Do You Think Obama Has The Right Priorities For America?

Will Republican Leaders Stand Up?
Obama’s Executive Order on Illegal Immigration

Do you notice that President Obama shows major differences in his priorities for this country than do most logical thinking American Citizens?

Do You Think Obama Has The Right Priorities For America?

The differences between Obama’s thinking and that of real American Citizens are unbelievable! For me, I wonder if President Obama lives in the same country that I do. Surely I am not alone.

It seems that President Obama and the mainstream media live in a fantasy world that recognizes no reality, and certainly not the reality that benefits American Citizens! Why would anyone want to destroy this great nation?

On the one hand, Obama is begging Iran to agree to an unpopular agreement with no teeth for a nuclear treaty while on the other hand not even recognizing that Vladimir Putin is laughing at his weakness as a leader of this country.

Valerie Jarrett
Senior Advisor to President Obama

While this is going on, the Republican Congressmen and Senators have benefited personally from the passing of the Fast Track Amendments ..”According to data made available by OpenSecrets, the Representatives who voted for fast track, received, on average, 91 percent more money from pro-fast track companies during the last election cycle than the Representatives who voted against it. The Representatives who voted for fast track received, on average, $451,512 from pro-fast track companies, while those who voted against received, on average, $236,921.” 

To me this shows emphatically that American Citizens do not receive fair and honest representation from their elected Congress and Senators. The lobbyists motivated this vote with payoffs to the Congress and Senate. The entire political process is corrupt with the politicians enjoying the spoils and payoffs to benefit them as opposed to their constituents. The Congress and Senate are sheilded from the American People by using their “office staff”and bureaucratically designed emails that protect them. It is impossible to communicate with a Congressman or Senator directly…they are too good and too busy to speak to U.S. Citizens.

The United States is in a deep cycle of corruption led by the President of the United States, the ineffective Administration,  the Clinton’s, the Democratic Party and their elected officials and many of the Republican Party in top leadership positions. Both Boehner and McConnell are highly questionable in my opinion.

Obama's Priorities
Carly Fiorina
An International Business Leader

When anyone challenges this cycle of political corruption, like a Donald Trump, the leadership of both parties, the mainstream media, the financial communities backing their candidates, and the paid party advocates come out of the woodwork to destroy anyone that dares even tell the truth about what is going on in the political agendas of America. Most of these advocates for the current agenda are corrupt to the core and need removal from their respective positions immediately.

Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz

In my humble opinion we have a limited number of presidential candidates that are not politically corrupt and owned by special interests…and those candidates whom I especially admire…are under tremendous pressures to adhere to political correctness and to not make any waves that could upset any special RINO interest group. How disappointing for America that we permit the inept financially  elite politicians to decide our fate!

Massive money has been the deciding power play in how candidates are elected and as a result how our country is governed. In our circumstances today, the Liberal Power Players including George Soros and those tremendously wealthy moguls like him…are dictating to this country all of the major policies by which we are being governed. The New World Order is already here with the rule of a tyrant whose administration totally avoids the will of the American People, the truth, and supports Hillary Clinton’s subterfuge agreement with countries around the world for political favors to benefit the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and their heirs.  The United States was never intended to be the beneficiary of the contributions made to the Clinton Foundation. While this internal American strife is proceeding, there are dangerous, powerful international forces including Russia, Iran, North Korea and ISIS that all would like to destroy America. Our President Obama is so naive that he has no conception of what is transpiring, and if he does, he is intentionally acting to support the destruction of America. How can you reach any other conclusion?

Ted Cruz
Senator Marco Rubio
Republican – Florida

My question is…are the American people ready to surrender their country and their freedoms to a group of thugs, perverts, thieves, liars, homosexuals, drug addicts and irresponsible individuals like we have in office today?

Do the American people care anymore…or are they willing to speak up to the media, the Congress, the Senate, and to this President?  Our serious American Citizen feelings are very deep-rooted now…I can feel it all over this country..and I see so much intimidation going on by this President with the IRS as well as the Justice Department, that millions of people are not willing to speak their real feelings. This is very unfortunate, as we have an extremely unpopular leader acting as a dictator and oppressing the American People in the process.

Obama's Priorities
Donald Trump

What actions are you willing to take to save this once great country? If you are not action oriented and prefer to be very passive on the subject, do you have any opinions that you would like to express to save America or do you feel that we should continue on this course to destruction and annihilation? Would you share why you are so passive and unconcerned about your future and that of your children and grandchildren?

The Empty Chair
The Empty Chair

Thank you in advance for expressing your heartfelt opinions.

Dan Norris

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