JV President Delusional – America In Crisis!

JV President Delusional – America In Crisis!


JV President Delusional - America In Crisis
President Obama On Martha’s Vineyard Last Week- 

JV President Delusional – America In Crisis!


America is in Crisis! Through our electoral system we have elected a President who has proven to be  incompetent to lead the United States during his elected terms of office.

For many reasons this President is “derelict” in the duties of his office and it is time for him to resign.  Article II of Constitution of the United States defines the responsibilities of the President.

Mr. Obama has not fulfilled those duties and should resign or be removed from the Office of President.

It is widely known and recognized that the first and most important duty of the President of The United States is to “Protect The Citizens of the United States and This Country”.  During this year 2014 this President has naively called Islamic Terrorists around the world the “Jay Vees or JV or Junior Varsity” that will never be a threat to American Citizens.

Last week we were shown a video of an American Citizen beheaded by ISIS Terrorists with a threat to the U.S. that they will destroy the United States.  You Mr. President, made a speech to the world announcing this beheading and within ten minutes it is reported that you were “high fiving” it with your friends before teeing off for your 180+th round of golf while in office. Did you really watch the beheading in the video Mr. President?

Many conscious Americans question whether you care what happens to America and it’s citizens…me included…and that you are only interested in your personal political ambitions. This is a very sad commentary to report to you Mr. President. Are you listening to the real truths and assessing the real issues facing the United States?

Islamic terrorists have proven to be threats to the United State for at least 40 years and to the world for centuries. Due to our passive leadership by more than one Democratic president they are growing much stronger and more threatening to the United States. Mr. President, many say that you have strongly pursued the support of Islamic terrorists organizations during your presidency. It is very puzzling as to why you want to support our enemies who say they want to destroy us. This is a serious issue with you Mr. Obama that Americans again do not trust you or believe you.

Our country is in crisis all over the world and it is obvious that President Obama is not effectively leading this country. My statements are based on his lack of adequate attention on the many issues facing this country for six years while he is focused on vacations, golf outings, campaign trips, and social issues. His background, heritage, affiliations and experience have not equipped him to be president of these United States.

President Obama has now developed the disrespected reputation around the world of being the President who performs as the JV president and refuses to accept and make decisions which are clearly in the best interests of American Citizens. Here are the definitions of the words of the title of this post for your full understanding…

JV= Junior Varsity- not the main players in the competition

President= Considered to be the highest office in the world (U.S.)

Delusional=  Having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions.  

(In Psychiatry. maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with the facts, usually as a result of mental illness.  Many professionals have called the issue in this case to be narcissism.)

As a senior citizen of this country for many decades, I request the immediate resignation of this President from the Office of The United States of America.

Because I further believe that he is acting in a delusional manner by not facing reality and will not perform the actions necessary to protect the citizens and country of the United States, that if he will not resign that he be removed from Office as early as possible. America faces critical decisions that require an engaged, responsible, competent President to lead our country from this abyss of impending destruction.

I call upon my fellow citizens to join me in this request to the President and to the Congress and the Senate to take appropriate actions immediately. As democratic idealogs and media surrogates only choose to support and continue their political misrepresentation to the American people it will require gaining control of the House and Senate by the Republican Party in the November 2014 elections. This is necessary to stop the insane operation of this Democratic Party and it’s leadership under Mr. Obama.  It does not matter if you agree with the Republican agenda at this time…it does matter that we find a way to stop this apocalyptic destruction of the United States and it’s citizens for political ambitions and their dubious rewards.

Dan  Norris

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