Dr. Bonnie Carlson – Letter #2 To Donald Trump From Concerned Florida Citizen!

Dr. Bonnie Carlson – Letter #2 To Donald Trump From Concerned Florida Citizen!

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Concerned Florida Citizen
Dr. Bonnie C. Carlson, RN, PhD, ND -Guest Author



Introduction of Dr. Bonnie Carlson’s Letters to Mr. Donald Trump:

If you truly love America,,,  and are committed to saving our Republic… then reading Dr. Bonnie Carlson’s Letters #1, #2 and #3 to Mr. Donald Trump are vitally important! This Blog will provide separately published Posts consisting of Letter #1, Letter #2 and Letter #3.
Many Americans regret strongly that they did not know much or ever try to find out about our current president before voting for him.  As a result many of those same people do not want to make these mistakes again. No wonder they don’t want these horrific mistakes again…our country is failing in every key area while the President pats himself on the back using strategies from socialists Saul Alinsky and George Soros and more..
Soros, who broke the Bank of England, and whom most do not know owns “Progressive Insurance Company” and uses his profits to destroy your country and your livelihood. The obvious corruption is in the face of those who refuse to find out the truth or even listen to anyone who has taken the time to know the truth. Are you just a voter looking for a “please be nice boys and girls kind of voter”…or do you have any concerns about having your own and your families heads chopped off while the Islamic Terrorists and Muslims believing in Sharia Law increasingly destroy you , your families and your country. Do we need more politicians or problem solvers that truly believe in the United States Constitution?
Some racially based Americans are so emotionally biased that many disregard atrocities and appear that they are not capable of adding 2 and 2.  Logic is not even evident in many “low-information” “non-thinking  voters of our country”.
If you want to destroy America even more quickly vote for Hillary.
Tell me…what has the Democratic Party done to help the minority races in the last 60 years…other than giving freebies…and to fill their pockets with taxpayer money and destroy their families and their pride…to make them think that the Democrats have been and are helping them.  In addition to the Democrats there are also many Republican Senators and Congressional Representatives who have also sold out to the money power brokers with the Lobbyists in their offices every day.
American Pundits, Mainstream Media, the Establishment, the Bureaucracy and the Wealthy Political Power Base are desperate to tell you who to vote for now…as is usual for them. They are frightened that their game of promising everything and producing nothing for you is being challenged. Their purposes are obvious and are to selfishly continue to control you to achieve their political and financial agendas.
These (3) letters dated 9/10/2015, 11/18/2015 and 3/1/2016  have been sent to Mr. Trump by Guest Author Dr. Bonnie Carlson of Central Florida.
As a friend and business associate of Dr. Carlson, when I read her (3) letters to Mr. Trump, I decided that the letters should be published to the maximum number of media targets.  These letters contain excellent non-biased professionally researched information which can be very beneficial for voters wanting to make an informed presidential voting decision.  Dr. Carlson graciously agreed as  a very concerned and patriotic Guest Author and I am very pleased to publish Dr. Carlson’s Letters to Mr. Trump on this Blog.
As creator and author of two Blogs, “American Patriots Unite” and “The Conservative” I learned invaluable information from Dr. Carlson’s Letters #1, #2 and #3 which have substantiated again my decision to vote for Donald Trump as our next President. For example, one of the first set of facts that I learned in these Letters were answers to the following questions that the Pundits and Media are telling us could never be done. Not true my friend!!! You really have to read this! Do you know what has been done by American Presidents multiple times during the last century! Those in control are not being truthful with you…just as they tell you that a wall 1,000 miles long cannot be built. This is very untruthful as the Chinese built THE WALL OF CHINA more than (3,000+) miles long centuries ago without today’s equipment. Here are some of the important questions and answers that you will learn about when you read Dr. Carlson’s (3) Letters to Mr. Trump….
Who was the very famous American Inventor, Author and Painter 1791-1872 that was a leader of America’s Anti-Immigration Movement?
Which American President  1929-1933 deported “All Illegal Aliens In America”?
Which American President 1933-1945 deported “20 Million Mexicans”?
Which American President 1945-1953 deported “2 Million Mexicans”?
Which American President 1953-1961 deported “13 Milion Americans”?
What Is “The New World Order”?
I urge you to set aside time to read these (3) Letters from Dr. Carlson so that you can learn answers to these questions and to many other issues that face this country! I agree with Dr. Carlson
and also believe that only Mr. Donald Trump has the world-wide knowledge, qualifications, honesty, compassion,  experience, integrity, spiritual commitment,  skills and wisdom to save our great country at this time…America, the country that I love! Please set aside dedicated time to truly benefit your country and yourself.
Dan Norris
Author of
Dan Norris
Dan Norris. “American Patriots Unite” Blog and “The Conservative” Blog Author
Concerned Florida Citizen
Dr. Bonnie M. Carlson, RN, PhD, ND

Guest Author

Dr. Bonnie Carlson – Letter #2 To Donald Trump From Concerned Florida Citizen!

November 18, 2015

Dear Mr. Trump,

I would like to add one more former President to the list I previously sent to you regarding Presidents who deported illegal’s. I didn’t mention that FDR also deported illegal’s during the 1929 Depression, but 20 Million Mexicans were promptly deported to Mexico as a hedge against the Depression when he was President. Just wanted to share this with you to add to the list of Presidents who deported illegal’s.

What is happening in the world today is exactly what Samuel Morse tried to prevent by insisting we close our borders to save our country!

In light of recent terrorist events, it’s obvious psychopaths rule our world. They are responsible for all the evil taking place. What is extremely dangerous about psychopaths is that they DO NOT HAVE A CONSCIENCE and they CANNOT BE CURED.  This is because they are not truly HUMAN even though they look human. They are soul-less creatures that have no empathy, heart or soul. That is what is trying to take over the world. Psychologists label those without a conscience a “PSYCHOPATH.” The Lord calls someone without a conscience, an “ANTICHRIST“. These labels are one and the same for they both describe creatures without a conscience.

There are “many antichrists” in the world according to 1 John 2:18. This means we are in a battle between good and evil, between right and wrong, between light and darkness and unless they are stopped, their agenda to “steal, kill and destroy” will continue and escalate. There is no reasoning or negotiation possible with a psychopath for they cannot change since they have no conscience to appeal to. They are heartless, conscienceless non-humans who take pleasure in hurting and destroying others.

The following information is Dr. Robert Hare’s Checklist who wrote the book, “Without Conscience.” He is the “father” of psychopathy. The reason psychopaths are able to do what they so is because they wear a mask so they remain undetected. Normal people cannot understands the psychopathic brain and their evil agenda. Like snakes and other predatory animals, psychopaths are dangerous predators who cannot stop their destructive ways. Also, they cannot be reformed because the brain of a psychopath is different from a normal brain on an MRI according to the latest medical research.

That is why it is imperative everyone learn to identify a psychopath before they target us, for they swarm all around us. However, it is very difficult to spot a psychopath unless you live or work with one on a daily basis. This is because they are skilled manipulators and con artists who appear to be some of the nicest people on earth. But, there are red flags to look for if we know what they are and every psychopath exhibits the exact same traits. It’s as though they all came out of the same mold–the antichrist/psychopath mold. Like evil angels, psychopaths can masquerade as “angels of light” but they are exceedingly dangerous. They have even fooled experienced psychologists and psychiatrists because they are skilled actors who appear totally normal socially. Unless one works or lives with them, most of us would not be able to detect a psychopath.. In the attachment, Dr. Hare lists the traits of a psychopath that can help us spot them before they can target and prey on us to “steal, kill and destroy.” Psychopaths are extremely evil and a huge problem in this world in dealing with people in general. It’s imperative we learn how to spot them before they can do their damage


Dr. Bonnie Carlson, RN, PhD, ND

P.O. Box 1102

Lady Lake, FL 32158



Attachment #1

Dr. Robert  Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist-Revised A Diagnostic Tool To Identify a Psychopath

Dr. Robert Hare, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, where he has taught and conducted research for more than four decades, devoted most of his academic career to the study of psychopathy. Dr. Hare wrote the book, “Without Conscience and also created the PC-L Psychopathy Checklist as a tool to determine the length of stay for criminals in prison.  

When properly completed by a qualified professional, the PCL-R (Psychopathy Checklist) provides a total score that indicates how closely the test subject matches the “perfect” score that a classic or prototypical psychopath would rate. Each of the twenty items is given a score of 0, 1, or 2 based on how well it applies to the subject being tested. A prototypical psychopath would receive a maximum score of 40, while someone with absolutely no psychopathic traits or tendencies would receive a score of zero. A score of 30 or above qualifies a person for a diagnosis of psychopathy. People with no criminal backgrounds normally score around 5. Many non-psychopathic criminal offenders score around 22.

Dr. Hare spends much time with each prisoner  and consequently, scores them to his best abilities. But even to Dr. Hare’s own chagrin, he has been duped by many psychopaths. With that in mind, please do not read through the traits and instantly analyze everyone in your life. This information is meant to give you an overview and it’s something you can use as a tool to assess yourself and to use wisely when assessing others.

This test is not given to the psychopath. It is for those who know the person from having lived or worked with them on a daily basis such as their family or co-workers who are puzzled by the abnormal, destructive, bizarre behavior exhibited by the person. Those who know someone best are the only ones who can accurately respond to this test. Psychopaths wear a mask of normality in society so they are hard to identify socially, even by psychologists/psychiatrists who have no prior experience with them.

Due to a psychopath’s flattering, magnetic charm, charisma, outgoing personality psychopaths make friends very easily and can fool nearly everyone. A score of “30” or more on the PCL-R test identifies a diagnosable psychopath which can be life-saving. It helps us spot the psychopaths among us before they can create nightmares of chaos and destruction in our lives.

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist–Revised





















Attachment #2

What You Must Know About Psychopaths
Harry Bethel
© 2012 by Harry Bethel

Only about one in 30,000 psychopaths are serial killers. The Hollywood depiction of psychopaths is, in part, a distraction from the real dangers concerning the typical psychopath who is not a serial killer, but is extremely evil and dangerous.

There are more than 10,000,000 psychopaths in the United States (yes, more than ten million) and more than 100,000,000 worldwide and the percentage of psychopaths is increasing. Many psychopaths “target” true Christians because Christians are generally more empathic and easier to manipulate and control.

If you are an empathic Christian living in America (where the percentage of psychopaths is higher than most countries), you have been or are now or probably will be, unknowingly, in a close relationship with a psychopath. Most likely, you will know that you have been emotionally and physically drained, confused, and even devastated—but you will not understand why. I strongly recommend that you carefully read this entire article.

Psychopaths have infiltrated all strata of society, including corporate executives (and lower-level employees), law enforcement, military, politicians and other government workers including those in the highest positions, medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers, psychologists and psychiatrists, lawyers, Hollywood and TV actors, newscasters and talk-show hosts, financial institutions, Wall Street jobs, academia, pastors and other church leaders, and perhaps your next-door neighbor, or your husband or wife or son or daughter or father or mother.

Psychopaths get pleasure by physically and/or mentally abusing any human being, and believe they are far superior to all humans. Psychopaths know that the conscience and empathy of humans are severe hindrances that deter evil deeds, and are to be used by the psychopath to exploit, manipulate and control humans for their own benefit and pleasure.

One of the main manipulative techniques employed by psychopaths is evoking pity from a target. They are adept at causing the innocent prey to feel guilty or responsible for the evil behavior of the predatory psychopath.

Psychopaths are not psychotic, nor are they considered to be insane by the U.S. judicial system. They are rational and are fully aware of their motives, predatory nature and evil behavior.

Psychopaths are not humans with a personality disorder. Psychopaths are non-human entities whose father is the Devil. Their behavior is consistent with the essence of their being. That is, they do exactly what they were designed to do. Likewise, demons do not have a personality disorder, their behavior and motives are consistent with the essence of their being.

Psychopaths themselves know that they do not have a personality disorder. Many of them are aware that they are not human.

Psychopaths are not psychotic, and they are rational thinkers. They know they are apex predators. (An apex predator is a creature that, as an adult has no natural predators. Apex predators are top-level predators with no predators of their own, like great white sharks, polar bears and African lions.)

Psychopaths do not have a conscience. It is impossible for a human being to comprehend the mind of a psychopath. The way psychopaths view themselves in contrast to humans is fundamentally different from the essential attributes that make one a “human.” They lack empathy, remorse for any wrongdoing, compassion and love.

The vast majority of psychopaths never kill humans. However, all of them are very capable of killing any human (including their children or spouse or parents) if it suited their situation and they would not lose a moment’s sleep even if they killed all of them at one time.

To a psychopath, when they kill a human, it is not murder. To them it is no more murder to kill a human than it is murder for a great white shark to kill a mackerel. The difference is that great white sharks kill to eat and survive, and psychopaths kill for pleasure or to prevent being exposed as a psychopath. However, some psychopaths do, literally, eat their human prey that they killed. But their motive is not to obtain food to survive.

Because of society’s general beliefs in right and wrong and ethical human behavior and morality, dictated primarily by the conscience of normal human beings, psychopaths know the difference between right and wrong, but they simply do not care if they violate society’s standards—or the clear commands of the Bible.

Psychopaths do not view themselves as being a part of human society, although they do a fantastic job of blending in, and relatively few psychopaths are ever exposed.

By the time psychopaths reach the age of puberty, or shortly thereafter, they realize that there is something fundamentally different about the way they think, their desires, their motives, and so forth.

Psychopaths do not fear God. Indeed, some psychopaths view themselves as some kind of god, or at least, a demigod who is not bound by the laws, rules and ethics of humans.

Psychopaths believe humans are here for them to use like any material thing that they use, and they have never felt guilty or remorseful about anything they have ever said or done.

Psychopaths are experts at hiding their evil motives and machinations and are the most evil creatures on the planet. (Psychopaths vary in the extremes of their evil behavior.)

The soon-coming Antichrist and False Prophet will be psychopaths, as well as all the elite New World Order controllers who are currently working behind the scenes to establish the end-time One-World Government and Economic System, which will soon be ready to implement.

In the Revelation God refers to the Antichrist and the False Prophet as a “beast.” In the Greek, the word for “beast” means wild animal. A beast is not a human.

Psychopaths have no conscience, do not love (nor can they comprehend what love is), are liars who can pass lie detector tests, are usually very good actors, use invented personas that they change to manipulate different targets, have never experienced empathy, compassion, sympathy, guilt or remorse, and are the worst kind of predator on the earth. Indeed, they are evil personified.

Psychopaths pick a target (prey) after observing their weak points. They can rapidly make the prey believe that the psychopath is a “dream come true” in the new relationship, oftentimes encouraging a quick marriage, then they continue to manipulate and control the target, emotionally draining him or her, and, in other ways, wreak havoc until the psychopath abandons their prey (or until the prey escapes).

The charm of a psychopath is second to none. It is as if “they never met anyone they didn’t know.” Their initial friendliness and charisma is virtually irresistible to unsuspecting targets.

After psychopaths abandon their close-relationship prey, they oftentimes defame them with lies and extraordinarily evil character assassination. They move on to, or keep their eyes open for, their next unsuspecting and naive prey.

It takes years for some people who have been in a long-term close relationship with a psychopath to recover from the emotional vampirism and mental abuse to which they were subjected. In some cases they never recover and are committed to mental institutions or commit suicide, because the experience is so mind-blowing and devastating and incomprehensible when they realize that the person whom they loved never loved or cared one little bit for them and abandoned them as easily as flipping off a light switch.

The target discovers that he or she was in love with a persona and that the marriage vows meant absolutely zero to the psychopathic spouse. The target is devastated after realizing that the person they loved and “knew” never existed. It was all an act and a persona invented just for them. This experience is unique (like none other) and cannot be conveyed to anyone who has not experienced this mind-blowing scenario that forever alters the target’s view of extreme non-human evil.

The deceived target perceives the psychopath’s invented persona as their long-awaited, perfect “soul mate.”

The target usually discovers that he or she is one of many who have been used and abused and emotionally devastated (until recovery) by one of the earth’s supreme predators.

Most psychopaths are very promiscuous and, over many years, have sexual relations with dozens or hundreds of short-term and long-term human targets.

Many psychopaths have had several short-term marriages with humans, and this fact is oftentimes not revealed to a new target or “spouse.”

There is no cure for psychopathy because it is not a disease or personality disorder, it is the nature of the “beast,” like a rattlesnake or great white shark. They live in a human body, but their brain is somewhat different from humans.

Trying to cure a psychopath from being a psychopath is like trying to cure a rattlesnake from being a rattlesnake.

God does not save psychopaths, anymore than He saves demons or Satan, or Nephilim.

Imprisoned psychopaths oftentimes claim to have had a born-again experience (and are extremely convincing actors) who successfully deceive parole boards, experienced psychologists and psychiatrists, judges, jurors and “family members.”

Some criminals who claim to have been born again while incarcerated were not psychopathic, but rather psychotic. Psychotics have a conscience, but psychopaths do not.

Some psychopaths specialize in posing as an outstanding “Christian,” reading their Bible and praying every day and being active in church programs, etc. Some take Bible courses or attend Bible college or seminary in order to deceive a parole board and/or their current or future targets.

Most psychopaths have never been convicted of a crime, and the prison population in the U.S. is comprised of only about 25% psychopaths. However, at least, 50% of all violent crimes are committed by psychopaths and their rate of recidivism is much higher than that of non-psychopath inmates.

Some reasons why psychopaths might pick you for their prey:

If you believe there is some good in all people whether they are true Christians or not, you are an ideal target for a psychopath. There is absolutely no good whatsoever in a psychopath. They are pure evil. Everything they say or do that “appears” to be good, is only part of their invented persona meant to deceive, manipulate and disarm you and others.

Psychopaths are the most deceptive creatures and the most convincing liars on the planet. They can deceive and manipulate seasoned psychologists, psychiatrists and law enforcement workers who have had decades of experience. So, you do not necessarily need to be naive to become a target, it just makes it easier and less challenging for the predator.

Psychopaths are classic “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” which includes many so-called pastors and church leaders. Psychopaths are more evil and more dangerous than a demon. If you cannot accept this truth you are ripe for becoming the prey of a psychopath, with very serious consequences.

Psychopaths cannot be discerned like a demonic spirit can. I have the gift of discernment of spirits and can discern demons when they come close to me. However, I have never been able to discern the spirit of a psychopath, even while being in a long-term, close relationship with one. In terms of discerning their evilness, God has created them in such a way that they are fully camouflaged, spiritually. However, I can now detect various behaviors that expose psychopaths.

This is one thing that makes psychopaths more dangerous than a demon. Psychopaths can pass as a dedicated Christian for many years, without discovery except by someone who is a psychopath, or someone who has been trained to detect psychopaths.

1. If you don’t believe there are people who do not have a conscience.

2. If you are very lonely and looking for companionship.

3. If you easily fall for a “pity play,” including, for example, wanting to give money to every street person holding a cardboard sign that you encounter.

4. If you are emotionally insecure and desire a relationship with someone who is emotionally strong. (Psychopaths can spot an insecure human very easily.)

5. If you have accounts on social networking websites, you should consider deleting all of them. Those websites are a feast for psychopaths, who are the world’s best con artists.

How to recognize psychopaths:

They are glib and superficial. That is to say, psychopaths seem to be very much at ease, speaking in a smooth, informal and nonchalant manner. Their words seem to be insincere and without depth, but this red flag is usually ignored by the target.

They advance in the new relationship extremely fast, and they make you think it is because you and the psychopath are so much alike and are just perfect for one another. The psychopath may tell you that he (or she) loves you the first day that you meet.

They seem to be overly caring and concerned about your well-being, having just met you.

Most psychopaths can be very charming and very flattering. They are experts at making you feel good about yourself. However, there will almost always be several prominent “red flags” early on, but will usually be ignored because the psychopath is so “nice” and charismatic, and fun to talk with and fun to be with. The target will likely dismiss one red flag after another, against his or her intuition or “gut feeling” that something definitely is not right about this “person” or the way in which the relationship is very rapidly progressing.

Psychopaths are promiscuous and will likely tempt you to become sexually involved very soon. (The psychopath may be aware that he or she has a sexually transmitted disease, including AIDS, but will not tell the target.)

Many psychopaths have a history of frequently moving from one residence to another, and/or a vague history with long periods of absence. They tend to be very bored and are almost constantly seeking new prey.

Psychopaths almost always play the “pity card” and repeatedly recount, for example, how bad their childhood was and how they had to fend for themselves because of the parental neglect or abuse. All of this is to evoke sympathy and compassion. It is all part of their scheme to manipulate and control humans.

In conversation, a psychopath may use phrases like “get away with” when they are talking about something bad that they did, with the desire to avoid blame or punishment or criticism. All psychopaths spend their entire life seeking to “get away with” as much as they possibly can, using anyone they can.

The modus operandi of psychopaths is as though they are all using the same “How To” manual. There seems to be some kind of spirit that influences and guides all psychopaths in the same basic mode of operation. Actually, it is because, by design, they are essentially all the same, like all snakes—except some are more aggressive than others.

There are three main stages through which the pernicious psychopath takes the target.

The first stage is Idealization. This includes excessive flattery and giving much “love” and attention to the target.

The second stage is Devaluation. Psychopaths are very adept at knowing just which buttons to push and when. Psychopaths start tearing down all that was built up; criticizing and devaluing the target. If the psychopath is a “wife” she will blatantly rebel against the target-“husband.” Before psychopaths are ready to abandon their prey they will have already begun to “gaslight” the target.

Gaslighting is a term used by those who study psychopathy to define mind games that psychopaths play to try to make their prey think they have lost their mind and have lost their grasp of reality.

The term “gaslight” comes from a movie made in 1944 titled, “Gaslight.” In the movie, a woman’s husband tries to make her believe she is going insane, in part, by him secretly reducing the flow of natural gas to the lights in the house. The wife notices the dim lights, but the husband denies there has been any change in the brightness and that she is only imagining things.

Tricking their prey, psychopaths do several things to make their targets think they are going crazy, such as moving pieces of furniture around in a room and the psychopath asking the target, for example, “Why did you move that chair to the other side of the room?”

Another example of gaslighting would be repeatedly leaving the top off of a bottle of mouthwash or a toothpaste tube, and, when asked, the psychopath convincingly denies having done such a thing. The target usually begins to believe that he or she repeatedly left the top off, but could not remember doing it.

There are many ways in which the psychopath uses “gaslighting” to try to damage the target mentally. (Including while talking on the telephone.) The purpose is to completely control the prey, and to win the “game” that can actually result in the bewildered prey being incarcerated in a mental institution, or even committing suicide. Either one of these outcomes would give the perverted, evil psychopath a “rush” and pleasure beyond description. If the target were to commit suicide the psychopath’s pleasure would be “over the top.”

Psychopaths derive great pleasure from causing their prey mental and physical suffering—and the evil predators never feel any remorse or guilt.

The third stage is Abandonment. After the psychopath has determined that there is nothing more to get from using the mentally (and probably physically) drained prey, the emotional vampire abruptly abandons them. A target may come home to unexpectedly discover that the psychopath is gone and nowhere to be found.

Of course, there are cases in which the target abandons (escapes from) the psychopath if they finally realize that they have been dealing with an evil entity all along. In any case, if possible, the absolute best thing to do after being abandoned or escaping is to have NO CONTACT WHATSOEVER. NONE.

After the abandonment (or the target’s escape) the psychopath oftentimes embarks on a horrendous smear campaign against the target (even if it is limited to family, friends and acquaintances), with outlandish lies and gross exaggerations, accusing the target of the very things the psychopath did. Mutual friends and neighbors and family members oftentimes believe the very convincing psychopath, and think that the target is lying and/or has become mentally ill. This intensely frustrating situation alone would be enough to cause utter despair and debilitating.

Again, psychopaths have no conscience and they believe that they are far superior to humans. Psychopaths have nothing but contempt for all humans because humans were created in the image of God with a conscience, have empathy and compassion.

Psychopaths are the earth’s most evil creatures, who, just like Satan and his demons, are here to steal, to kill, and to destroy humans. “God…endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction” (Romans 9:22).

Psychopaths are in the same class of creatures as some of the Jews whom Jesus told, “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father” (John 8:44).

Like Satan and his minions, all psychopaths are antichrist and anti-humans. They believe that humans are at their disposal to use just as their father, the devil, desires.

Psychopaths, like Satan, can masquerade as an angel of light.

“Just as you heard that Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrist have appeared; from this we know that it is the last hour. They went out from us, but they were not really of us” (1 John 2:18-1)


End of Letter dated 11/18/2015 and Attachments #1 and #2



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