Key Challenges To Accomplish To Take Back Our Country!

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As we look at the aftermath of the last three weeks the consensus is that no-one really won anything…it cost Americans about $75 per citizen…nothing was constructively solved…no reduction of debt…more money was spent…the debt limit was increased for a few weeks… and the overall cost is estimated at over $20+ billion dollars.  And the liberals started another campaign of pain and blame.

Key Challenges To Accomplish To Take Back Our Country!

Contrary to this concensus assessment, I believe that the American People benefited by learning a lot more about Obamacare and the serious impact it is having on our country. We also now know clearly how far this Administration and the liberal media will go to any extent to punish any Americans for political purposes and then blame their cruel actions on Republicans.

My humble opinion leads me to believe that I think that we have at least three key challenges to accomplish so as to change this situation and gain control of our country again.

The first is to motivate and organize enough American Citizens that want to improve this country and are willing to vote for candidates capable and committed to doing so. This means we need to vote this current administration out of power and gain full control of the Congress, Senate, and the Presidency in the 2014 and 2016 elections.

This means that we have to find and select candidates for all offices that are competent and that we can trust and have confidence in that they will do the right things for the country. We really need to agree enthusiastically on our candidates so that everyone of us will be deeply motivated to get out and vote on election days.

The second action is to  begin working with our state legislators to begin a Liberty Amendment  movement as described so well in Mark Levin’s recent best selling book called “The Liberty Amendments”.  A new organization has been formed called the “Convention of States” which has a stated purpose as follows:

The Federal Government is broken.



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