Are You Safe In America With Obama Until January 2017?

Is America Safe With Obama?
Hope and Change
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Barack Hussein Obama declared before his election that his intentions were to “fundamentally transform America”
Very few Americans had any real idea of what his goals really meant as they were hidden by his insincere and ambiguous words “Hope and Change”!

Are You Safe In America With Obama Until January 2017?

President Obama has been enormously successful in achieving his socialistic and left-wing objectives over two terms! The United States of America in less than 7 years has been virtually destroyed in every important category that the country had previously led the world and enjoyed highly respected leadership positions.

Ask any conscious, aware, reasonably informed rational thinking American citizen how they think our President is performing on the following issues. I meet less than 1 of 10 citizens that believe that he is acting as a responsible president and most of those are very angry about his leadership. There is a tremendous groundswell of dissatisfaction and considerable anger in America. I ask that you decide how you feel on these important facts below…

The following describes many of the disastrous results of Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America”…

  • The American Economy now has 93 million unemployed Americans out of a total of 317 million population of men, women and children.
  • Average annual wages have declined over 7 years since President Obama has been in office. Average working hours have been reduced as a result of Obamacare laws and regulations.
  • The United States currently has a growing national debt of  $18+ Trillion- which has grown more than under any president ever!
  • The Government Payroll has grown enormously while competitive Industry business volume has decreased
  • Our Healthcare System has been destroyed by passing The Affordable Care Act
  • Our Foreign Relations and Respect Around The World Are In Total Disarray with no strategy or plan to recover
  • The Security of Our Country As America Is Threatened by Russia, ISIS, Iran, North Korea and more
  • The military forces and experienced military leadership levels have been reduced by the president to the lowest levels since before World War II
  • The Safety of all American Citizens is now seriously at risk  by allowing Islamic Terrorists to Penetrate Our Country With No Protected Borders
  • Our Immigration System Is Totally Ineffective As We Have No Effective Security or Protected Borders. Illegal Immigration is uncontrolled and rampant crime is occurring in Sanctuary Cities.
  • Our Legal System System has been ignored as President Obama Refuses To Govern by The United States Constitution
  • The Country Has Never Been So Racially Divided As President Obama Has Encouraged Racial Strife and Division
  • Our Police Protection System Has Been Seriously Weakened As A Result of The President’s Divisive Attorney General’s Office
  • Our Businesses Environment of both Small and Large Business  Have Never Been So Detrimentally Regulated
  • The Internal Revenue Service Is Attacking Politically Conservative Segments of America
  • The Veterans Administration Is Managed Incompetently and Does Not Serve Americans Veterans Properly
  • The Obama Administration attempts to govern on the basis of Political Correctness and avoids doing the correct things for this country
  • President Obama’s actions, attitudes and disrespect for the core values of this country have created chaos, division, and great concern among the American Citizens.
  • President Obama’s priorities of action for this country are contrary to the wishes of the American Citizens…he is ignoring the wishes of the citizens in favor of establishing his legacy!
  • President Obama’s insistence on a disastrous nuclear development and arming agreement with Iran is a folly that all countries around the world disrespect and vehemently disagree.
  • President Obama’s veto of the Keystone Pipeline increases energy prices throughout the U.S. as well as our dependence upon foreign oil. Independence from foreign oil suppliers would increase the non-dependence upon the highly volatile oil suppliers around the world.

And there is more as the list goes on.



I ask you to join me in making  your personal decision as to how the above considerations may be affecting you, your family including your children, your loved ones, those in your community, and the future generations of the United States. and as a result to take action based on your conclusions.  I would very much like to receive additional alternatives reflecting your thoughts so please enter those as comments.  These are the options as I see them…

1. To be in agreement with the above actions, supporting this President and his Administration, and continue your support.

2. To be in disagreement with the above actions, however to do nothing to attempt to change the course of this President’s actions by simply accepting our circumstances as “just politics” and hopefully in the future to be able to change the outcome and consequences.  Depending on the candidate choices offered for the 2016 elections you may or may not elect to vote for any candidate and if your choice of candidate is not your Party’s candidate then you may not vote at all.

3. To be in very strong disagreement with the above actions, and to voice your disagreement with your friends, family, and social contacts. Your actions are limited to expressing your views with your personal contacts and talk shows and other public venues for disagreement. You will wait until the 2016 elections to vote as an expression of your opinion. You may work locally with your Party to support and elect candidates. You will probably express your opinions on social media of your choice.

4  To be in very strong disagreement with the above actions, and to voice your disagreement with your friends, family, social contacts, and to contact your Senators and Congressman on their Official Websites.  You will express your disagreement as well on public venues including social websites and talk shows.

5. To agree and actively participate in Option 4 above however to express to your Senators and Congressman that you are requesting removal of the current president and vice-president from their Offices of the United States for reasons of Treason for not protecting this country and it’s citizens. According to Article II, Section 4. of the United States Constitution , The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

6. To sign petitions supporting and endorsing the actions described in Paragraphs 4. and 5. above.

7. To sign petitions requesting the Resignation of the President and Vice-President of the United States.

The above are the peaceful and reasonable options that I view that we currently have as United States Citizens prior to Election Date in November 2016 and Inaguration Date of January 2017.

I will sincerely appreciate your comments and your personal actions that you decide upon in the current critical circumstances or our country.


Dan Norris



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