the current media for fairness, accuracy and timely reporting…you can see them on

  2. Ignorance means lack of knowledge! The liberals are completely ignorant in their way of thinking!
    Using one’s intellect means assessing a situation from all aspects ,and then making the best decision. Most liberals have a one-sided view on everything,therefore depriving their
    ability to correctly come to any viable conclusion!
    When a country or business is controlled by those with no vision because their thinking is so skewed, the outcome will be disastrous!!

    1. Thank you Norma for an excellent assessment of the current thinking processes of liberals. As you heard, Mr. Reagan was the one that said “Liberals aren’t stupied, there is just so much they don’t know. And we can thank the Liberal Media Moguls and their lifelines to the President’s and Democratic Party’s Offices for keeping all those who watch their channels in the dark. Liberals don’t want their voters to know anything…so you keep them in the dark and feed them mushrooms…from the mainstream media. The FTC should be required to regulate biased and no reporting in order to give one political party advantages over the other. Norma, I think you are so correct in you comments. Thank you again!

  3. Gee, a blog post deriding the liberal media for misleading journalism without one single concrete example. Oh, and don’t forget it was Ronald Reagan who abolished the ‘fair and balanced’ principle.

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