Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost For Libs
Obamacare Is Truly Hurting America

Today is the tipping point for me as an American citizen and my willingness to accept President Obama as a qualified leader of our country. I sincerely hope that this Post goes viral…and that a great number of Americans will also speak up to their Congressmen and Senators on this subject.

I believe strongly that Barack Obama is not committed or dedicated to American principles as leader of our country. The mainstream media and the power brokers support his radical agenda and I believe are consorting with the devil.


Chickens Coming Home To Roost for Libs
He Said To Americans!

My considered judgement as a senior citizen (born before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor)  that this President is guilty of TREASON and should be IMPEACHED as rapidly as possible before he does more lasting harm to our wonderful United States and it’s citizens.  I do not believe that we can afford to endure his naivete and entirely different  agenda than rational Americans have believed in and fought for since 1776 and earlier.

This man is despised by many for almost 7 years for his presidential actions even by most of those who admit that they were wrong the first and second time they voted for him. This man is rapidly destroying all of the important values of America.

Yes, he and Hillary Clinton (wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky) have brought Communistic and Socialistic promotions which they learned from the likes of Russian Saul Alinsky (author of RULES FOR RADICALS), George Soros (banned from Russia), Frank Marshall Davis (a member of the Communist Party), Reverend Jeremiah Wright (famous for his words from the pulpit…God Damn America), Bill Ayers (activist  and bomber in the Weather Underground) and since in office President Obama has been acting under the radical direction of his senior Iranian Citizen Staff Advisor Valerie Jarrett.. who is reported to have been in discussion with top Iranian leaders. She  in my opinion was the mastermind of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement. When she hired Michelle Obama in 1993 and Barack and Michelle had dinner the night of Michelle’s hiring, the hook was set…and America entered the greatest risk ever of socialism and Islamic Terrorism…to which even now the President of the United States refuses to  utter the words..Islamic Terrorism…Why? This seems to me to be the most destructive telling admission about his religious convictions… protecting Muslim Islamic Radicalism from exposure by the American People.

With the recent capitulation on the Iran Nuclear Treaty and today Russia’s Vladimir Putin declaring leadership of the free world, it is clearly obvious that President Barack Obama is totally unqualifed to serve as President of the United States, and further that he does not intend to protect the welfare of America and provide security for this country and for the American Citizens!!!

Bill O’Reilly tonight just gave his assessment from a poll of why Joe Biden would defeat all Republican candidates in a Presidential Election….and Joe Biden to me is even more incompetent than Barack Obama. Oreilly’s conclusions are that…

Do You Think Obama Is Protecting You?
America The Stupid

AMERICANS ARE JUST DUMB.. AND They don’t care that they are dumb! It used to be due to drugs, alcohol and marijuana. Now it is due to total fascination with CELL PHONES and TV SHOWS like DANCING WITH THE STARS…et al.  If you don’t believe this statement, look at Oreilly’s featured “Watters World” segment and see how DUMB Americans really are nowadays. Citizens of all ages, especially college students,  have no idea as to what is going on in the country…who is in charge…what they believe in…Americans stupidly believe just like  those  that existed during the Roman Empire and during WWII Nazi Germany that their countries will be utopia-like forever. How DUMB can you be?

‘Many Americans Are Simply Dumb’: O’Reilly Predicts Low Voter Turnout

Do you realize that our population consists of more than 20% of these STUPID, non-thinking, ignorant people who have so little intelligence that they vote for a socialist, non Afro- American person that believes that it is ok to lie to the American People if it achieves his purposes.  American values do not condone nor appreciate this kind of lying.

How really STUPID Americans truly are. If you doubt me go onto Pinterest especially to hear about brave Veterans who have given up their lives and limbs to allow STUPIDITY TO EXIST! SHAME ON YOU STUPID ONES…YOU ARE VERY DUMB AND STUPID…YOU SHOULD FEEL VERY GUILTY! I AM EMBARRASSED TO LIVE IN A COUNTRY WITH SO MANY LAZY, STUPID, ENTITLED, UNINFORMED, DEGENERATE PEOPLE.  You are destroying this country for your children, all others here now and those to be born after you. This country will not exist with your kind stupidity! Our education system has been dumbed down so much by our progressive liberals that intelligence and wisdom have been replaced by those believing they are entitled to what others earn!

It is up to responsible CITIZENS to rise up and influence the DUMB, LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE , SOCIALIST, COMMUNIST, POLITICALLY CORRECT, MUSLIM ISLAMIC TERRORISTS, CERTAIN INDEPENDENTS…other illiterate Obamaphobes and New World Order ELITISTS to wake up to reality. It is sickening to see Al Gore pointificating again today about the false Global Warming Agenda of the Democrats.

On my Pinterest account I have had more than 1000 pins in the last week by those primarily admiring beautiful WATERFALLS.  During the same period I only received less than 20 pins on a miraculous 50 year achievement by a foreign country on the benefits of their development of a medical device that helps the body enjoy better health.  The Japanese are #1 in life longevity and the Americans are #40. Does that tell you anything about our priorities? I am amazed at how many more people are attracted by “beauty” than “health and technology” that potentially could benefit them. What a misuse of our intellectuality.

As I reached my tipping point tonight I wrote my two Senators, Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson of Florida, as well as my Congressman Daniel Webster who served as the leader of the Senate in Florida, and a much more qualified potential Congressional Leader to replace the incompetent John Boehner. For several months I have written Boehner and McConnell to take action against President Barack Obama because in my opinion he is not protecting our country and the American People…and that he should be IMPEACHED and charged with TREASON. I have received no reply…so I sent individual messages tonight to Rubio, Nelson and Webster asking them to respond to me…and below in italics is the message I sent to them…modified so that it is personally addressed to each of them. This one below is addressed to Congressman Daniel Webster…

Do you agree with this message? If you do…I sincerely hope that this message goes viral as I think it conveys the feelings of millions of Americans. If it does for you, I urge you to copy  the message and modify it according to your own beliefs…and send it  to your two Senators and your one Congressman…here is my message to all three of my elected Senators and Congressmen….God Bless America!




It is well recognized by Conservative Americans that President Barack Obama is not fulfilling his primary presidential responsibilities of protecting the United States and the Citizens of the United States!!! This President has committed many acts of Treason according to the Constitution. The Senate and Congress of the United States are not fulfilling their responsibilities by taking action against the President for his illegal and un-Constitutional acts.

In the case where a President will not fulfill his obligations of “protecting our country and it’s citizens” we believe that you as our elected Congressmen (and Senators) are responsible for accomplishing this vital obligation. Apparently you as our Congressmen (and Senators) do not consider it your responsibility or you would have taken action long ago (or maybe your incompetent leadership would not allow you to present your case on behalf of the American People).  And our communication system of emails and phone calls seems to isolate and insulate our political leaders from the public. 

Congressman Webster, I commend you personally on committing your desire to be elected as leader of the Congress and I fully support you in this effort. You are well qualified and performed admirably as the Leader of the Florida Senate. We truly need leaders of this country that show strength and courage if this country is to continue as a strong nation. The President continues to show his naivety and lack of commitment to this country in his actions every day. Americans should not have to wait for an election to have the Presidency, a party majority of 60 in the Senate and a Congressional party majority of 218 in order for the American people to be protected and for the Constitution to be followed!!! Do you have no other leverage to stop this destruction or are our leaders afraid to use it for fear of political consequences. Do you understand how much this country wants leaders who will tell the truth and take actions that benefit the nation and not destroy it??

When if ever do you plan to assume your pro-active duties of your Congressional (and elected Senatorial) positions)? And if it is not your responsibility to protect America and it’s citizens whose is it? As a citizen I expect to receive an answer from you, as well as from my Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Bill Nelson. I have requested that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell to take action to carry out their responsibilities and they never respond to my emails over many months of my asking for their actions. They both need to be replaced immediately…not months from now.

How about you sir? Can we count on you as a Congressman (and a House Leader Candidate) to take the necessary actions which you obviously know are long overdue?

Sincerely with grave concern for our country and American Citizens!

Dan Norris
Orlando, Florida

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