Hypocrisy and Media Campaigns Are Not Answer To Obamacare Crisis


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Liberal Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy and Media Campaigns Are Not Answer To Obamacare Crisis



President Obama meeting with liberal members of the media — looking for help?


Per Ed Henry:

Around 10:15am,  a series of liberal radio, tv, print, and online journalists were spotted arriving at White House, expected to meet with the president.

Not a complete list. Among the folks seen walking into the West Wing –

From MSNBC: Lawrence O’Donnell, Ezra Klein, Ed Schultz

From Fox: Juan Williams

From Huffington Post: Howard Fineman

From Mother Jones: David Corn

From New Republic: Jonathan Cohn

Read more:


Yesterday we heard and saw these actions by the White House and Senate…

  • The Senate adopted the “Nuclear Rule” in the Senate permitting a vote of only 51 members of the Senate as compared to 60 votes that we have had for 237 years…in order to pass a motion. This allows the Senate to pass confirmation of judges with only 51 votes…something that this country has never done before. This opens the door to apply the nuclear rule to all legislation. The short-term purposes are to load the D.C. Circuit Court with liberal judge appointments so that with liberal judges who will favor Obamacare, EPA and other regulatory measures. The Adminitration is attempting to take over both the legislative and executive branches through political actions.
  • The White House announced that the Obamacare enrollment deadline would be delayed  one month in 2014 from 10/15 to 11/15… the reason…so that they would occur after the 2014 Congressional and Senatorial Elections. The situation is that you vote first for your Congressman or Senator and then after the elections you find out how much your insurance policy costs increase with Obamacare. Does this timing allow you to be deceived and surprised again by the Democratic Administration?
  • A meeting was held at the White House of several of the most hard left of the liberal media and press…asking them to mount a media campaign to support the Obamacare Bill….and yes..the administration has stopped calling it Obamacare and is calling it the Affordable Care Act now…not unlike the politically correct WH decision to call the military base shooting of 14 Americans “workplace violence” as opposed to a terrorist attack.  Early indications are that this new media campaign will shift the blame for Obamacare Bill failures to the media, the insurance companies and the Republicans.  The White House has yet to express direct responsibility for lying to all Americans since mid-2010 about “you can keep your insurance plan” and “you can keep your doctor” and “your insurance costs will decrease by $2500 per family”.

All of these actions come on the heels of more than 5 million Americans receiving cancellation letters from their insurance companies…as a result of Obamacare setting new requirements for all insurance policies which necessitated the cancellations. It is projected that another 50 to 100+ million will also require new policies in the business community.

The Democratic Senators and Congressmen who all supported the President in misleading the American people…are now searching to find ways to save their jobs and get re-elected in 2014.

Do you think this kind of behavior is on behalf of your best interests or is it to benefit the Democratic Party?

If you like your Democratic Congressmen and Senators you can keep them!



FLASHBACK: Sen. Barack Obama Forcefully Denounces ‘Nuclear Option’


Americans are paying this administration for fair and mature leadership  for all citizens of this country. not just those politically aligned with the Democratic Party. There are serious matters that are not political…like the healthcare of our citizens.

We need the immediate repeal of Obamacare, and open debate of healthcare insurance solutions which include free competition across state lines and which will address the real issues facing citizens on healthcare. The current Bill is intended only for political objectives, not for the American People’s healthcare!



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