Elvis Presley-Greatest Gospel Songs Plus More

Elvis Presley Greatest Hits
Elvis Presley

Given all the politically motivated dissension created among Americans during the last several weeks, I believe that our country is in deep need of unifying dialogue and fellowship, accompanied by many prayers!  I believe that our wonderful friend Elvis Presley was to  all of America what Martin Luther King was to Black America…just listen to his songs and especially…”If I Can Dream” which expresses total hope and optimism for a peaceful and loving America with everyone included. Elvis Presley was one who united people with his talents and his songs…so meaningful expecially today!

Elvis Presley-Greatest Gospel Songs Plus More

For many of us, Elvis Presley has provided over the years great pleasure and satisfaction to those who listened to his wonderful music.  I have not heard many of his favorites for much too long. This Friday afternoon,  I decided that I would enjoy some of Elvis’s Greatest Gospel Music.

I happen to be on the side of those who believe that America did have a Christian Founding. If you would like to enjoy an excellent scholarly paper on  “Did America Have a Christian Founding?”  written by by of the Heritage Foundation you can read his very excellent analysis.

The first topic below consists of (35) individual videos of Elvis’s Great Gospel Hits that automatically sequence after one another. I hope that you enjoy these as my additional favorites below that first medley.




By:  patrebeldixie2         35 videos   See Playlist    1 hour, 43 minutes



RARE Footage of Elvis Songs to the LORD!



24BaZZa – Saved By Grace Productions Published on Mar 1, 2014



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  1. I so very much enjoyed listening to Elvis sing those wonderful old hymns. Thank you kindly for posting them for us to hear again. Indeed they bring back happy memories, as well as giving us guidance for our lives today. They are quite special.

    1. Hello Helen…so glad that you enjoyed Elvis sing the old hymns…he creates such nostalgia for us as you say…those were incredible years with all of the wonderful entertainers.
      Thank you.

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