Democratic Senators and President Elect To Shut Down Federal Government!

DemoCare or ObamaCare
You Fund It
You’r For It

The Democratic President and Senate Speaker continue to refuse to negotiate with the Republican Speaker of the House on any proposal made on behalf of the American People. It is as if the Democrats are the supreme rulers of this country and have no obligations or responsibilities other than promote the agenda and absolute control by the Democratic Party.

Democratic Senators and President Elect To Shut Down Federal Government!

The President has just spoken on tv outlining who and what will be impacted by a Federal Government shutdown at midnight tonight. His primary point was to paint the most extreme dire circumstances of such a shutdown. He explained clearly that this shutdown was not necessary if the Republican Congress would agree with his demands for having everything that the Democrats want.

The President did not explain any reasons as to why he refuses to negotiate with the Republicans representing  the American People.

Let it be known that for President Obama and Harry Reid to negotiate in good faith could avoid the shutdown of the government. The truth is that President Obama has negotiated more than 1200 changes to ObamaCare to date…he just refuses to  negotiate with the Republican Congress!

The Democrats continue to draw from their media supported playbook of nasty name calling including anarchists, racists, tyrants, Hitler, arsonists, extremists, hostage takers, from another planet, extortionists, envious of Putin, cats and other names. Ironically this works for them as the American public listens to all this and prefers to let the Democrats tell lies, act like spoiled brats and use the blame game to shift the responsibility to the Republicans via a fawning media . The Democrats are clearly responsible for shutting down the government as they refuse to discuss or negotiate anything.  I wonder if a concerned American People will ever stand up again to the liars in the room?

Just to clarify my political position, I do not have an active affiliation with any political party. I am an independent conservative, believing in the U.S. Constitution, with efficient government at all levels, with minimum taxation.  I believe in honesty, integrity, fairness and helping only those that need help.   The Federal government has grown far beyond these boundaries. I vote for the best and most honest political candidates that are closest to my core values.

My objective description of what I saw and heard today…

The first observation is about the work ethic of the House versus the Senate. The House worked over the weekend and past midnight on Saturday night. The Senate did not work over the weekend and elected to come to work at 2:00 pm today. This seems to be highly indicative of a comparison of the work ethic differences between the two Parties in Washington. Within an hour the Senate had voted to decline all proposals that Congress had made over the weekend. The Senate Democrats declined to discuss or consider a one year delay in implementation of ObamaCare and deletion of a medical equipment tax, both very reasonable proposals that would benefit Americans.

Would you help me to understand why (54) Democratic Senators each earning $174,000 per year plus benefits would turn a deaf ear to the American People, refuse to negotiate reasonable proposals, and elect to shut down the Federal Government? The POTUS continues giving untruths to the American People saying that no president has ever negotiated the Budget of the country. This is absolutely untrue as it has occurred many times.

Are these Democratic Senators doing this for your benefit or the Democratic Party?

Why do the President and the Senate Majority leader refuse to negotiate with the Congress to achieve solutions that can benefit many more Americans?

Why does the President negotiate with Russia, Syria and Iran but not with his own country… the United States? And negotiating is using the word very loosely. This is all being led by other countries…not by America.

What are the Democrats attempting to accomplish? Is it to protect the President’s reputation and his signature legislation?

Is it to attempt to blame the Republican Party  for the shutdown of the Federal Government?   This has worked for them in the past and the media fully supports this strategy. They are so insistent upon using name calling that polarizes the uninformed and illiterate against everything that conservative Americans stand for. Most all liberals will first call you a name like Tea Party or the like…anything to try to destroy your credibility and reputation.  Why? Could it be to gain more votes and elect more Democratic congressmen and senators? Their comments are bad mannered and are intended to make you feel like a second class citizen. Liberals have done this for years to intimidate nice, honest, well mannered people. Do you enjoy these tactics?

Is it to ignore the fact that the ObamaCare Plan is meeting massive resistance and is destroying America in so many ways including the following…

How can the Democrats ignore this?

  • American physicians are running from the plan
  • 90% of jobs created since Obama installed are part-time jobs (30 hours or less)
  • Costs of ObamaCare are increasing healthcare premiums
  • The POTUS told us our healthcare costs would decrease by $2500 per family
  • You cannot keep your doctor as the POTUS told us we could
  • You cannot keep your health insurance plan as the POTUS told us we could
  • Real wages are decreasing in the U.S.
  • 46 million people are on foodstamps
  • The FDA uses programs to promote SNAP and increase EBT free food credit cards
  • 103 million people are not employed in the U.S.
  • Small businesses limit employment to less than 50 employees to avoid penaties
  • Many large businesses and hospitals are forced to lay off employees
  • ObamaCare if ever implemented still leaves 30 million uninsured
  • This is a political power play only to implement a federal heathcare program
  • The United States prints $85 billion of unsecured paper money every month
  • The Federal Government is out of control with many wasteful programs
  • And on and on…

The Republican Congress at 7:00 P.M. this Monday night is working on an additional proposal to send to the Senate as early as possible. It is up to Harry Reid as the Senate Leader and President Obama to come to the table, negotiate reasonably and solve these issues immediately. At 10:15 on 10/01 Harry Reid refuses to consider any new proposals offered.

The President and Senate continue to act irrationally and very much like spoiled children. They insist on “their way or the highway”. Not a healthy situation for Americans.

As a concerned American citizen, it seems imperative that we challenge every Congressman and Senator who is supporting the current socialistic programs and to replace them with responsible legislators. We must get the people out to vote who are not voting. Failure to do so is to doom this country to this current and future socialistic mediocrity.


4 thoughts on “Democratic Senators and President Elect To Shut Down Federal Government!”

  1. Ayn Rand presented this idea in her “Government Financing in a Free Society.” After contacting our hundreds of federal candidates, I am now corresponding with our thousand or so other candidates—hoping some will move to fill our national ranks. We have told our politicians that they cannot take our books, guns nor liquors . . . now we just need an amendment saying they cannot take our money. Thanks for your efforts to defend my freedom,

    1. How can a government operate without taxation?

    Before people unite to form something, such as a marriage or corporation, they usually create an image of what their relationship will be like. If this image differs greatly from what they experience, they usually separate.

    Problems may arise if any property was created during their union, such as a house or factory. Whatever caused their separation also may cause disagreements in dividing their united property. Ingeniously, many people solve this problem by writing a contract before they get together, stating how any property should be divided.

    Problems may still exist if people do not honor their contracts. To solve this, governments step in and divide any disputed property. If governments would charge for this valuable service, they could make the money to operate—without taxation.

    When people draw up a contract, they could purchase a contract insurance policy from their government. This would insure that all the partners would get what they deserve from their relationship. If someone did not follow the terms of the agreement, the government would have permission to distribute any common property according to the contract.

    Of course, no one would have to buy this insurance. People should be free to resolve any disagreements by talking with their partners. But if partners began taking from each other, this would be robbery, and the government should stop them. All uninsured partners would lose the use of their common property if they could not agree with each other.

    Today, most people buy fire and medical insurance to protect them against a major loss. Most people would buy contract insurance for the same reason. With all the contracts that are signed each day, our government could earn the money to maintain the best military, police, court and prison system in the world. This would protect all the people in our nation—without robbing us to do it.

    With this system, for the first time in history, people could live in peace. Our government would continue to defend each person’s home and business against criminals. The big improvement would be that the no-tax restriction added to our constitution would defend each person’s property against our government.

    With the elimination of robbery in our nation, we would find that we could satisfy all our other needs with much less effort. When people can keep what they earn, it does not take long for them to trade with each other and acquire what they need to live well. Peace and prosperity are possible for those who are willing to think about how to achieve them.

  2. It is so disappointing that the President and his Senate majority Leader have taken this most unreasonable action and tried to scare the American people. Hundreds of WW2 veterans had to break into their own memorial in D.C. today, the first day of the shutdown. Hopefully Barak Obama will see the folly of his ways and sit down and negotiate in good faith with the people’s representatives.

    1. Thank you Kingsley for sharing your concerns and your comments. The President is taking these actions because it is saving he and his party from destruction.
      Obama believes that he can put the blame for the shutdown on the Republican Party and thereby increase Democratic Party favor. They have been successful with this in the past as he is appealing to all of the people who are getting government checks and programs. Most do not realize what he is doing to destroy this nation.
      I agree with you totally however he will not change as he feels he has the political advantage. We have to vote the Democrats out of offica asap.

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