Could Strong Conservatives Emerge As A Rudder For GOP?

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Heard from a former Republican V.P. today were the words…”The Tea Party Could Be An Important Rudder for the Republican Party”.  I immediately liked that comment however my reaction was that I would broaden the “Tea Party” to include “strong conservatives”. With the RINO Republicans destroying their own party members vehemently last week (see below) it is obvious to me that the Republican Party offering more RINO candidates will result in the same as with John McCain and Mitt Romney. Those types of candidates do not have sufficient appeal to gain the votes of the Tea Party, Conservatives,  Liberals and Independents.

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Could Strong Conservatives Emerge As A Rudder For GOP?

It is obvious to all of us that the Liberals, Democrats, and Liberal media go hysterical when you mention the words “Tea Party”…as they immediately begin their “destruction campaign to destroy anyone and anybody that is qualified and is capable of  taking them to the cleaners in an election”.  In my humble opinion if the Republicans would unite with the  Conservative, Libertarian and Independent voting blocks then we could mount a political force that would be formidable and unbeatable. We have proven in two key elections that RINO’s leading the Republican Ship will not win, will not get out the vote, and will not unite these factions.

This week I heard of an Esquire Magazine Poll that each of us can take personally that categorizes you as to where you are on the political scale from left to right. I found the results very interesting and I believe accurate for me. I recommend that you take the Poll below for yourself so that you get an idea of how you may rank on this scale. Ironically…some 55% of the voters in our country fall into the “middle” and potentially could go either to the left or to the right in an election. This poll also shows some 20% Liberal and 25% Conservative. This totally dispels the idea that Liberals outnumber Conservatives. We have to be smarter than that!

My belief is that the “strong right” is strongly principled, has clear values, and thinks rationally and logically. The Republican Party needs roots and an anchor to base their beliefs. There is a lot of support in this country for the principles that our forefathers fought to win and won. I think the Republican Party splinters itself trying to meet all of the demands of all the special interest groups.

Seems to me that we can simplify this approach and get the job done right for the long term.

These two articles below are very powerful. I hope that you will take the time to read them in their entirety.



13 Things That Define the New American Center

It is bigger than you think…


By The Editors   Published in the Nov. 2013 issue

An exclusive Esquire-NBC News survey shows us that everything we are told about politics in America today—that there is no middle ground between left and right, blue and red, us and them—is wrong. The data, compiled by the Benenson Strategy Group (pollster for Obama for America ’08 and ’12) and Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies (lead pollster for Romney for President), show us there is a large group of American voters—even a majority—who make up a New American Center that is passionate, persuadable, and very real. They are merely waiting for Washington to find them.

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“I’m Not Leaving the Republican Party; the Republican Party is Leaving Me”

Ann-Marie Murrell | Oct 19, 2013

After witnessing the recent “anti-Tea Party” publicity circus, led by Super-Quadruplets McCain/Graham/McConnell/King, I’m certainly having trouble keeping both feet in the door. These men have continuously appeared on national TV, not to denigrate the (much deserved) Obama administration, but to instead maliciously stick it to the Tea Party and Sen. Ted Cruz. Personally, I had never heard much about Rep. Peter King (R-NY) until the past few weeks when he became the darling of the mainstream media, aka the Democrat Party. Recently he was interviewed on CNN—enemy territory—calling Sen. Cruz “a fraud” and proclaiming “those I’ve spoken to think he’s crazy”. Of course this type of Tea Party bullying is old hat to folks like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. John “Wacko Bird” McCain (R-AZ), who consistently appear all over TV Land cutting down our own Party leaders instead of calling out the progressive monsters we’re supposed to be fighting against…


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I propose that we can build a ship that has a Republican logo on it and is large enough to accomodate the Middle, the Conservatives, the Independents, the Libertarians and even some Liberals who may come to their senses and smell the roses as many do sometimes during their lifetime.

The ship would be guided by a rudder of strong principles, values, capitalism and the Constitution. I am sure that you can flesh this statement out to make it more powerful…I just want it to be inclusive enough to include the maximum number of Americans who are begging to be found and represented by the political process.

What do you think? Let me hear from you! In three words or less what do you think our strengths are that can lead us to winning these next election?

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