Do You Agree With This Tremendous Vision of Opportunity For America!


Vision For America!
Thanksgiving 2013!

Millions of Americans including you and I have been lied to many times by this Administration…by the President…by Senators…and  by Congressmen. Pardon me however this word “lied” is accurate…and it should be called out as to exactly what it is and continues to be, and not with political correctness! Enough of the PC that denies people of their rights, healthcare and terrorist caused injury compensation that they deserve..

Do You Agree With This Tremendous Vision of Opportunity For America!

As a result of the severe personal damage that has been done to so many Americans by this Administration’s politicians in the last 5 years I believe that “We The People” of these United States will reject this Administration strongly in the elections of 2014 and 2016.

I for one will do everything possible to talk with my friends, neighbors and everyone that will read and listen…to discuss with them the wonderful opportunities that are now available to Americans. Not just a veiled slogan of hope and change…but substantive change that benefits every American!!! I invite you to read and evaluate my personal vision of opportunity and expand upon it in every constructive way possible.

Americans and this country deserve much better in a multitude of ways than what we have today. I believe that because so many people are so frustrated and angry over so many hurtful words and actions of this Administration, that they will vote for an agenda and for candidates that will truly represent them.

In 2010 we elected many Congressmen and Senators that we believed would truly represent a Constitutional and Conservative approach to our government.  My view of these elected legislators is that they have performed extremely well…just as we asked them to…and many have been the target of much criticism from the Democratic Party, the liberal media, and unfortunately members of the Republican Party commonly know as “Republicans in name only” or RINO’s. Personally, I am very proud of everything that these committed legislators have done, as they have stirred the fighting spirit of many ho-hum Republicans who never want to rock the boat. Vision, passion, and commitment are the traits of Patriots in my view, and I admire them and thank them tremendously. For those who are “undecided on this debate” I sincerely ask that you get on or off the ship and make room for Patriots! For RINO’s to severely criticize your own Party members to me is similiar to traitorous acts in combat.

Now that we have been led down the road of “Hope and Change”… and “radical transformation of America”…let’s you and I define what Americans really want for ourselves, our children and this country! And together let’s make this vision something that our forefathers would give us their wholehearted approval on these objectives. Our opposition uses the ploy…well when are you going to state your ideas for any given issue? The truth is that our side always submits construction solutions, our opponents just don’t want to hear them.

I invite you to consider the following very important goals…and to assist this country in developing truly what we all agree is in the best interests of American Citizens and the United States of America. I raise these ideas as a humble long-term American that has goals and dreams for myself, my family, my fellow man and the wonderful children of this country. These goals are what I believe we have the opportunity to achieve in the next 5-8 years if we will find and elect the right people to office…what do you think?

Here are my goals and dreams for this country…!!!

  • Election of highly competent and committed Republican Party Congressmen and Congresswomen to maintain a strong majority in the Congress
  • Election of highly competent Republican Party Senators to gain a strong majority in the Senate
  • Election of an honest, respectable, likable, experienced, competent and charismatic proven leader as President of these United States
  • Total repeal of The Affordable Care Act more commonly known as Obamacare.
  • The beginning of a bi-partisan debate of the real needs of America for continuation of an excellent healthcare system, competitive across States, affordable for all citizens, addressing all needs of all people for healthcare, and with respect for our wonderful doctors, hospitals, and supporting services. This should be a non-political, capitalistic driven event, different than what is occurring now.
  • The highest priority of this country is to get our citizens back to work with full employment. The first step to open the doors will be the approval of the Keystone Pipeline and other pending drilling opportunities. Next is the opening and support of a national energy policy to make this country energy independent. Sarah Palin would be a tremendous Secretary of Energy for these United States in setting policy and direction for our economy as well as our energy policy. We are allowing the liberal media to dictate that each of us pay more for every gallon of gas that we buy… as the liberal media have tried to destroy a tremendously competent human being that deserves to be a leader in our society. Sarah Palin has exceptional knowledge and leadership that could benefit this country. God Bless Her for her strength to withstand the back-room style politics of the liberal media.
  • The next step is to remove restrictions on business that are stifling growth. Have talks with small and large business leaders and determine what are their obstacles to growth. The current Administration only offers their agenda for regulation…not yours.
  • Challenge a bi-partisan Congress and Senate to develop a balanced Budget and to focus on redesigning our government to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.  Reduce waste, duplication and fraud. Develop priorities for expenditures and assure that our military is strong.
  • Debate and decide an effective immigration policy and enforce our current laws.
  • Simultaneously several activities should be occurring…the first of which is the “Repeal of the 16th Amendment” which repeals the Income Tax and which will change the Internal Revenue Service to the status which it deserves…and to not be the progress and success police of the U.S.
  • Next is the honest debate and adoption of “The Fair Tax”. More than $20 million dollars have been invested in the research of this new taxation system in the U.S. since first introduced into Congress by Congressman John Linder in 1998 and supported by one of the greatest talkshow attorney hosts ever..Neal Boortz. It is as simple as our current state sales tax systems…what you buy is what you pay tax on…no more personal or corporate income taxes needed. Simplicity, eliminate the waste of energy on filing federal income taxes, and reduce the powers of the IRS. The society will need to find careers for the thousands of people who earn their living servicing the income tax industry. We are a competitive society…and this will happen successfully.
  • The result of Repeal of the 16th Amendment and the passing of “The Fair Tax” will virtually eliminate the “Lobbyists Community” throughout the U.S., and especially in Washington, D.C.  Lobbyists consist  of some 12,000+ ex-legislators, lawyers and business executives who each earn some $200,000 to $1.000,000+ annually to influence your Congressmen and Senators on their legislation…as well as to stuff the Bills in Congress and the Senate with “PORK BARREL PAYOFFS”. Passing of the Fair Tax Bill will result in the draining the cesspool of Washington hiprocrisy and pork barrel politics. We need to eliminate the revolving door for retired Congressmen and Senators who become Lobbyists… for obvious reasons.
  • Simultaneous with the above actions should be the birth of the “CONVENTION OF STATES”This is the opportunity for all states to establish their importance and independence under the Constitution by coming together, acting and voting with the same power as the Legislative bodies of the U.S.  The best description of the opportunity of the “CONVENTION OF STATES” is described in Mark Levin’s best selling book called the “Liberty Amendments” as shown in the side and bottom margins of this post. The power of politics of this country can be returned to the STATES and the PEOPLE and taken away from the extremely rich metroplex surrounding Washington, D.C.
  • The open and honest debate and solutions for entitlement programs on which so many Americans rely upon. These include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Food Stamp Program, the Free Cell Phone Program, the Disability Program, the Unwed multi-child Birthing Program at $600+ per child per month, and many other programs that destroy personal incentives of Americans to work.
  • The open and honest debate on our children’s education system. From this we should be able to develop an educational system that truly puts our country into a leadership position in the world. Dr. Bill Bennett would be an excellent leader for a revolution of progress in the education system in America.
  • The evaluation, analysis and debate on our election system in the U.S. to determine if the Electoral College is in the country’s best interests.

My friends, this is the beginning of my vision of what I want for this country. You may or may not agree, and that is fine. It is my opinion that your current President believes that he knows everything that is in your best interests, and not only that, he is going to campaign with his rich supporters and the liberal media to dictate to you to do whatever he decides is best for you! Or at least that is the way that he has acted so far.

What do you think? Is this a good set of goals? What do you think our country needs?






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