Do We Need Irresponsible Leadership?


irresponsible leadership

I don’t think I am getting my tax money’s worth from this Administration!

They don’t seem to interested in my country, me, my concerns or my kids future.

Do We Need Irresponsible Leadership?

They seem much more interested in lining their own pockets…whatever it is that they want..and they seem to want a lot…and they take a lot…from us the Taxpayers. The political system and the lobbyists make them rich one way or another.

They are not honest and open with me and my fellow citizens about how our government is being run.

They don’t seem to have any understanding or interests in running the government like I have to run my business or my home. They don’t seem to have any practical business experience including priorities, budgeting, or living within our income. But they understand pork barrel politics very well.

Anything goes for them…it is like they are on drugs…give me one more “hit” on the debt…the budget…and their pork barrel spending that they trade for votes each election. The president said upon election that he wants to totally  transform America and he seems to be living out the goals described in his book named “Dreams of My Father”.

I voted for candidates that I thought would  be honest with me, to provide security for my country and our citizens…and to abide by The Constitution. They are doing none of these!

What can I do as a citizen to change this?

Sometimes I feel helpless now as the politicians have taken control of my life, my liberty, my security, and my personal information with “navigators” who have 4 hours of training and no background checks. The Obamacare website even states the there is no assurance that your medical or personal data will be protected or private. People once part of the Administration have said this will be the greatest opportunity for identity theft ever created.They have proven that they cannot be trusted. And the tv media that at one time provided entertainment now provides biased liberal political commentary that gives them tingles up their legs.

The president, senate leader and then Congressional leader that said we need to pass the ACA to find out what is in it,  lie to us consistently and punish us for objecting to their policies and dictates. Members of these political bodies call me and my fellow Americans horrific names and embarrass me, my friends, and my veteran friends who fought for this country. They are despicable. The politicians that we pay over $200,000 per year each and give a lifetime pension…are disrespectful, arrogant, and uncaring about American citizens. They have for 80+ years promoted irresponsibility, laziness, and socialism.

Senate Help from Reid
We can’t afford to help anyone.

I don’t know about you, however, I was brought up by parents in a country that taught me to respect anyone living in this country and to especially protect and respect the United States of America. I volunteered for service in the U.S. Army because I wanted to serve my country.

The attitudes and actions of the Administration are irresponsible in so many ways. I can name many ways however the most important today are in being honest and fair with the American People about Benghazi, the IRS acts to deter certain groups, NSA intrusion, Fast and Furious, the Shutdown, the Budget, the Debt Limit, and the unnecessary Obamacare Act as beginners. There are many others. Stop playing games with the American people. Even the liberal college students in Boulder, Co know who was responsible for the shutdown. Americans are in general much smarter than you politicians give them credit for being.

This is a very sad state of affairs for our country and I ask you to join me with me to vote out  of power leaders like we have today.

There are so many Americans who are totally disgusted with the governance being practiced in this country. The citizens, this country, and the world deserve much better than being managed in this immature and amateurish manner.

Just as a reminder of recent events…this video was published on September 23, 2013…

What do you think? Are you interested? Do you want to change this situation?

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