How Will You Vote To Get This Country On The Right Track?

According to a poll today 67% of Americans want change of direction for this country.  Liberalism, big government, and leading from behind have been proven totally wrong and ineffective for this country. Democratic Senators and Congressman have voted strongly for this President’s agenda and the American Public does not like his agenda. Since you are reading this so far then you are among the 40% of Americans who may show up at the Polls tomorrow. It is frightening that 60% of Americans will not vote and have no idea of what is going on in the governing of this country.

How Will You Vote To Get This Country On The Right Track?

The Democratic Party and Progressive Liberals have taken advantage of this for many years and are destroying American’s freedoms and rights. The Republican Party has not organized a cohesive political campaign since 2008 and competes with a give-away benefit social agenda by the Democrats…and although the Republican agenda is much better for the American People, the lack of an organized message and strong conservative leader who has appealed to all of the R’s and the I’s has left us searching for guidance, cohesiveness and a mission. The American Patriots, whom I believe are mostly conservative in thought,  need to identify a leader with charisma, major business management experience, international business and military experience, conservative values, other than a RINO (republican in name only)  that have been nominated for the last two presidential campaigns. No matter who the Republican Party nominates as a candidate you can count on the main stream media to do all possible to destroy that person’s credibility as they do not want to relinquish political power to anyone.

I am very concerned about the report below on Voter Fraud. With the billions of dollars that are taken from campaign supporters to promote candidates with advertising, if races are close within 5% margin between candidates then Voter Fraud can overcome this margin and elect candidates illegally.  It concerns me that there was such a surprise about Obama winning the 2012 presidential election…was voter fraud involved in that election as there was in Al Franken’s election? And the Democrats vehemently oppose any legislation that requires Voter ID to vote.  There must be a strong reason for the Democrats to want to make it possible for anyone to vote, even without identification. To me this is just another corrupt plank in the Democratic Party platform perpetrated upon the American People to keep them voting for the liberal party.

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O’Keefe Votes as 20 Different People Without Showing Any ID

Monday, November 3,2014

Voter laws across the country need to be changed immediately to prevent this sort of potential voter fraud.”

Investigative Reporter James O’Keefe has completely destroyed the idea that voting with no ID requirements does not result in election fraud.

In his latest undercover video, O’Keefe shows how easy it is for him to go vote as 20 different people just by providing a name and address, without an identification whatsoever.

Only 1 poll worker is suspicious of O’Keefe and refuses to let him vote.

North Carolina is one of only 19 states that allows voting without any sort of proof of identification at all. A recently passed law will take effect in 2016 which will require NC voters to have valid ID before they can vote.

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Communities Digital News

Top Ten Reasons to vote Democrat on November 4

By , Communities Digital News    11/3/2014

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When America Suffers, Democrats Thrive

Posted On 30 Oct 2014

It is a fact of American life that goes unnoticed far too often. Simply put, the more America suffers, the better it is for Democrats. That their entire ideology is based around ensuring that there are always “victims of the system” shows the depravity around which the American left is forged.

You can see it play out in almost every area. When the economy is in the toilet, more people will look to the government for a handout. Guess which party supports that lifestyle?

When marriage has been destroyed as an institution, more people will throw out the old social traditions. Guess which party supports a “progressive” approach to societal norms?

A growing illegal immigrant population threatens our culture, our economy, and our safety. Guess which party supports amnesty?

Republicans can hardly claim to have clean hands in any of these instances, but Democrats can only exist as long as their base feels victimized by America. You don’t hear this kind of language from conservatives. True, we’re just as likely to complain as anyone, but we don’t go around blaming the government for our lot in life. We understand that life is what you make of it. Politicians in Washington can make it a little easier or a little harder, but they can’t change that basic fact.

The Undirected Current

Liberals don’t see it that way. They see life as a river, upon which you just float along, watching the scenes go by. Maybe you’ll get lucky and float into a fortune. Maybe you’ll be unlucky and float into poverty. It’s up to the government to make sure that more people have a chance of avoiding the treacherous tributaries. Maybe provide some better rafts. Perhaps spruce up the not-so-nice parts of the river by stealing from the great parts.

I feel sorry for people who think this way. Life must be truly dire if you believe that most of what happens to you is out of your control. When you believe that you were born without much chance. It’s no wonder that surveys show that conservatives are happier. When you know that your circumstances are (by and large) a result of your decisions, it’s hard to be glum. Even if things aren’t going your way, you know that you have the power to change them. Not by standing in the street with a poster, but by doing the work.

I don’t, however, feel sorry for the politicians and elitists who continually preach this liberal nonsense to the uninformed. We used to be a country where anything was possible. Now, if you’re black, Hispanic, female, gay, transgender, or Native American, you are taught that you can only get ahead by changing the system. And if by some miracle you do become a success, you should feel guilty for having achieved it. After all, you didn’t do anything. Your raft just happened to float down a lucky corridor.

It’s time we started promoting that long-lost value of the American Dream. The country where every opportunity exists, no matter the color of your skin or your gender. Is there unfairness? Do some people have a leg up? Yep. That’s life. To let those disadvantages stop you from making the most out of your short time on the planet, though? That’s a choice. And it’s a choice Democrats desperately want you to make.

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